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  1. I heard it was a set up by the government and the body the face was made up by a face artist! My mean, why in the hell would they show his face like this! Look at that face! Would anyone show their loved ones looking like this in a casket!??? Word is, the government staged this

  2. Bless her soul. Amazingly brave mother. Rest in peace Emmett. You rest with joy in heavan with your now deceased perents.. 🌷❤🙏😪

  3. I am considered to be a "white" person but I'll say, I would very probably have lost my life had I lived in that area at that time, for my spirit and values would have certainly pushed me to fight against this kind of cruel acts and for those who were more vulnerable and oppressed 😪

  4. I lived in Chicago at 40th & Cottage grove. A.A. Rayner funeral home was at 41 & Cottage grove. When she tells you the smell was horrendous. Believe her. You think his face looks bad in the picture. Thank god that you didn’t see him before mr. rayner worked on his body. His eye 👁 on his cheek and his tongue 👅 choked out,hanging on his chin. How could they allow these people to get away with this crime. What the hell!!!

  5. Things like this makes me have anger for white people they always will have privileges and get away with disgusting things we’re all the same we’re suppose to protect and love each other why hurt these innocent black kids

  6. The fact that no one in the black community retaliated violently speaks to the strength of the community!! Even after all these years it still hard not to be angry!! It's hard to try to not hate people that hate you!

  7. Phone rings God picks up
    Satan:Hey, old pal, listen, I want you to know it wasn't me that drove those brothers to beat Emmet Till to death like that. It's sickening.
    God:Hmm… Listen, of all the things you're capable of, I know this isn't one of them .

  8. White people are real Manly men… Brave men to take a child's life. Really brave. Go a beat up a brother of your size.

  9. So disgusting this happened, but something good came out of this. Right now we have a disgusting president in the White House, and mark my words, something good will come out of this. People of all races and ethnicities will come together to make American better.

  10. Oh good Lord, I'm just imagining the torture that poor boy went through. He was just 14 years old. I can swear I hear the screaming.

  11. And today, you say a joke and you get fired from your job and “lynched” on social media because people who’ve never struggled don’t want their feelings hurt. People living today would not survive in those times when there was real hate and struggle.

  12. Thank God Emmett had a strong, intelligent mother to fight for him. Otherwise, it would have gone unknown as so many murders of blacks have.


  14. these white racist look and behave the same why racist zionist colonizers behave in Palestine, openly celebrating killing and burning Palestinian children and even bragging about it openly

  15. I get that it wS the 50s, but even for a racist, it’s pretty pathetic to mercilessly execute and torture a 14 year old boy.

  16. Those white men were just jealous! of him he was a gorgeous young well dressed boy and all the white men in this comment section who don’t even seem to care about emmets death are jealous of him to he was a decent looking young fellow that looked better then the monsters that killed him and he looked better then every white men that had ever existed

  17. poor kid. Even if he had really whistled at that grocery store lady she should have been flattered someone other than her fat husband thought she was pretty. I don't think Emmett really acknowledged her at all

  18. I hear this is still an on going investigation which I find is B.S. these sick men proudly murdered like animals ..This poor child never had a chance..these evil people made him suffer..I still can't help but cry this could be any of our kids ..The world is much more scarier

  19. i wish someone would do a story on Lemuel Penn , he was a very nice man who paid the ultimate price for hatred..we need to remember him

  20. This is the reason why I gave up on Christianity and Islam. These two religions came to Africa through demand for African Slaves, in fact Islamic oppression was worse. Nation of Islam is a Sham.

  21. All this because of a whistle?
    That’s their fucking excuse?

    There’s a special place for those two men in hell along with the stupid woman and worthless Judge.

  22. No one deserves this
    If hate Blacks so much
    Why don’t they create their own lil world. And leave us tf alone. Long Live #EmmettTill
    I will continue to share this across all media platforms. This is never get old.

  23. Emmett Till’s dead carcass was such a beautiful site to look at. They gave him a perfect makeover for his funeral.

  24. This woman went through an indescribable pain, good thing she used her pain to help thousands of people who might have gone through the same. She did what Christ would have done, that's remarkable.

  25. white people were racists. I am guessing that woman deserved to be lynched like the way Emmet was and then burned in hell

  26. honestly i thank my history teacher for teaching my class about him because people weren’t taking the racism lessons seriously and when they saw the picture they all shut up and listened and the guy next to me even got sad when the lesson ended

  27. On netflix watch tales of the hood,and the every last video story is called the sacrifice with emmett till in the part of the child that had died

  28. I Was Watching Devil's Work By Joyner Lucas And He Mentioned Emmett Till So I Came To This….

    Don’t Know Why. But I’m Glad I Did.

  29. My thing is how do you have children yourself and go to these extremes to do this to another child? Something didn’t go off in your head like what if this were my son? These dudes are sick.

  30. Come on people, lets not let this stop, the woman that lied about Emmitt is still alive and well at my last understanding in Mississippi, really? really? In my heart JUSTICE HAS NOT BEEN SERVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i KNOW THIS MAY SOUND CRAZY TO SOME BUT THIS CASE SHOULD BE BROUGHT BACK, IF THERE IS ANY HUMANITY IN YOU AT ALL LETS DO THIS. If you agree give this a thumbs up, lets unite and get the PROPER JUSTICE FOR EMMITT TILL. For the children he never had for the things he never was able to accomplish. He never got to see OBAMA become president,all the while the people that committed this horrible crime walked free and continued on with their lives.I grieve for this beautifulyoung man never met him or his family, just seeking justice proper justice for him. something he was never privileged to.As we well know this hatred still exist today, if we let it slide GODhelp us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. The bitch probably made at pass at him then when rejected she got revenge.
    So much for a jury of you're peers. But his mother was a strong woman but no mother should have to bury her child and with the way they murdered him.

  32. Scroll down for black people playing the victim calling out white people even though they kill each other 100x more than they are killed by white people.


  33. So a shit-skin tried to rape a white woman and was punished for it. so of course they made a hero out of him. Crime is the only culture blax have.

  34. As a brown person in order to bring balance and justice to this Earth I will enslave whites and sell them to blacks for cheap prices. God saw this and thought it was all well and good.

  35. I'm viking by heritage. Could I beat this child like this? Never! This is horrid and devastating. Sincerely, the people that did this to him should burn I'm your Christian hell.

  36. This actually moved me to tears.
    Emmett’s mom did something really brave and impactful and her action helped people understand how brutal racism could be, even to defenseless children.
    Her actions back then ended up changing so many lives, and it also gave an actual meaning to the senseless crime poor Emmett was subjected to.

    Brave woman. It can’t have been easy to fight so hard, all while mourning a child, but she did it and our lives today, if maybe not hers, are better for it.

  37. Whoever disliked this video is racist, it can be dislikes in many ways. I would kill that women who lied on him. Her stupid self

  38. Anyone who gets upset over remembrances like Black History Month and MLK Jr Day and any other event used as memorial of the black struggle, simply does not understand the gravity of black oppression. They sit upon a position of comfort, built from an ivory tower. The problems of race are not our fault, but they are our responsibility.

  39. That fact they had the nerve to kiss, knowing that they killed a young boy. Ughhh this world man!! I'm sorry emmet, that this world let you down.

  40. This should have never happened I can't stop thinking of emmit I feel so bad after reading the book ghost boys I can't I feel so bad

  41. Those two fuckers had their lives ruined, both died of cancer and pain, they lost their businesses, it makes me smile at the thought of those racist parasites suffering….Emmett till….I'm so sorry for what happened to you, maybe one day it can be put right..

  42. As a mother my heart breaks for the whole family, especially Emmett. His mother was so strong. I don't know if I could have been that strong. Wow.

  43. I don’t understand how a person could have so much hatred towards a person to do this to a person. Just sickening. Why it took a person this long to admit a person didn’t do a crime is ashamed.

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