Gentle homeopathic remedies can often relieve tooth pain, as an alternative to root canals greetings in this video I’ll be discussing a very
inexpensive safe alternative to a root canal that I discovered a little while
ago and I’ll get right to the point so that
you can perhaps get a better idea of whether this option might be viable for you so a while back
my girlfriend had some dental work she had a couple of feelings put in a couple of adjacent teeth now overall
her dental health was not terrible but she needed the fillings and after the
feelings were put in ever since then she had pain in those
teeth whenever she eat or drink something cold
she didn’t have that pain before the fillings were put in but since the the
fillings would put in she had pain whenever sheet and just
something cold otherwise she didn’t have pain she didn’t have other symptoms and
but that pain continued for months after that dental procedure and eventually was
you know getting quite aggravating for and she figured she might as well have
checked out so she went back to the same dental office it happened to be a different dentist
filling in at that time who specialized in root canals and so he asked her a bit
about her symptoms and then he sprayed those teeth with this with this gas that
I it exposes cold and measure exactly was
and she set out that hurt and he said all well then you need a root canal and
so she came back to me and she told me the story and I said all that sounds
like bullshit because if she just had you know the decay on those on those
tooth on those teeth I’m sorry resolved just a couple of months prior and there were no other symptoms other
than just some pain whenever she didn’t just cold foods and drinks and it didn’t
sound to me like the teeth were in all that terrible terribly bad shape and it
didn’t sound to me like something as drastic as a root canal was justified so
that dentist or that practitioners recommendations sounded in legitimate or extreme to me and what
came to mind was I thought I have read years before of certain what are called
homeopathic medicines or homeopathic remedies some of which can effectively
remedy symptoms of nerve injuries and from what she was describing to me it
sounded like it might not be that the tooth was infected but rather that maybe
they’re just been some aggravation of the nerve in that tooth when that dental
work had been performed and that that was causing the sensitivity to cold and
pain and so forth so I consulted you know a couple of my books on homeopathic
medicine that I had in hand and kind of narrow down the
possibilities to a particular homeopathic medicine and that’s called
hypericum prefer Adam pardon me if I’m not getting the
pronunciation correct them not entirely certain of the
pronunciation but i will put the spelling of it in the description of
this video that should appear beneath this video and also put some links in
that description of the video that will link to that product as well as perhaps
of books on homeopathic medicine that would be helpful so that you can read more on this if
you’re interested I don’t practice on the empathic
medicine myself I don’t sell any of these products but i’ll put some helpful
links in the description of this video that might be of help if you’re
interested in learning more about this and determining if this would be a
viable option for you this is the actual bottle of homeopathic medicine that she took as you can see
the name of the remedy their American prefer Adam she took it just a few pellets of it
about twice a day for one week and her pain was gone it was resolved she’s never had any pain since them and
that was after months of continuous pain whenever she didn’t just cold foods or
drinks and this homeopathic medicine even though she had no belief or
expectation that this would do her any good and she had no familiarity with
homeopathic medicine before this you just took this a couple of times a
day at my suggestion and it cleared up her pain in one week so clearly it was not the placebo effect
at work as she had no expectation this would work but it did it worked quite
well for her and saved her from you know a very extreme and expensive dental
procedure that clearly was totally unnecessary and if you’re watching this video you
probably where it is not only the financial cost of root canals but they
also have parallels and drawbacks in terms of your health as well so whereas homeopathic remedies like
this are essentially safe and harmless they’re available over the counter in
many countries including the United States don’t need a prescription you can get perfectly complete advice on
using them from books that are commonly available and i’ll put links in the
description of this video that you can use for that if you wish so and and these homeopathic medicines
only cost roughly around ten dollars a bottle which is you know more than
enough for treating conditions such as this now I would add that you know if you’re
having dental pain that could have a variety of causes you know one of which is perhaps the
tooth is infected and in that case you know simply a homeopathic medicine like
a prayer come might not be the best option you really need to address the infection
and other ways most likely but if it’s a case where you know you’re just having
the tooth doesn’t really seem to be in all that battle she doesn’t seem to be
infected but you’re just having pain somewhere to
what my girlfriend was having them trying this out might be worth a shot I
mean it it’s essentially harmless will do my charm to your pocketbook and
inexpensive these are and if you want to read more about how safe homeopathic
medicines are then you can read one of the books that all linked to in the
description of this video so certainly this won’t be applicable to
all people with dental pain but too many of them this might work and I certainly hope
this has been of some insight or use to you and if this sort of medicine would
be suitable in your case then I hope it works well for you and best wishes with
your health

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  1. Your voice reminds me of Dick Cavett.   I have done oil pulling that keeps the discomfort away for a few weeks.  But how can I undo the decay that has led to this issue?  My x ray shows a deep decay.

  2. Two holistic dentist told me that I need a root canal or pull my tooth because the decay went past my nerve. So I guess I need to pull it, even though it'll be hard to eat food ?

  3. Great idea!
    I also have my doubts about a lot of "remedies" of my dear fellow dentists. In fact they will help. But the question always remains if something simpler would have solved the problem just as well.

  4. It doesn't sound like your girlfriend had a necrotic (dead) pulp, which is the usual precursor for needing a root canal or extraction. The previous dental work may have just injured the pulp and the medicine healed it. Sure a root canal would have eliminated the pain, but at the cost of around $2,000 to $3,000 for the endodontic work and a cap. Remember, dentists are salespeople first and doctors second. And an educated consumer is a salesman's worst enemy.

  5. I am in pain now after having fillings which came out after a few years now I am having crowns done and after one crown was put in I am having pain I just ordered on amazon hope this works thanks will let you know


  7. thank you so much for this video… ill try that remedy… and hope i can escape from the constant threats by my dentist… insisting i must hv root canal or implant to avoid future probrms.. i really hope yr advice works… even the idea of a dental appiontment terrifies me… again.. thank u for giving me hope!!

  8. I went to the dentist…in they said I needed a root canal in it is fucking expensive ?? like wtf $600-$800 to fix a damn tooth???? like come on if you need your roof fix it would be about $150 honesty that's ridiculous…but hey it's better than not having any teeth?

  9. OK, I will bite. I'm an endodontist: a dentist with two additional years of post-doctoral training after dental school, and 22 years of experience beyond that. I am on the faculty of a state university dental school where I treat patients as well as train future dentists how to correctly perform root canal treatments when they are indicated ("necessary").
    When is a root canal treatment ("RCT") necessary? When there is an irreversible degenerative change in the dental pulp (often wrongly called "the nerve"). The most common causes of this are 1) deep caries (decay), 2) deep restorations and 3) trauma… pretty much in that order.

    You are probably correct that your girlfriend's response to the medication is not a placebo effect. However, there is a more rational physiological explanation that is probably more accurate.

    Without giving a course in dental physiology, let me just say that there are changes in the pulp in response to the placement of restorations (fillings), even when they are placed properly. Some of these changes are transient and reversible, and often a tooth with temporary thermal sensitivity will take a month or longer to return to health. Other changes are not reversible, and lead to the degeneration of the pulp ("necrosis"). This is when RCT should be considered. The process of degeneration, like recovery, may take a variable amount of time.

    So I think it's much more likely that your girlfriend's thermal sensitivity went away either because the pulp repaired itself or became necrotic (necrosis can occur without symptoms). There are ways to differentiate these two possibilities, which are referred to as "pulp testing" and which should be done by the dentist. Actually, they should also have been done before the fillings were placed… something I am sorry to say that many dentists do not do.

    I would be interested, as it's been a year and a half, if your girlfriend's teeth have been tested for "sensibility". If not, they should be.

    Root canal treatment, done properly and appropriately, is the ultimate in conservative dentistry… "conservative" in the sense of conserving the tooth. If the root canal is in fact indicated, the only viable alternative is extraction. Retaining a functional tooth has a number of health-related and esthetic benefits. There's a lot of good scientific evidence behind the current state of the art in endodontics ("root canal treatment"). Weston Price was a good researcher in his day, but science has moved on since then.

    Steve Weeks, DDS
    Clinical Assistant Professor
    Department of Endodontics
    College of Dentistry
    University of Illinois at Chicago
    801 South Paulina Street, Room 302L
    Chicago, IL 60612

  10. I had a cavity' worked on about 6 months ago. Oddly enough..last Thursday I dreamed my teeth were swollen. The next morning tooth pain. I went to a new dentist described the pain, throbbing in my rt lower jaw, even though it was the upper molar that was worked on, heat sensitivities, oh yeah i am an ice cruncher, low iron. i was told root canal. i want to get a second opinion from a holistic dentist before i make this first pymt. now anything too hard starts up the pain and chewing on the left side kicks in the pain. i prayed and asked the Lord just heal the tooth, i had a wisdom tooth extracted over 6 six yrs ago and my lip is still numb so im leary or provide the $ if it's absolutely necessary. Any advice?

  11. thanks so much, i will try this, i had the same experience your girlfriend had, i never had pain on any of my tooth up until that MF dentist did those fillings that i didn't know i even need. i end up worse, i shouldn't never go to the dentist…

  12. My problem sounds a lot like your girlfriends. I now need a root canal on a newly filled tooth. My new dentist said the old dentist drilled too far during the filling. I personally think it was done on purpose. I too had sensitivities that turned into pain. My concern is that the medicine says it's only for pain. Can you give me some insight?

  13. Thank you for your info, i am having the same problem, and will definitely give the Hypericum a try.I hope i can get it at the health food store.

  14. Doesn't surprise me that the dentist wanted to make a big job out of it. Too often nowadays the dentists are more concerned about how much work they can create from anyone that comes into their office. Used to be that they were more concerned in doing good but that's been replaced by greed. Overall, there's a lack of morality in our society so we shouldn't be surprised to find out that dentists, doctors, lawyers, garages, and generally most service people will screw you if given a chance. Overcharging and doing work that really wasn't needed is expected nowadays and we are more surprised when we don't get screwed than when we are. Getting screwed is the normal, the only question that remains is how much they are going to screw us.

  15. they just tild me that I need a root canal and tgwy want me to pay 1700 what the hell I swear that this only happen because i have braces, and the month befor they said i had a cavitie.

  16. hows ur jusgirlfriends tooth now after 2 years? im not a dentist but a good rule of thumb is to get xrays every 6 months and know whats going on in ur mouth… i get my xrays free sometimes by just finding a dentist who offers free exam and xrays first time client… im sneakiy for an older man… he he 🙂 but my teeth are still my white pearls 🙂

  17. that's a new one! thought you were going to say oil pulling. Thanks for the info. It's basically St. John's Wort.

  18. i had a filling maybe 2 months ago and i had the same pain with cold water etc for about a month but i couldn't heal it, now my tooth hurts without any water just randomly on its own.
    will this method help me ?
    and sorry for the bad English.

  19. I have been in dental hell for the past 6 months.  Dr. Dimwit, DDS gave me a root canal and stated 45 minutes into the procedure that I would need the tooth pulled and a crown put on at a cost of $6,000.  I went for a second opinion within a week to a root canal specialist and he stated "you have pieces of instrument broken off in your root."  Dr. Dimwit lied to me and wanted the tooth pulled to get rid of the evidence of his malpractice.  The root canal specialist finished the root canal and it was $1,300 out of pocket.  I had to then go to a Prosthodontist sp?? for the temporary/permanent crown at a cost of $2,700 because the tooth was so compromised.  I contacted an attorney and he stated that if I lose the tooth in the next 2 years to call him for legal action.  So folks, beware.  A dentist can commit malpractice or whatever they call it and there is nothing you can do about it.  I did file a complaint in my state to the licensing bureau and will burn this fucher when they call me.

  20. To be honest I payed 130dlls in Guadalajara Mex…for a root canal…and here in the states is 2000 or more…what a ripp off is America

  21. Hi Mike! Thank you for spreading the knowledge!

    For those of us with nerves having been removed from teeth, are we a lost hope? Can they be healed/remineralized? I can see my teeth that have their nerves removed decaying, is there any solution to that? Thank you once again!

  22. I hit my tooth 2 years ago and I tried this for a couple months, its been two years, it still hurts,very little though but the dentist took x-rays and says it is calcifying and its closing up on my nerve, so I'm looking for other alternatives rather than a root canal. WHAT CAN I DO???

  23. I ran to my dentist and I felt like someone punched me in the face after I ate. He wanted mt to get a root canal and gave me 16 vicodin to make it 4 days until my endodontist appointment. I took 2 of them and still suffered. 30 years ago i worked in a Jail and handed out oil of clove to inmates with tooth aches. In my suffering God reminded me of this. I went to my spice cabinet and retrieved the whole cloves. I chewed on several and my pain was gone instantaneously. It cost me like pennys. Go figure huh. Why didn't the dentist tell me this, what a joke the Institution of Dentistry has become. No rtc here, tooth is fine, thank you Lord. Cloves saved me coin not to mention needless suffering.

  24. I am taking antibiotics for a root tooth infection
    Dr recommends a root canal
    I do not have pain or not sensitive to cold
    What do you suggest?

  25. This is also known as St. John's Wort and is also used for emotional stress. Also with pain and minor infection, you can use cloves which are also very medicinal.

  26. I use this brand especially the Arnica for bruising/aches and pains ( muscular ). Get 'em at Amazon cheapest. The brand name is Hyland.

  27. All my dental problems were from dentist! except for one dentist! who did a GOLD crown which has been there since 1971 no problems! The gold feeds your body and is also healing! I have lost every tooth that was filled by some crappy dentist probably for money in the 60's mercury almagated fillings which shrank and needed to be replaced later so used porcelain crowns which later cracked and fell apart. I have little dental insurance by this time and was forced into having teeth pulled which leads to bone shrinkage and your face falling in aging one greatly! I think the USA sucks! what country demands trillions in taxes mainly for and foreign support in their big plan for world trade domination and control of all the resources! but could care lesss about you as an individual or if you have healthcare. I will try this I have nothing to lose but another tooth! which was filled less than 6 months ago now huge abscess have been on antibiotics for a week no improvement.

  28. Can anyone help me here? I have at least 3 root canals. I want them out due to the dangers as you surely know. None of them have a crown but I'm getting a crown soon in one of them, it really needs it as is not in good condition as is, hence I'm getting a crown instead of having it pulled just buying time. Do I have any other alternative??…. My plan is however to eventually remove all root canals in future, hence the question… are implants safe? Can stem cells replace an entire tooth, what are the options?

  29. If you read up on this stuff you would know he real name is st John wort and you have to be very careful with this stuff.

  30. The last dentist i saw told me i was going to need a root canal in 2 years and now it is 4 years later and i never had pain or sensitivity but i take 2 tablespoons of colloidal silver every day and i never get any infections,

  31. Thank you for this video! I actually have been having pain in the left side of my mouth like when I floss it hurts in the gum in between my last and second to last tooth. Only when I floss the gum hurts not my tooth. My dentist told me today that I will need a root canal? Any suggestions? Thanks 🙂

  32. How does this hypericum perforatum compare to clove oil? If there is an infection, which I have (and I have to take antibiotics), I would still have to get a root canal.

  33. Not even sure what you said my volume is on Full and I could not understand what you're saying I'm sure it's a good video though thank you for your effort

  34. Have had nothing but problems and pain since having 2 root canals and 4 crowns. At $1500 a pop and then to have problems afterward I'm pretty sure I actually didn't need any of it. The thousands of bucks I'm sure the dentist took a vacation. Don't get a crown or root canal unless absolutely necessary.

  35. Dentists are all about making money. Many people have had treatment they didn’t need all because the dentist decided to give treatment to make money.

  36. Composite fillings make you very sensitive to hot and cold. But, the drilling can piss off a nerve if it's deep enough.

  37. Can u do a review for ibprophen please we would really appreciate it. And again thanks for your suggestion. Hope that your teeth don't fall out.

  38. Now thinking about it, all the teeth that my dentist tell me, need root canal work done, are the teeth they have put fillings before

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