I’m Dr. Filardo I’m certified in Acupuncture
and we are here on behalf of Expert Village, here in our office in Winter Park. And in
this segment we’re going to talk about, are there other factors or other arenas that acupuncture
can help patients after we’ve talked about the needle point stimulation or different
skin point stimulations and the different forms whether they be laser or ear press needle
or accu-patches, different ways to stimulate that point. And are there other parts of the
acupuncture that can help our patients. And the answer is yes. Acupuncture for us and
our practice is wellness. And they all kind of blends and flows in our practice. And so
some of the other ways that acupuncture and the philosophy of acupuncture carries over
to our patients is through nutrition. And our first visit with our patient we do a very,
very detailed evaluation and comprehensive analysis of food log of seven days for example.
We’ll get a very detailed history of what their pattern of stress are in their body
and we’ll do an adrenal gland test, and we’ll do a thyroid test and actually two thyroid
tests. We’ll do one for TSH to determine if the patients hypo thyroid which really slows
down the chi and energy flow. And then we’ll also determine through a blood prick test
on the actual T3 or T4 levels in the practice, and then we’ll determine through what’s called
a stress scan, and that is where we send out radio frequencies into the body and we look
for answers back from the body, a biofeedback system, looking for that eight to ten hertz
and that stress imbalance or electrical imbalance. And then we’ll gather from that information
and we’ll also determine nutritional deficiencies. And that’s the other big part of acupuncture.
So nutrition deficiencies have to be determined and if you want to increase chi, and increase
results in acupuncture or manipulation, instead of just using those two, we want to feed the
body good food in order for the other services to work. So the other things that we use in
an adjunct care are massage therapy and nutrition as well as the acupuncture and manipulation.

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