21 thoughts on “The 700 Club – February 12, 2019”

  1. the ones who are not happy with the wall are Leftist. Their ai is to destroy this country. they want open borders so that anyone, criminal, drug dealer,you name it they are all welcome as far as the left is concerned.

  2. we have a great president. If the Left gets in the next tie, you can say good bye to American and all the freedoms you now enjoy.

  3. Is anyone surprised that the democrat (Leftist) are moving away from Israel? They are following the leader of darkness so what else would you expect.

  4. If she is not disciplined, the problem will get worse and worse as each new islamic becomes involved in our government.

  5. The bible says, Bring your tithe into the store house. The store house is where you are being fed spiritually. If you are being fed by your church, tithe to your church.

  6. I want to say this first thank you 700 Club for everything you do in the Name of Christ. Something that I have been researching tells me that ionize water the has a pH level at 7.5 or above which is known to be alkaline helps reduce inflammation that reduces pain in the body. I hope this helps.

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  8. Pathetic leader of our great country tells lies and falsehoods (over 8,000 in just 2 years) and yet you and many spiritual leaders ignore the truth. If Jesus were alive today you and other leaders would nail him to the CROSS if he were to call the most morally corrupt leader (drumpf)(trump)and liar in American History. You need to spend eternity in Hell for believing in the Devil. DONALD Trump

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