What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. The fly. No, not one of my favorite exercises, as I’ve
talked about here many times here on this channel. But mostly because of the risk-reward ration. As someone that trains professional athletes,
realizing that the overhead thrower, the quarterback, a pitcher; anything that’s going to potentially
injure their shoulder, it’s not that great of an exercise. If I had better options – and I feel I have
better options that can do this. However, that has led some to question me
and say “Jeff, could I do a floor fly? That would eliminate some of the things that
you don’t like about the exercise.” The answer is “yes”, and not just that. There’s actually an additional benefit the
floor fly will provide that will allow you to start gaining even more from the exercise. So let me show you what I’m talking about. When we talk about the fly itself what is
it that I didn’t really like about it? If we’re on a bench, unsupported here, when
I do the exercise the advice is to keep your elbows bent. Not to allow them to straighten out so much,
just going to increase the moment arm, and therefore increase the feel of the weight
that you have in your hand. A 10lb dumbbell held way out here will feel
different. So what we want to do is keep the elbows bent,
and then lighten the weight, is what they’ll tell you. But the problem with that advice is, if you
want to build muscle you want to be able to overload that muscle and essentially, you
want to be able to overload it eccentrically. Negatively. On the way down because that is going to allow
you to do some more of that micro damage to allow for more muscle growth. That’s not really conducive to doing this
exercise this way because unsupported, if at any point in time you were to fail on the
way up without completing the rep, and you had to dump the weights – which I see a
lot of guys do in the gym – you’re instantly compromising the anterior shoulder capsule
here. The AC joint, and potentially the pec, in
terms of suffering a pec tear. So by doing it on the floor, what we’re able
to do is get in the same position, almost simulate the same amount of depth because
we can arch the low back here this way. Keep the butt in contact with the ground. Shoulder blades pinched together. Chest out. Keep the elbows bent again, but now we have
that pretty decent depth here, but we’ve got a bottom point. We’ve got a safety net underneath us here
that allows us to not – even if we had to – dump it down without having to risk the
injury to the front side of the shoulder, or the pec itself. So we can do the fly in this manner and we’ve
actually, now, fixed that. But what am I talking about? What’s the additional benefit? Well, if you want to gain more muscle you
want to be able to overload and those that are avoiding the heavier weights because it’s
not a “good idea” on flies – even on those that do flies to a degree. By the way, Arnold Schwarzenegger, this is
his favorite exercise. I get it, but even he tore his pec with the
exercise. So there are certainly risks to it. So what we do is, with the heavy version,
or basically a weight heavier than you would normally lift because you don’t want to
incur an injury on the bench, you could lift that here now, on the floor because I could
do the eccentric overload knowing that I have this safety net below me here to catch me. If I can’t necessarily press it back up to
the top, and I don’t necessarily have all the strength to do that, I can just shorten
that arm by bringing my hands in, press it up now, and now go back into another eccentric. So I could do continuous eccentrics here and
get a really good overload on the chest, with the safety still intact of the exercise. Again, a benefit that the floor provides that
the regular bench does not. So it looks like this continuous motion this
way. I’ll go one more. You’re getting this eccentric, horizontal
adduction which is one of the key components of the chest. Like I said, that dumping of the weight doesn’t
make my shoulder vulnerable like it would otherwise. So guys, I hope you can see the difference
here and realize that it’s not just doing exercises. It’s about doing the exercises that allow
you the best benefit while not compromising your longevity in the gym. I don’t care. Maybe you’re not an athlete. There’s a lot of people that watch this channel
that aren’t athletes, but you still want to be able to stay healthy so you can stay in
the gym and train for the long term and continue to see gains month after month, year after
year. That’s what this channel’s all about. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a program
that puts the science back in strength, takes into consideration not just the ways to help
you build more size and strength, and power, but in a safe way so you can continue to do
this for years on end; then head to ATHLEANX.com to get our ATHLEANX training program. In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what you want me to cover on this
channel and I’ll do my best to do that in the days and weeks ahead. All right, guys. I’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “The Better Chest Fly (MORE GAINS!)”

  1. When I was in high school, I did not have a bench starting out at home, so I used a block of wood that I got from a construction site my dad was on. It was the excess length of a beam cut off. The length and width were the same as a bench. When placed on the floor, it raised me 6 inches off the floor giving me good results for all my flat bench lifting at home with the safety of being close to the floor. I wish I still had that block.

  2. Guys, I have a question, could somebody help me? I'm doing this, but I feel all the tension on the shoulder, and not on the chest. What am I doing wrong?

  3. At 3:50 can I do that instead of the bench and with a heavier weight even with resting ur arms to gain a chest??

  4. Thanks for this. But can you do some segments on alternative exercises for people like me with Spinal Stenosis to replace Dead Lifting and Barbell Squats and still get similar results please?

  5. Bad video thought the reason flys were bad was bcz it wasn’t activating the chest all he talks about in this video is safety

  6. no wonder I felt some pain when I was doing flyes on the bench I didn’t know it could actually potentially do damage to that shoulder area. Thanks Jeff this is great for me really helps

  7. I do this exercise only because of arnold Schwarzenegger but i dont put alot of weight on it i go for the reps and it works. I dont do it every week when i exercise but when i do them my pecs are sore ass fuck I've done them for 10 years and never had an injury my advice is do them on a bench dont do alot of weight do the reps i do 40 to 60 reps 4 sets with 20 to 30 pounds you feel the strech on the pecs its arnolds favorite and mine also i get excited when i know I'm doing flys that week i do them by weekly

  8. I feel this in my shoulders more than my chest. Anyone have any tips? Been playing with it for a while and can’t figure it out.

  9. Jeff is your scapula retracted or protracted during this movement? I find I get a better chest protraction when I allow my shoulder blades to protract and come forward. I would assume yours are retracted here? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

  10. Oh hell yes, for a long time I’ve been trying to find a way to substitute butterfly machines(or anything that puts all the focus on my chest) with dumbbells. Every time I’ve attempted it it feels so damn awkward and doesn’t feel like it’s really targeting anything once you’re at the halfway point of a rep, I’ll try it this way and see how it goes.

  11. Can I do the usual chest fly on the floor and then do separate chest press sets while still on the floor? I know he does the flies on the floor to lift more weight safely, but do we gain more muscle with chest presses on benches than on the floor?

  12. Just did this with less weight than i usually do dumbell flys on a bench and the pump is on a different level. This guy really knows his stuff

  13. Your not lying. I like this better. I have bad shoulder and it hurts when I do fly with the bench. But with floor fly is better. Thx Jeff love the channel

  14. Jeff! I've been watching SO many of your videos. You are a cool guy and I love the whole "putting science into strength" motto. I'm a newbie and this exercise did feel bad on the bench. You are completely right. Going to keep flies in my routine but do them on the floor. Thank you for educating us newbies and vets alike. Also, Jesse's story motivates me because I'm a naturally scrawny dude myself. You were too but now your body is something I aspire to.

  15. Those heavier weights are in Lbs , yes ? I have started doing these on the floor ( before I watched this video ) as I do not have a bench , but only with 15kg ( each side ) , and it seems I need more weight as I have to do 25 reps .

  16. Those heavier weights are in Lbs , yes ? I have started doing these on the floor ( before I watched this video ) as I do not have a bench , but only with 15kg ( each side ) , and it seems I need more weight as I have to do 25 reps .

  17. This is pointless. The whole purpose of the exercise is to stretch he muscle by doing it on the floor you don't get full range of motion and you take tension off the muscle once your triceps touch the floor.

    Secondly it is a stretching exercise so should only be done with light weights anyway so you never have risk of tearing pec with light weights and correct form

  18. Kinda sucks getting on the floor but being able to use heavier weights without worrying about fking up my shoulders is a blessing. My workouts have been so much better with this

  19. When Indo DB flys to fail, I just bring them in at the end , and put them on my chest, so I turn my body and drop the weights without bringing my elbow behind the plane of my back.

  20. I tried these but it's considerably more difficult to get the dumbells into position as you lean back to lay flat on the floor.

  21. Another FEAR video based on "What if?". What IF you did these flyes on a bench and and and… How many MILLIONS of guys and girls have been doing flyes on a bench over the past 100 YEARS? Out of all those millions, have you heard of ANYONE injuring themselves? Granted, there's always a moron who does exercises too fast or haphazardly. Stupid doesn't count. NORMAL people who exercise intelligently don't have to be laying on the floor in a gym. Just go slow and steady and WARMUP with light weights first and work your way up to heavier poundages. I'll bet Jeff didn't build his chest with floor flyes.

  22. I recently dislocated my shoulder doing archer pushups I'm not sure how but I know I did something weird with my straight arm on the way down and now I'm tryna find all these safer exercises for my shoulders haha

  23. lol Jeff you just gave me an idea to actually bench press with a dumbbell lying on the floor since i dont have a bench yet at home lol thanks man!!!!

  24. But Arnie said, chest flys are best when you go so low that your hands almost touch the floor because you get maximum stretch on your pecs.

  25. Damn, this never occurred to me. I’ll now be using this one as a pre-exhausting isolation before my dumbbell bench pressing.

  26. Couldn’t you just do standing cable flys instead? That way if you cant do the weight, you just drop it rather than having to tear your shoulder on the way down to the floor

  27. I'm one of the unlucky bastards that severely injured his shoulders/cuffs a few years ago and the fly is about the only exercise that REALLY makes my chest grow all while putting my otherwise incredible Hulk shoulders into tear like paper zones.
    I do these variations but I think sometimes with these complex hurdles you have to bite the bullet and go to an isolation machine.

  28. Everytime i find workouts online whether youtube or google, i come back to here to find out if im gonna fuck up lool I dont know maybe im just a sheep, but this guy breaks down the break down of what he's doing, and even his veins agree.

  29. As always, helpful and practical advice from JC. I'm still training in my 50s, and recently ditched the bench for chest flys for this very reason. The last thing I need is an injury. And Jeff's right: performing my flyes on the floor has allowed me to go up in weight safely.

  30. Thanks Jeff, for this, and all your videos. I am very thankful that you continue to give of your wisdom, and caring to make us better physically, and mentally.

  31. Instead of the ground just turn the bench put your back on it as it is horizontal, suddenly you hit your core and stretch your rib cage aswell and have the safety. ?

  32. Floor flyes are good.
    As long as you keep your ego out of the exercise.
    Don't do heavy weights.
    Then this exercise has its use.
    Think of a wide swing in boxing.
    Mimics it..or when swinging ones sword/machete at the head of a zombie…
    You know, at "Zombie Go Boom" or for that kind of stuff , hehe.

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