Comment ça : “pas d’aiguilles” ? Je vais insérer des aiguilles
dans votre cou. Mais c’est ce pied qui est engourdi. C’est un problème très sérieux ! Vous risquez
de ne plus pouvoir marcher. Ses nerfs appuient
sur la moelle épinière. C’est très dur. Les patients comme lui
devraient être opérés. Dans des pays comme la Hollande,
ils seraient soignés par une opération. Ici, nous avons l’acupuncture
pour changer leur état. Ça fait mal.
– Elle a une tumeur au cerveau. Quand j’insère celles-ci, vous devriez
ressentir de la chaleur et du froid. C’est ce qu’on ressent. Venez voir par là. Elle a un problème avec ses ovaires,
ce qui l’empêche de tomber enceinte. Notre acupuncture va stimuler
le flux sanguin, ouvrir les veines… et changer l’état de ses ovaires. Alors, elle pourra tomber enceinte. Pourquoi je ressens un gonflement ?
– Un gonflement ? Cela signifie que vous n’ovulez pas.
– Ah. Je peux vous dire si vous ovulez ou pas. Je travaille dans l’acupuncture
depuis 40 ans. Je ne l’ai pas choisi. On m’a dit que ce serait
ma matière principale à l’université. Docteur Li, je veux les aiguilles.
– J’arrive. Après cinq ans d’études,
je me suis passionné pour l’acupuncture. Elle contient de nombreux mystères
à découvrir. Où avez-vous mal ?
– Entre ces deux os. Sa façon d’insérer les aiguilles
fait moins mal. Les aiguilles rentrent facilement. J’ai été surpris la première fois :
“comment est-ce possible ?” Mais c’est vrai.
Je vais pouvoir remarcher bientôt. Ne sous-estimez pas notre acupuncture. Elle est vieille de 5.000 ans. Nous pouvons soigner beaucoup
de maladies européennes. Comme la sclérose en plaques. Nous pouvons soigner toutes sortes
de problèmes gynécologiques. Ou le syndrome de fatigue chronique
et la dépression aussi. Notre acupuncture peut tous les soigner. Allô ? Je suis très occupé maintenant.
Au revoir. Regardez bien. Elle vibre. D’autres ont besoin
d’aiguilles électriques pour ça. Aviez-vous déjà vu ça ?
Vous ne le verrez nulle part ailleurs ! Comme le Dr. Li a magnifiquement
inséré l’aiguille ! Il utilise deux doigts. Il faut avoir des doigts forts. Il veut que je m’exerce
sur une planche en bois. Dormez-vous bien ?
– Non, je ne dors pas bien. Ah ?
– Je rêve beaucoup. C’est bien. Rêver et dormir
sont deux choses différentes. Il perd du poids par la moxibustion. La médecine chauffante
entre dans son corps… et la graisse à l’intérieur disparaît. Après cette session,
son ventre sera déjà plus mince. Au bout de dix sessions,
les effets seront bien visibles. Nous sommes les moins chers
sur le marché. Simple et pas cher. Un prix vraiment pas cher,
juste un ou deux euros par session. C’est très bon marché. Mon mari ne peut pas parler.
C’est un problème. C’est pour cela que nous venons ici,
pour l’acupuncture. On nous l’a présenté.
D’autres nous ont dit qu’il était bon. Certains ont été guéris
et peuvent de nouveau parler. Essayez de dire “iiiiiiii”. Non, pas “aa” mais “iii”. Essayez encore. Plus fort. Très bien. Les problèmes d’élocution
sont difficiles. Le problème est au niveau du cervelet. Nous avons déjà guéri
beaucoup de cas comme celui-ci. Elle a eu une hémorragie cérébrale.
Elle a du mal à marcher. Fais demi-tour. Nos méthodes diffèrent
de celles de l’Occident. Ils veulent soigner
les maladies rapidement… parce qu’en Occident,
tout doit être guéri vite. Nous pensons de manière différente. Ça me fait mal. Lève le pied plus haut. Vous savez le plus drôle ? Notre acupuncture fonctionne mieux
sur les Européens… et les Américains que sur nous,
les Chinois. Étrange. C’est peut-être
parce que leurs ancêtres… n’ont jamais eu d’acupuncture. Plus vous êtes réceptifs… plus vous sentirez les bénéfices
de notre traitement.

92 thoughts on “The best acupuncturist in Shanghai – vpro Metropolis”

  1. he seems too egotistical…….. i sense something not correct here… should always trust the silent wind, not the loud and famous wind. something is up here…. he may be great, but not the best.

  2. I feel sick watching this guy sell snakeoil to people suffering and clutching for shreds of hope. Acupuncture may cure many health problems… I don't know, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't cure brain cancer or infertility.

    A dead giveaway of quacks is their arguments and evidence are emotional, playing on fear and prejudices (Western v Eastern medicine etc).

  3. Not once do they show the effect of the needles. The guy that can't talk can't repeat what the doctor says then he just shows him finger signs and the girl walking is not shown after the needles.. This is very dubious.

  4. That's a very shallow way of seeing things. Anyone with a decent amount of money can start a business based on this, pay for research and show how good it is and become rich.

  5. are you talking about the acupuncture? Or are you talking about that acupuncturist? well I'm from Shanghai and I've never really heard of this guy. But the acupuncture is very effective, it can also help people with weight loss, my mom's friend who used to be over 200 pounds and after those treatments she's now only 120 pounds, and never gained the weight back.

  6. I'm talking about both. How can sticking needles into your skin make you lose weight? It doesn't make sense.

  7. I'm an acupuncture student in Texas. Most Dr. in china will see 50-80 patients in an 8-10 hr shift. Acupuncture works really well, but you have to also be open to the treatment, it's just like western medicine, if you think that it will not work, it won't plain and simple. The drawback of Acupuncture to western medicine is that acupuncture takes months to show real results, unless it is pain management than results can be felt right away. If you think it's bunk, I offer you to try it just once.

  8. You're right to doubt it. You know what they say about things that are too good to be true. I'm sure there are some minor effects for specific situations, but for things like losing weight, the same necessities apply: diet and exercise.

  9. No innocent person deserves to be scammed by fraudsters like this guy. He is acting in a position of authority, pretending to cure MS, depression, even brain tumors. Got cancer? Stick a needle in it! Now why didn't the West think of that before, eh?

    But at any rate, most of these people are poor and can't afford nearly any care at all. So the guy they can afford is this douchecanoe, and if you're in pain you'll try what you can.

  10. Ignore those haters. Asking good questions is important. The reality is that "alternative" medicine is called alternative because it cannot be proven as medicine. Alternative medicine that was found to be effective is now simply called medicine. There may be a placebo effect for some people, or a psychological boost of morale, which might encourage their immune systems to work a little better, but this guy is not making people lose weight or curing MS, depression, or brain tumors.

  11. That doesn't make any sense. If you have a gallbladder problem, and doctors remove your gallbladder to fix the problem, you cannot "feel" your way into that treatment not working. When I take beta blockers to negate the symptoms of a neurological condition I have, I cannot imagine away the calming of those symptoms.

    And when comparing systems where one can actually cure you, and another takes months to show minimal progress, which do you think should be focused on in modern medicine?

  12. It's not "bunk" in the sense that it's as effective as any placebo. It's "bunk" in comparison to real medicine, however, which produces results through more than just positive thinking.

  13. Why does Li Guo An act so confident? I thought the attitude one should have is humility even when you're great. This is the core teachings of ancient Chinese philosophy such as Confucianism and Taoism. There are people around him who are sick and scared, and he has his phone turned on, and is just having a big ego. I know in Acupuncture you have to be confident to fortify your energy, but there's a difference between confidence and external extravagant displays of "I am awesome". EGO EGO EGO EGO

  14. It's not complete bullshit. But I think I know why you were turned off to it, the guys ego in the video is off the charts… HUGE EGO

  15. 4:21 of this video is another example at how big this guys ego is. He not only managed to insult the western medical healing system while being a hypocrit, he says that western wants to take away the disease fast, while in this entire video he displays that TCM can cure fast. I personally have respect for BOTH the western and the Eastern ways of treatment. BOTH have their flaws. I think the key is, merging the two medicines into one whole. NOT flaunting your ego at how superior yours is. sigh

  16. I think it can be useful for more minor things like aches and pains. I don't believe it can help with being sterile or getting rid of a brain tumor like he said.

  17. He said that Western Medicine believes everything should cure fast. That's a false statement. Not once in the video did he praise western medicine for one thing…Not once in the video did he admit "some" flaws of Acupuncture. Put these two together and you can infer that its ego doing the talking. Pointing out the flaws in another system while not mentioning your own flaws = Ego. I love both Western and Eastern. Both have their flaws, both have their uses. This man has an Ego dude.

  18. Lol i love this guy xD Hes just walking around the hospital sticking needles into people. Sore back? stick a needle in it. Cancer? stick a needle in it. Wife leaving you? stick a needle in it.

  19. Acupuncture is great. My hypothyreosis (hashimoto) was healed, by someone who also knew, what he did (no weekend seminar doctor). But they always conceal the side effects: If it is such a deep illness like autoimmune diseases, the treatment will change you as a person. Your temper, your way to think about things and to do them. Even your friends change. This all happens quite fast within weeks/few months. So what kind of person do you want to be? Have a look at the genius at Asperger disease people. Who you heal them?

  20. Wouldn't it be better instead of getting poked with needles to not eat that much? It's unbelievable how lazy some people are and the things they are willing to go through just to avoid doing sports and eating properly.

  21. I tried this a few times and just found it uncomfortable and actually the needle was a little painful in some places. Some people get 100+ needles during a visit. To those of you that do it, is there supposed to be discomfort? Or is it just a matter of bearing it?

  22. To faisal sahar bullshitting his fact why not watching The science of acupuncture by BBC documentary- Traditional chinese on youtube and learn the facts…When you have a serious problem with your body when the needles inserts on it will have some discomfort other than that needle poking is not as painful as tattooing…

  23. Could anyone please tell me what is the difference between acupuncture and energy healing reiki? I am interested in both but I wonder if one is more effective than the other thank you!

  24. To Jeffrey Chung: Thank you very much for your wise answer! You gave me a very good explanation. Unfortunate I don't know why I am not able to reply to you so my anwer is here.

  25. Yes I'm sure a brain tumour can be cured with acupuncture. These backwood countries actually BELIEVE they're superior to us with our modern medicine. We live on such deluded planet.

  26. I had acupuncture treatment with this Chinese women doctor called Dr Zhang who caused more damage than good.  I'm not saying it dosen't work, but it is all down to the skill of the doctor.  

  27. Works better on Europeans and those of the U.S. because they think it's some 'far east cure', when really most of it is down to their belief it will work.

  28. Accupuncture is the ONLY thing that is working to remove the pain of eating (scarred pancreas), and the anxiety and depression that comes from a major defect in your metabolic process.  I can't explain how it works, but trust me, it does! See Ross Penman in North Sydney, Aus (No affiliation)

  29. I think the west can learn from China. And maybe the costs of our social health system in Holland, will decrease drastically.

  30. I don't pretend that some accupuncture and other ancient medicines have some efficacy, but this guy is the definition of a QUACK. Bring them in often, offer big rewards with a slow progression, claim to have cured everything from Depression to MS, and you've got the full package duck quacking away.

    Give me a genuine doctor using it as a part of comprehensive therapy. The sad thing is, this guy is the only person these people can likely afford.

  31. I've spent 1000s of $ on western "doctors" to try and sort out the pain in my tongue. Not one of those bastards has bothered to really help me… they just say things like "oh, you must have geographic tongue" and basically dismiss me AFTER I've paid them of course. Such a-holes. Fucking hate western doctors- the only situations they're great in is real emergencies like being in a car accident. That's when they work miracles. But everything else they do– is all a fucking gimmick.

    The Eastern folks have 1000s of years of observation on how certain needle placement and certain foods affect the human body. Not a few measly months of piss-poor clinical trials funded by big profit-driven pharma in the West. Both sides have pros and cons, smart money will tap into the best of both worlds.

  32. He sounds kind of conceited. I get acupuncture, but the practitioners I see aren't like this. They exhibit a more humble attitude.

  33. The arrogance… a real doctor, a real scientist becomes humble. Because he understands how little he knows. This guy… talking so arrogantly about "the doctors in holland"…

  34. I am not going to claim that acupuncture (or any form of alternative medicine) is an effective treatment, but I love how people who think it is a scam or simply bs have no problem explaining its successes with placebo effect, because it's so reasonable and ''westerly'' to accept that belief and intention can cure a physical disease.
    How is placebo any less unbelievable than the possibility of energy flows (or whatever different forms of alternative medicine are based on) determining your health?

  35. To do less and get more is called efficient. Many methods can do a job, when someone has gone too far and is in a land that's totally new, this person will ask for directions, but if someone knows about the stars and the sun , then this person would not need to ask for help. I always heal myself by myself, by just telling myself that I need to stop the bad habits and just get healthy, it is as simple as telling yourself to get up. So when I am sick or almost sick, the stage before I consciously realize that I need to do something, I just stop doing what is making me imbalanced, if it was something I have been doing for a long time, I must face it and just do what I must do instead of going to a doctor, like stop the excessive behavior, like stop alcohol or cigarettes or even quitting a job. This video should make the viewers curious. When I go to china one day I will try some acupuncture just to see how it is , it important to me to see how it worked on other people than myself.

  36. Heeelp!!!
    I desperately need to find Dr Li Guoan. If anyone has some info on how to find him, do not hesitate to share it with me!

    Some of you are laughing, but actually, acupuncture works with extremely good results!
    Before I did not try, I was thinking like you: how stupid they can be to believe some needle heals, and placebo, and laughing, and bla bla…

    But after I tried and with 15 treatment they solved a problem I had all my life for 45 years which none of famous EU clinics were able to solve, I was speechless of what a positive experience and healing result I got!

    Then a few years later, I had another problem, so I went to a doctor in Romania who pretended to be qualified in acupuncture and it was a disaster!
    Acupuncture science is an extremely sophisticated knowledge, transmitted from generation, needs many, years and extremely good teachers to learn it!

    If you go to the right specialist, it makes really wonders. If you are unlucky to find a crook who do it just for money but with pretended knowledge, is extremely, extremely dangerous, they can block your energy channels…

  37. More evidence is coming to prove acupuncture works. And how does it work? At least on the molecular level.
    In the first place, why is this practice still used while it's origin is 5 millenia back? And secondly, it's for the western world a known unknown. Meaning they need to understand it.

  38. Eastern civilization is much older than European, dont underestimate them. The west has been dominating for only half a millenium.

  39. The theory behind the meridian system is based on 3000 yr ancient wisdom called "Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic".

    Learning this ancient wisdom for better well being today.

    "Simplicity & Practicality of Ancient Wisdom on Health" (FOC)

    Philosophy, Yin Yang Theory & Application

    Qi (Its mystery unfolded), 5-Essential Human Life Variables

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