Hi I’m Dr. Filardo, doctor of chiropractic
and also certified in acupuncture and I’m here, on behalf of Expert Village. We have
our wonderful patient Ania, here today. Ania, we’ve been treating for a few months and Ania
has a history of allergies. This current segment, we’re going to talk about, is how acupuncture
is performed and so we’re going to go through it verbally and then we’re going to give a
demonstration, in the next segment. First, what we want to do is, we’re going to want
to take a very accurate history and diagnostics. We want to look at X-rays and maybe there’s
something structural, allowing the blood to congest, in the sinuses, or something that
the body is causing an allergy whether it be a food allergy or a environmental allergy.
So, we want to do a very good diagnostic test and look at hair analysis and look at the
adrenal gland and look at the thyroid gland and then do food log, of the last seven days,
if the patient has eaten, and then we’ll come up with a good prescription of care. So, we’re
at this point, where Ania is ready for her first acupuncture treatment. We’ve really
fined toned, that the issue, with allergies, is not only just in the sinuses, but also
the liver and the colon. So, we’re going to treat, Ania’s liver and colon, through acupuncture.
What’s kind of weird is that we won’t even go near the liver and colon and so all of
our patients say “well that’s kind of weird doc. Well aren’t you supposed to treat my
liver and colon? It’s down here,” but acupuncture can be done in several different ways because
you’re following, four thousand year old meridians and their pathways, so you can treat all along
those pathways and you can also treat in the ear. There’s three hundred and fifty-nine
points, in the body, and one hundred and fifty-nine, in the ear. So, in treating Ania’s colon and
liver today, we’re going to do that through her ear and through her face. What we want
to do is, firstly, prepare the patient and make sure we alcohol, all the different areas.
We always use seirin sterilized needles, it’s only a one time use needle, and so we have
those ready to go. Then, we’re going to map out, through the laser and for the camera,
I’m going to map out exactly where we’re going to put the needles and what that region demarcates
and then we’re going to put the needles in. They’re very slow and easily insertion. There’s
a guide tube, on the needle, unlike a needle that you would get from your family doctor
or cortisone shot, for example. It actually has a guide to it, which makes it very comfortable
for the patient. Then we’re going to insert the needles and then we’re going to set the
timer for about ten to twelve minutes and we’re going to use our laser. This Zirconia
laser, was designed to stimulate acupuncture needles and acupuncture stimulation, in the
meridian therapy’s and the meridian pathways, through a certain setting, so I’m going to
program that setting. Laser, on top of the needles, and the needles will absorb that
energy and it will pull it into the meridian, or pathway, that we’re trying to balance,
and you’ll get a larger longer lasting stimulation. Electrical and energetic stimulation. We’re
going to do that and then we’re going to wait, ten or twelve minutes, and then pull the needles

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