I gotta a kind of a personal question for
you? Um, Are you an ectomorph? Or an endomorph? Or, perhaps, you’re a lucky mesomorph? Nah, I’m not implying you’re an space
alien or something! It’s just that every single person has a
specific body type, and knowing yours can be of great help if you want to build the
body of your dreams. Adjust your workout to your body type, and
you’ll achieve the best results! Let’s start with exploring the body types
first. There are three of them, as proposed by Dr.
William Sheldon, an American psychologist, back in the 1940s. Let’s see if you recognize yourself in one
of them! First, there’s ectomorph. People with this body type are slim, usually
tall and with longer limbs. Look at Usain Bolt if you want a good example. They are those lucky types who can eat whatever
they want and never get love handles or too much of a bottom. On the flipside, ectomorphs also have difficulty
gaining muscle mass, so however hard they work out, they stay lean and can’t ever
bulk up even if they want to. Well, at least they can drown their sorrows
in a piece of cake. Or two. Then there are endomorphs. These are the exact opposite of the previous
type: short, stocky, and with a tendency to gain weight from every single crumb eaten
after lunch. Look no further than Danny De Vito for a vivid
example of an endomorph. These guys struggle to slim down, and their
prominent gut and wide hips might be killing them if they decide to walk the athletic path. There’s always a bright side, though, so
endomorphs are naturally more powerful than ectomorphs, and they make excellent bodybuilders
or weightlifters. And finally, the fortunate mesomorphs. Why fortunate? Well, because they have this perfect balance
of muscle and fat, along with a natural ability to change their body to their liking, and
fast. Christian Bale is the perfect mesomorph: just
one look at his roles in The Machinist and American Hustle is enough to see why. Mesomorphs can rather easily gain muscle mass
and become fit in no time. On the other hand, they lose their bulk as
easily too, so it’s not like they take a walk in the park and come home with shredded
legs. Uh-uh, life’s easy for them, but not that
easy! Of course, these three body types are not
categorical, and you can find yourself somewhere in-between. Still, they do cover most aspects, and chances
are high that what you’ve just heard describes you well enough, doesn’t it? Share with me in the comment section below! Now that we’ve dealt with the theory, let’s
get down to practice at last. You’ve clicked on this video because you
wanted to find out what kind of workout you need, right? So here are some tips to follow and exercises
to perform according to your body type. They’ll help you make the most out of your
constitution and achieve the best results possible. 1. Ectomorph regimen
With this body type, you have no trouble losing weight, but when you try to gain muscle mass,
you only end up with lean muscle, becoming thin and wiry. If you want to bulk up a bit, here’s what
you should do. First and foremost, start packing on proteins. Proteins are basically building blocks for
your muscles, and combined with carbs, they will help you gain mass in the end. Not your end, in THE end. The trouble here is that you should be prepared
to eat a lot more than you’ve probably eaten before, because your metabolism is generally
faster than that of other people, and you need more nutrients to feed your sinews. So help yourself and start munching on protein
and carbohydrate-rich foods. Be careful, though, not to overeat fatty stuff
because, despite fat being good for you too, having too much of it may slow down your muscle-building
process. Secondly, concentrate on strength training
and heavy lifting. Compound moves are your best friends as well:
basic exercises like deadlift, squats, crunches, and push-ups engage large muscle groups, helping
you build your physique faster and easier. Isolation exercises, on the other hand, will
only slow down your progress as they only see one or two muscles working. And thirdly, don’t overdo the cardio. Running, swimming, or cycling is nice and
all, but cardio workout makes you lose weight, not gain it. And why would you want to lose any more of
your weight when you’re already as slim as a branch? Still, “don’t overdo it” doesn’t mean
you don’t have to do it at all. Low-intensity cardio helps you get your blood
pumping, delivering nutrients to your muscle tissues. That is, even if you’re packing it with
proteins and carbs, they’ll have better effect on your body if it’s warmed up correctly. All in all, if you’re an ectomorph, concentrate
on eating a lot, doing a lot of strength exercises, and go easy on cardio. This way, you’ll see good results very soon. 2. Endomorph regimen
For this type, it’s typical to be heavy around the waist with smaller shoulders. You have genetic factors to blame for that,
in fact: there are fat-storing mechanisms at work inside you that prepare you for hungry
times. Luckily, the times when food was a rare commodity
have long since passed, so now it’s better to focus on how to shift your weight from
the waist to the upper body and make your overall shape balanced. I won’t be hiding bad news from you: endomorphs
have the hardest time losing weight. On the bright side, though, — and that’s
where we are — you don’t really have to run for hours on end, drowning the treadmill
in your sweat. Certified trainer Will Purdue says long and
steady cardio workout doesn’t really help burn fat. Interval training is much more effective and
takes much less time than simple running or cycling. For example, sprinting is a great burst technique
that you can adopt to lose weight faster. Oh, and forget about crunches. They work for other body types, but not yours. Crunches are good for shaping the muscles
but they don’t burn any fat at all, so you might already have a six-pack and not even
know about it! In order to bulk up your upper body and make
your looks less pear-like, you should concentrate on getting rid of that belly of yours first,
and then do some intense weight-lifting. Heavy weights and cardio will work wonders
for you in the long run. Just be prepared for this run to be, well,
long — endomorph’s training routine isn’t exactly a piece of cake. Speaking about cakes, unfortunately, it’s
time to say goodbye to pastry. If you want to lose weight and become fit,
you should cut your daily calorie intake to about 1,750 kcal. In fact, the lower your calorie intake, the
faster you should be shedding pounds, but overdoing it isn’t a good thing. If you go below 1,500 calories per day while
cheerfully sweating away at the gym, you just might get knocked off from exhaustion at some
point. Being a little hungry all the time is okay,
but don’t forget to keep your energy levels high enough. Summarizing all the stuff I just told you:
go for intense interval training, ditch long running sessions, bulk up your shoulders with
weights, and cut your calorie intake to less than you use every day. And of course, there should be very few carbs
in your diet and more proteins. 3. Mesomorph regimen
Well, mesomorphs are the easiest to train by far. If you belong to this type, you probably already
have balanced looks, and you might’ve noticed how simple it is for you to grow muscle mass
or lose fat. You should also consider yourself lucky that
you don’t see the look of jealousy on my face right now. Anyway, even though mesomorphs have won the
genetic jackpot, you can still better yourself. In terms of training, you should first of
all stop procrastinating and start actually working out. Your body type allows you to cut yourself
a lot of slack without much harm, and most mesomorphs abuse this otherwise cool feature
of their body. So in order to make the most of your awesome
build, train to achieve. That means you should concentrate on doing
everything in moderation, but setting certain goals for yourself. Moderately intense cardio workouts are good
for you, and you can easily maintain long running sessions if you want to. Strength training is also all about moderate
to heavy weights with the number of reps from low to relatively high. That is, if you take heavy weights, then 4-6
reps should suffice. If you choose to lift lighter ones, feel free
to go up to 15-18 reps. You should be able to do that quite easily,
what with your inborn stamina and strength. Intense workouts with clearly set goals will
bring about the best you can get from your golden body type so that you can boast it
even more. Yes, I’m still jealous. As for the diet plan, it can be rather relaxed
since you don’t tend to gain weight as fast as endomorphs and don’t need to munch on
carbs and proteins like ectomorphs do. Basically, you can just watch your energy
intake to stay within 2,500 kcal, cut down on excess fats and carbs, and be generally
happy you belong to mesomorphs because, otherwise, you can eat whatever you want. So, a quick recap: set yourself some goals
to achieve, indulge in a moderate training regimen, and eat to your heart’s content
without being too keen on fats and carbs. Have you found yourself in any of the three
body types? Let me know down in the comments! If you learned something new today, then give
this video a like and share it with a friend. But – hey! – don’t go morphing into
new shapes just yet! We have over 2,000 cool videos for you to
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100 thoughts on “The Best Workout for Your Body Type”

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  13. These body types are something they used in the 1940's and they were debunked. They are absolutely not applicable to anyone. Gain weight with a caloric surplus, lose it with a deficit. Everyone works the same.

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    Im a mesomorph, and no Idea why. only one in the family since 3 generations. and I like to infuryiate my family members by eating an extra piece of cake chocolate or whatever and still beeing shredded. (current bodyfat 8%) Im also the secound shortest person in my family,. so yeah. it give 10% of my muscles for 10 cm in hight. im 1m66. thats 5.4 for you americans. it stinks, having my liuttle brother, whos almost 3 years younger put his chin on my head while I stand as tall as possible. thin tallgrown lil s***t…..

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