What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. Today we’re talking about the best way to
lose 5lbs of fat. The fastest way to lose 5lbs of fat. Guess who we’re bringing in to demonstrate? I never thought I’d say this, but Jessie,
Mr. “I lost 5lbs of fat” now. You’re probably thinking “Jessie needed to
lose fat?” Well, if you remember what Jessie looked like
just a little while ago right here, Jessie was actually what we call “skinny fat”. What skinny fat is, yes, he was a thin person,
but his body fat levels were too high. In order to get rid of some of that we wanted
to decrease his body fat, but at the same time increase his muscularity. Now he even has a budding 8-pack. Boom He’s got the sound effects down and all. Now how are you going to do that? Well, I brought Jessie in, not to just show
off his physique, but to actually make him be a living demo of what we’re doing. So we know that calorically, one of the best
exercises you can do to burn the most calories on a minute per minute basis is a burpee. So go ahead and demonstrate the burpee while
I do the rest of the video. JESSIE: Through the whole video? JEFF: Through the whole video. While I’m talking, you demonstrate burpees. Show everybody how you can burn- JESSIE: Just keep going? JEFF: Keep going. So go ahead. You can start now. You can start now. Make sure – let me get a timer going for
you. Okay. Go ahead. That’s it. Attack the ground like you actually want to
do a burpee. There you go. So now Jessie is going to do his burpees. So some of you might be thinking “That’s the
best one? I thought that was battle ropes. Have you ever used battle ropes, Jeff?” I have. You can see me using them here. This is definitely one of the better caloric
burning exercises out there. Someone might say “I read the split squat
jump is one of the harder exercises that you can burn the most calories doing.” And that’s this exercise here. The other people say “Jeff, you’ve talked
about the king of conditioning exercises being jump rope, and how that’s your favorite for
the number of calories that you can burn per minute.” But let’s stop and do some math. Not you. You keep going. The math of it is what’s actually sobering
here. If we took the jump rope, we’ll start at the
end, you could burn, doing 100 jumps per minute, 15 calories every minute. Now, that’s a lot. But when you extract that out, if you were
to do 10 straight minutes of jump rope that’s 150 calories burned. Now Jessie here, doing his burpees, burns
about 12 calories per minute. Maybe 11 because of the rate that he’s doing
them, but you burn between 12 calories a minute and maybe up to 14, or 15 if you’re really,
really attacking it. But as you can see here, his effort is starting
to wane a little bit. How long could he actually do this for? So even if he’s burning 12 calories a minute,
how many minutes is he doing this for? We can extrapolate that out again with the
split squat jump where you’re burning about 11 calories a minute, and we can wrap it all
up here with our battle ropes and that’s about 13 to 14 calories per minute. So they’re all – okay, you can stop, Jessie. You pretty much have. You can pretty much burn, with these higher
intensity exercises, in between 10 and 15 calories at best, averaged out, depending
on the weight of the person that’s doing them. Is that the most effective way to burn fat? More importantly, to lose 5lbs? Well, if Jessie did this for 12 calories a
minute, at 10 minutes is 120 calories. If he did it every day for 10 days, that’s
1200 calories. For 20 days it’s 2400 calories. For 30 days it’s 3600 calories. Now that whole 3500 calories deficit to create
a 1lb fat loss, that’s actually been debunked a little bit. It’s a little higher than that. So let’s say we’re right on track. Every day, what you just did – not what
you actually did, but actually getting all the way through 10 minutes – for 30 days
straight it would have created a 1lb fat loss. He would have needed to do that for 5 months
to do that. Could there have been a better way? I’m going to tell you right now. Absolutely. Because Jessie didn’t actually start doing
what he’s doing here by just doing burpees, or by just doing split squat jumps. Even though he’s doing all of those things
in our ATHLEANX program. What he did do was, he cleaned up his nutrition. You will never, ever, ever, ever be able to
out train a bad diet. I don’t care how many changes you make to
the secret exercises that you start doing, and how many of them you think you’re doing. None of them will ever equate to being able
to overcome a bad nutrition plan. Jessie gets rewarded here. You, my friend, I’m surprising you. I wouldn’t make him do that for no reward. He gets his gummy bears. So here you go. You got it. No, no, no. Some gummy bears. Only what you burned. So you were going for, what? Two minutes? JESSIE: A minute. JEFF: A minute? No, probably about two minutes. I’ll give you two minutes. 24 calories. Do you know how many calories are in one gummy
bear? About eight. So you get – let me do my math. You get three gummy bears. Here you go. Three. JESSIE: You’re making these not fun anymore! JEFF: So Jessie normally eats a bag of gummy
bears. So you see, he goes and does his two minutes
of burpees, or three minutes of burpees – two minutes, or whatever – he earns three gummy
bears. That’s all he can eat. If he goes, and he crushes this, he’s far
exceeded any of the work that he’s done here and he’s completely wasted his effort. I don’t want to see you guys make the same
mistake. Number one, two, three, four, five, six, seven,
eight, nine, and ten on apriority list for losing fat, and losing 5lbs the fastest is
always going to be in the approach that you take to your nutrition. If you clean that up, if you get better at
eliminating the garbage that you know you shouldn’t be eating, if you do that, you’ll
be amazed at how fast the weight will come off. But also, you need to support that with the
total picture. He has been training, he has been building
lean muscle, he’s been getting better able to increase his basal metabolic rate because
of the muscle that he’s adding. Keep in mind this, too: every day you keep
doing your burpees you’re going to become better at them, and more efficient at them. Meaning, you’re not going to burn the same
amount of calories you were burning in the beginning. So that effect that we had here, extrapolated
over a month is actually going to be less than that. So you’re probably going to have to go five
weeks to be able to get the same effect for burning the calories. So remember, guys; conditioning plays an important
role in the overall picture. It helps to increase your cardiovascular health. It gets your heart stronger. It gives you the ability to increase your
work capacity. Your stamina is going to improve. Your endurance will improve. Your power endurance – because of an exercise
like this – will make you more explosive, and it will make you more athletic. But at the end of the day, those are just
attributes to a total picture. Your nutrition is where it’s going to begin
and end. If you’re looking for a nutrition plan that
puts it all out there for you, step by step, makes it easy – Jessie hasn’t had to really
make a lot of hard changes, right? JESSIE: No. JEFF: It’s been easy. Once he had the awareness it’s been pretty
damned easy, and he’s starting to look a hell of a lot better. You can do the same thing. We include a nutrition plan in every one of
our programs. You can find out which program is specifically
right for you by using our program selector with the link below this video. In the meantime, I have to confess. I like to test Jessie, okay? I always say “It’s not what you do when people
are watching. It’s what you do when you think people aren’t
watching you.” So I actually put Jessie through the test
the last few weeks. I’m going to wrap up this video with that. You guys can see just how strong and dedicated
he’s actually been. All right, guys. I’ll see you soon. If you liked the video leave your comments
and thumbs up and let me know what you want to see here in a future video. See ya. JESSIE: Me and Jeff currently have a wager
going on, whether or not I’m going to eat gummy bears anymore. He’s been trying so hard to get me to crack
for weeks now. This just seems counterproductive. How do you get in my car, dude? You gotta be kidding me, man.

100 thoughts on “The Best Way to Lose 5 LBS of Body Fat (AND FASTEST!)”

  1. I want everyone who is gonna start a weightloss journey to read this:
    1. Do not get over excited and start eating only boiled eggs and green tea.. after a week your gonna be drained been there done that you will lose tons of fat but youl end up gaining all back because thats not sustainable.

    2. Dont start cutting to much if your going to the gym lifting and doing cardio do not eat only 900 cals your gonna end up feeling weak at the gym and recovery is gonna be crap been there.

    3. My calories to stay normal aka not gain fat and not lose weight is about 2400.
    So i cut my calories to around 1800 – 1700 this is sustainable and i feel great in the gym im able to attack the weights lift heavy and recovery is good, plus i dont get moody and crave everything at sight.

    4. Intensity is key, rather than over cut on calories go hard in the gym, take shorter breaks between sets keep your heart rate high and progress if you lift 8 reps and it feels as you could of done 12 then do 12 dont just stop at 8 because your program says so, your muscles wont grow if you stay in your comfort zone its supposed to be hard.

  2. When you’re really picky about food so the nutrition plans are completely unappealing because goddammit I’m not trying new foods

  3. I like to hike. I snack on gummy bears when I hike. I told my hiker family [tramily] that if I choke to death on these-just say I got killed by bears, and leave it at that. [also hang your head, and say "she died doing what she loved"]

  4. A little confusing and did not find the answer to my question, what to do to get lean? I mean I’m not asking for a whole plan. But at least a guide of 5 exercises to best burn fat.

  5. Hi Jeff, I heard about you from a brazilian YouTube chanel- Saúde na rotina- Then I suddenly realise I was watching you by YouTube recommendation 😁 Pleased to "meet". I'm Jessi .

  6. The biggest problem is how much you eat not really what you eat, what you eat affects your health but how much calories you are consuming a day affects your body fat percentage. Remember fat is just stored energy that hasnt been used

  7. Fantastic job, Guys!….
    Congratulations to the both of you…
    Many thanks for this formula : 3500 calories less = 1 pound fat less….
    I will use it, for sure.
    From Brussels with Love…

  8. hello sir how r u can u tell me how to lose lower belly fat i have lover belly fat and i drink to much cold drinks

  9. This!! I get major tone when I clean my diet, even if I work out less. Fresh fruit, veg, lots of good proteins, cut out or drastically minimise refined foods and alcohol and drink lots of water. I see changes in a matter of weeks.

  10. Too funny – has anyone seen a dog jump up for attention – the start of the burpees and the camera angle looks hilarious

  11. I've lost around 35 Lbs in 9 months, I just do jump ropes, push ups, or crunches before I eat any of my meals… but I'm 16, I'm currently 164.4 Lbs, my highest weight was in December a little over 200 Lbs….

  12. Well actually the fastest way to lose fat is intermittend fasting, which also is one of the healthier ways to lose fat, it is so easy to implement in your life.

  13. Evеryonе knows, that thе еasiest waу to lose weіght fodano.ru/slim?v=8bshv_9HWw4 – The Best Way to Lose 5 LBS of Body Fat (AND FASTEST!)

  14. "You can never out train a bad diet" – while it sounds nice, I beg to differ! If you eat 4000 calories a day, all you need is to increase your resting metabolism sufficiently to use up all that energy! This is easily done through proper strength training. Now, if you eat junk food every day, get ready for some serious damage regardless of how much you train. That's true! But there's no need to follow any strict diet to lose fat and get fit. Just a bit of moderation and balance, and even occasional bouts of pizza + beer nights won't stop you from getting the shape of your dreams if your training regime is correct! Personally, I tried multiple diet plans ranging from full keto to complete chaos, from 1000 to 7000 calories a day, from eating no gluten at all to having 5 bagels a day. In the end, it was my training approach which made all the difference. Since then I stopped obsessing about diets. No special supplements, no protein shakes, – just normal balanced meals. It's all way more simple than we think.

  15. Jeff is not as intimidating as other trainers with tattoos and that scream at you when you start to lose hope..
    You what I mean right?

  16. Lose weight sustainably withDynamic Fitter Keto


    Why does it have Scientists, Doctors andCelebrities Buzzing?


  17. I weighted 267 pound and got down to 202 Lb. After I got down to 202 LB pounds, I could not lose any more weight. I did some exercise regimen. Which consisted of 25 minutes of weight lifting and 30 minute of stationary bike riding. I took one cup of Whey, spoon full of Benefiter and five glasses of water every day.  
     I eat low-fat foods, no bread or sweets. OK, I cheated and had one slice of cake in six-month period. Back to the original subject. Am I losing fat and gaining muscle mass?

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