– [Austin Goh] Are you suffering
from vestibular disorder? If you are experiencing dizziness, or difficulty with coordination, then you may have vestibular disorder. Using The Natural Method, I’m going to show you how to care of it. First, we will git rid of
the buildup of pressure in the head area. Once the pressure is gone, we will then manipulate the blood within the ears, eyes, and head. This will resynchronize
everything together. You will then start to feel much better. Let’s do it. Place both palm on the side of head, and hold for five second. One, two… – [Instructor Voiceover] It
may may not look like it, but I push my hands firmly against my head when I hold it. – Five. And then, both thumb in
the middle of your eyes, and look up. And hold for five seconds. One, two… – [Instructor Voiceover] Push strongly in the space between your eyebrows. – Two, three, four, five. And, look down. One, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four, five. And, relax. Now, place both palm on your ear. Push it in, and release. One. Two. Three. Four Five. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Push both palms onto your ears and hold it for ten second. One, two, three. Four, five. One, two, three, four, five. And, release. Place left palm on your forehead and look up. And down, one Up And down, two. [Instructor Voiceover]
Please follow my pace – And down, three Up And down. Four. Up And down. Five. Back to center. And now
with the right palm up And down. One. Up And down. Two. Up And down. Three. Up And down. Four. Up And down. Five. And back to the middle. Both palm on the side of the head Look to the left. And to the right. One. Two. – [Instructor Voiceover] As
you move from side to side move your eyes in the direction you turn – Five. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. And back to center. And hold for five second one – [Instructor Voiceover] Don’t forget to hold your head firmly – and relax With your left palm in front of your eyes. And move in, blink your
eyes as it comes closer. And open your eyes. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Right palm. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. This time, both palm. As the palm come closer close your eyes and open your eyes. One. Two. – [Instructor Voiceover]
Please follow my pace and blink firmly – Five. Now stop. Palm in front of your
eyes and close your eyes. And hold for five second. One, two, three, four, five. And relax. Do this two times a day for three weeks and let me know how you get on.

85 thoughts on “The 4 minute natural method for vestibular disorder – migraines & imbalance”

  1. Austin Hi.It's me. You cured my moms swollen legs and hands.I have to ask,is it possible that this exercise effects vision? Since I was a child my right eye vision was low,not sharp.After I did this I fell something in my right eye then I tried looking through it only.Idk but it seemed little better then before (I did this exercise cuz my balance is bad).So is it possible that this can affect vision? Greetings!

  2. Hi Austin Goh, I got diagnosed with Mal De Debarquement Syndrome (MDDS) I will incorporate these exercises as daily routines coupled with walking barefooted ect. Thank you this is great! I will share with others that need help to hopefully bring on remission🙏

  3. Tomorrow is my exam and your video was uploaded just 10 hours before it helped a bit
    You are a blessing
    I had a quest will doing your eye exercise damage my eyes and is it for farsightedness or nearsightedness

  4. Thank you! I get these symptoms but I don’t have the disorder… the video is still very helpful! I’m going to start doing these later today. I also use the nerd neck and scoliosis video frequently. I had bad posture and stiff muscles and they are helping so much! I feel really haha my posture has improved so much too~

    Got anything for insomnia? Lol just asking.

  5. Omg you are amazing!!! I had migraine since I wake up today, and I did this and guess what???…My migraine is gone!!! I'm so happy!!! Thank you!!!

  6. Hi Austin … it does help me but my head ace is more behind my left ear due to my high blood pressure … thank you so much

  7. Hello,mr Austin,i love your videos,i wanted to ask if you know any ways to prevent breast cancer.My mother was diagnosed with it many years ago,now she is better ,but she suffered a lot with the chemo and radiation.So are there any ways so she won't have it again and i won't have this terrible disease too.

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  9. i recently watched a video of you breaking the world record for destoying concrete blocks by hand. needles to say, i was very impressed! but the most fascenating part to me was your quick talk about chi. i was wondering if you could perhaps make a video in wich you talk a bit more about what chi is and how it works etc. thanks 🙂

  10. This is so weird, because I had just felt this, like on the 16th, and it was in my recommended. But I didn't search anything about it!

  11. hi amazing video austin. wonder if you can you make video about how to get rid acne scar and wrinkle? also possible if you make how to get whiten skin from sunburn. thank you

  12. Hello sir. I feel heaviness around my eyes and sometimes it gets stronger. My left eye seems a bit dry. I feel pressure in the back of my left eye, it is like "something is dragging my eye back." I feel like my left eye is circling and it is very irritable. I hope, you will help me. And I love your channel.

  13. Sir when ever I tried your exercise its started works instandly…this exercise also work from 1st time…is it natural? Please riply

  14. Sir i don't know why during sleep I am feeling like heavy weight hand amd legs and my feet and hand are get cold…but my doctor did some test but he sayed every thing is ok…can you give some exercise please….your exercise are very helpfull…Thank you

  15. Namaste Master Austin!
    Can you please make anything to correct squint eyes. My left eye is slightly squint, any exercise to correct it? I checked out all the eye exercises/programs you have uploaded but they are mainly for improving eye vision /getting rid of dry eyes etc.
    Can you please make a program to correct my squint eyes?

  16. I suffer from vestibular migraines and you have given me instant relief after two months of dizziness and the worst migraines I’ve ever had in my life! Thank You!!

  17. I’m suffering from Vestibular & vertigo problem since 6 years 😢😢 but this exercise worked for me , will this exercise control balancing problem too ? And thank you so much god bless you sir

  18. sir, thousands of people suffer balance disorder after getting off from cruise ship . ever after stepping on land for years they feel floating , bloating , rocking sensation (its like as if they are on boat ). organisation working on it call it mdds (mal de debarquement syndrome). science as usual cannot help them with anything, except putting them on chalk capsules.
    here is the link for mdds forum. https://mddsfoundation.org/ .
    kindly make something for us, i will further circulate the exercise to them . its really depressing for us, we cant sit still.

  19. Thank You Austin. Just started on your exercises 😃
    I have vertigo and balance issues – but I also have a sore neck that is making creaking sounds when I move it, pressure in the ears and my eyes feels very weird. Are these exercises still the ones for me?
    Thank you so much 😃

  20. Sir I allredy e mailed you..but still now you dont give any ans…and every time you keep saying that you will see soon…please if you cant just let me know

  21. sir, I have a symptom of daily dizzy head, blurry vision and back pain, does this can solve it? or do you have any solution on your other video? thank you sir.

  22. I just found out your videos and tried for neck pain .Videos was 1 year old.Thanks a lot ,it worked for me. Could you please make some videos for autoimmune diseases.

  23. I knew you would have something!!! Cannot wait try -I'm having "blind migraines" without the pain at times but am left with horrible dizziness as well as pressure in my ears. I am going to try this -thank you for all that you do.

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