I enjoyed our vacation,
even if it was only for a day! Good thing Grandma Flora didn’t
get mad about what we did. Too bad we had to go home early. Don’t worry.
We’ll do that again. – Really, sir?!
– Alright! – Sir, good morning!
– Good morning – Sir!
– Dalisay. – Yes, sir?
– There’s been a development… …in our investigation of the First Lady and Mei Lin. What’s the update? Dalisay! – Yes, sir?
– We have a problem. Mendoza has been missing
for 24 hours. She has also yet to report back. As of now, we’ve lost
all communication with her. She’s not answering
any of our calls. Sir, what was Lieutenant
Mendoza’s last location before you
lost contact with her? She followed Mei Lin
to a restaurant. Here, Dalisay. This was Mendoza’s last update
before she went missing. Who was Mei Lin talking to? According to Interpol,
his name is Mr. Wells. He’s an international
drug dealer. Men, we need to find
Lieutenant Mendoza. Let’s use all our assets
to find her. Move! Yes, sir! Yes, ma’am. Lt. Serena Mendoza,
missing in action. Yes, ma’am. We’ve reported
this to the NCRPO. Good job, Mei Lin. Whenever I do a transaction, I make sure it’s clean. Are you sure no one
followed you? Someone tried,
but I took care of her. Hello? Yes, Colonel? Yes, sir. Lt. Serene Mendoza. Thank you, sir. A body was found
under a bridge in Socorro. According medico-legal, the victim was stabbed multiple
times which led to her death. Authorities are investigating
who did this heinous crime. Dalisay. Sir. Station 5 called. A body was
found and it matches Mendoza. It was found in Socorro,
under a bridge. – Report to the area.
– Yes, sir. Team… Move. Sir. PCpt. Ricardo Dalisay
of Task Force Agila. Sir, we called your office. Has the body been identified? It’s hard to ID the body
due to all the wounds. But we got a wallet and
we identified her as PLt. Serena Mendoza. Dalisay, positive. It’s Mendoza. Are there any witnesses? No one saw the actual crime. But according to
the forensic investigation, the victim wasn’t killed here. We need a copy of your report. We’ll send you the report, sir. Bring her to the morgue
for the autopsy. Yes, sir.

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