Hi, I’m Dr. Filardo, I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic
who is also certified in Acupuncture. We have Anya, here, who in our last segment we talked
about how to perform the acupuncture now we’re actually going to do it. We’re going to start,
first, by alcoholing the appropriate areas that we’re going to stick the needles. OKay,
this is a larger alcohol wipe but it’s very effective, especially if you’re doing a larger
And, then we’ll talk about what areas we’re treating for Anya’s allergies. But we’re going
to focus in the liver and the colon. OKay, and then we’re going to do some auricular
therapy, in the ear. Doing OKay, Anya? OKay. Anya’s still with us, she’s still alive, that’s
always nice. Good. Good. OKay, now we’re going to insert the needles. OKay, we’re going to
start right here first. When you put the guide tube on the skin, unlike the needle that when
you might get a cortisone shot or your family doctor, they just go right in through the
skin. And, this one would hurt if we did it that way as well. But, because of the guide
tube, it decreases the skin sensitivity and then we just flick and the needle is in. And
the needle is in about 3 to 4 millimeters and that’s all we really want to do. Acupuncture
is done in depressions, so we really just want to twist it to get a acupuncture stimulation.
And these points follow the twelve 4,000 year old meridian pathways that the Chinese have
studied in treating over 2,000 conditions.

33 thoughts on “The Basics of Acupuncture : How Needles Are Inserted in Acupuncture”

  1. Know what works better than acupuncture? SUGAR PILLS. Both are a placebo, neither has any healing power. There is no scientific basis for acupuncture (or for chiro for that matter).

    Wake up, people. Here's an enlightening video on the subject: watch?v=pp5eiHUdwb4

  2. "We're gonna start by 'alcoholing' the appropriate areas." Sheesh doc, you're gonna lose us lay people with that technical language.

  3. @ascendacu Couldn't agree with you better ! Over here in china we have to do 5 years and most of us do the extra 2 ! He has no idea how to THOROUGHLY clean the area .

  4. @sincristo Actually, a placebo effect is scientific and even if thats all it does, in addition to the body renurishing the area to fix the damage, then thats still a form of medical treatment and allowed.

  5. @sincristo Nope, just saying that your arguement is flawed in that it says acupuncture is not scientific in that ironically it would have to be a type of science if it where a "placebo" effect as you thus discribe. What it really does I don't know, just pointing out a logical fallacy.

  6. @wiggalama The only flaw here is that you are assuming that something "described" by science is a "type of science". You don't seem to have much understanding of either the placebo effect or of science as a whole.

    If the "science" of acupuncture can be replaced by a sugar pill, it is worth nothing.

  7. @sincristo Science is the religion of placing heavy faith in the typical human(or generalized sentient life form) perspective and gathering of empirical data based on high faith in the senses used to gather such perceived intel. To say that Science is instinctive, fairly universal religion, and that your assumption of my "lack" education is wrong is quite obvious. I took psy and soc in High School, and Gen. Psy, Dev. Psy, and Abnormal Psy in college while doing independent research.

  8. @wiggalama That is complete idiocy. Science is non-dogmatic, the exact opposite of religion. Acupuncture is much closer to religion than it is to science. Meridians, chi flow, etc.

    "There's no one easier to fool than yourself", as the saying goes. Science evolved through a recognition of this fact and is humanity's best tool for circumventing confirmation bias.

    And please don't act like a few psychology classes have left you with an understanding of science: they obviously have not.

  9. @sincristo Your the only one being domatic here guy. Stop worshiping your senses and respect the uncertainty principle. You want so badly to have facts exist, for them to be universal, obtainable, and useable to give yourself power and a feeling of superiority over others. Such thinking is for the weak minded. Science is universal to all humans; faith in common senses of the body in terms of interacting with the world. Your so offended cause your science fascist. Science is a religion too.

  10. @sincristo 1. Those who insult are people who give up and go for the last word. 2. Ultimately, most likely, we both have no clue. 😀

  11. @wiggalama "we both have no clue" True enough. You can always tell an ignorant person by the level of certainty they display. Watch Fox News sometime and you'll see what I mean.

    However, all ignorance is not equal. In the last few hundred years, we humans have finally begun to develop a method for understanding the world around us. It's not perfect, but it is much better than anything else we have. It's called the "scientific method", and it shows acupuncture for what it is: superstition.

  12. @sincristo I never claimed any equality, equality does not exist for all things have differenet histories and can not occupy the same space at the same time, both most scientific laws and Taoism basically support this. You honestly think science is a product of the last few hundred years? Your going to ignore all the inventions, architecture, and basic medical that existed earlier? Let me guess,you call it "Western" medicine too right, ignoring Far-east medical superiority till the late 1700s 😀

  13. @wiggalama Yes, modern science (especially the scientific method, which emphasizes falsifiability) is a product of the 16th/17th centuries. This is easily verifiable.

    It's interesting to hear you admit that "far-east medical superiority" ended in the 1700's.

    It's also interesting to note that this is when modern science began to pick up steam.

    Perhaps there's a connection?

  14. @sincristo 1. Scientific advances of the ancient world=gunpowerder, paper, paper money, printing…oh look, chinese creations 😀 Etruscans built the first aquaducts which the Romans got, Romans made concrete and glass, chinese made first chrome even, etc… You honestly think that just cause the basics of the "scientific method" had not been canonized yet that science didn't exist? 2. Thats because the West caught up and blended its info with theirs, then all efforst became Global, not WESTERN.

  15. @wiggalama The "science" of antiquity is not the same thing as the modern science, and yes, the advent of real science can be traced to the scientific method. There were attempts at experimentation and empirical observation by extraordinarily intelligent people (Chinese, Persian, Egyptian, Greek) but these brilliant minds lacked the crucial framework of modern science: the scientific method. So their discoveries were mixed with mysticism and superstition, resulting in things like acupuncture.

  16. @sincristo How so, they took data, worked throught trial, error, and logic, and advanced mankind. And enough of the "real" science logical fallacy nonsense, science is science. Experimentation and empirical data where done by the scientific method regardless of it not being categoritzed. Look at rhetoric: ethos, pathos, logos, well before and well after, with or without knowing this, one can still make a skilled arguement. You also seem to be forgetting the globalization of knowledge.

  17. @wiggalama That's incorrect. Without a framework like the scientific method, human biases too easily taint our observations. Additionally, such a standardized method makes the results of experimentation repeatable by others, providing a very strict filter for what is considered "valid". Things like acupuncture, alchemy and phrenology were fine first attempts at understanding the world; but none of them hold up to scientific scrutiny, so they have been discarded as junk science.

  18. @wiggalama Why drag Aristotle into this? Science is by nature exact, rhetoric is not. It's a silly analogy.

    Look up "scientific method" and you'll see I'm not inventing a false distinction between ancient and modern versions of science. Once the method was codified and applied universally, humans began to advance at a rapid pace, precisely because the errors of great thinkers could be ferreted out and discarded.

    Acupuncture is based on old Chinese myths. It doesn't qualify as science. Period.

  19. @sincristo Will you shut the fuck up, you constantly keep claiming "real science" and act like all the inventions in the past 300 years are western, do the research. I was showing you how stating the basics of something is not necessary to know them. Rhetoric has a core like generalized empirical perspective, science IS a religion because it has no certainty, it relies on human senses of perspective and has faith in universal acceptance therein, THAT is what a religion is.

  20. @sincristo we advanced so quickly cause of technological advances that ALLOWED tech to increase faster due to higher populations researching, globalization and sharing of knowledge,and easier techniques to get to resources.Look up mass production, steam power,and ELECTRICITY.Those old chinese myths have a basis in the compass,gunpowder first suspension bridges,first alcohol spread even,first mass production, paper,paper money,etc.Wether it works the way we think or not, it still works troll.

  21. @wiggalama Troll? Really? Who was it that said "Those who insult are people who give up and go for the last word."

    I'm obviously not a troll; I have a point to make and I've made it, apparently too well for your liking.

    Keep believing in sorcery and folk medicine if you like. I'm done with you.

  22. @sincristo Cause I'm bored waiting on Basic, might as well hunt a troll, if not me, then who? 😀 You make no point, you have an askewed perspective that glorifies Fracis Bacon as if he where God and invented science, simple. I mean, your on an accupuncture page even, so troll fo sho. Acupuncture works, maybe not as ultimately intended or for tradionally why, but what matters is the result, wether the core belief is right or not, now go bug somebody else 😀

  23. @sincristo You sound like as if you give no credit whatsoever to acupuncture, in fact it's more cultural than religious and it is based on 2000 years of clinical observations documented and preserved until today. Science is only slowly discovering what has already been understood by intellectual civilizations, only in the format they deem acceptable. But there are a lot of suppressed information that has been censored before they are brought to the public. Think about tha5

  24. I get "white robe syndrome" feeling here with no trauma informed care. I also don't get the feeling of "intention" and being one with the patient. I get the feeling this is practitioner-ego-oriented rather than patient-oriented. But he's only "certified" in acupuncture. Not his main practice.

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