Zifan No Shige Brother Shi Dream Take care of my sister Anyway you guys Don’t come over promise me Humph I’m too lazy to help you You are busy yours I’ll take care of her for you rest assured Our Miao Jiang girl is the most creditworthy Zhang Zifan Brother turn around Hahahaha Turn back Now I can only go forward In this case In this case I will wake you up Drag you back You thought you could beat me Can’t beat Also have to fight Their martial arts has reached the middle position If not removed early Another day will become a great trouble How can it be like this Li Xingyun, give me up Stop thinking about Zhang Zifan You ca n’t even beat Li Xingyun, but you still want to kill me you shut up Li Cunyong has been killed by you Is n’t the last lesson enough? what did he say Li Cunyong is dead To shut up You all shut up not good Dodging Little sister What did you bring me here Big brother He is inside Should already be practicing of course He has been looking forward to this day but for a long time What are you doing Big brother The ghost king is retreating at this time This is a godsend You want to break through If we rush in at this moment You said Will he go into the devil like he did last time? Are you worried that he found this Xuantian article fake? Ok I always feel a little unruly Although the content of “Xuantian” is faked by both of us But it ’s just a slight reversal of the way of giving and applying power. Besides, besides us, No third person knows this technique do not worry Zhu Youwen, he can only He can only practice hard And eventually lose out Hahahaha– It surprised me that You young I have such skill But this trick You both hit hard No longer available If there is no external intervention at this time Not long before someone will die what I guess this person Zhang Zifan I ca n’t die before you die Shige I dream girl, please help me to unlock the acupuncture point I’m going to help them! No Even unlocking your points Your skill is not enough to separate us! Dream girl Dream Didn’t you just say that you Miao Jiang girls are most creditworthy? Must not Dream girl Credit is in Miao To you Central Plains May wish to change the rules this is Jinghong what This “Wuliu Xinjue” was written by Brother Lu during his lifetime Complementing the Qinglian sword song Only “Raising the Rainbow” Already powerful Never match “Wu Liu Xin Jue” Otherwise, everything will be gone Shimei accepts recruits I won’t let any of you die Zifan Shige What i can do Only these What a pity this girl Lin Xuan Lin Xuan wait for me a bit You are exactly the same as when your father was young Li Yuanyuan He looks like a cow Stop let me go Don’t you go to see Lin Xuan? You let go of me Li Xingyun, you can’t stop me Do you remember in Sijingfa Cave? Have we encountered the nightmare of the four wins spell? He still has strength I was like you now Demon entangled Do you remember How did you do it In order to keep me awake You hit me hard Li Xingyun has been a vengeful person since I was little This beat I have to pay you back And you Must also wake me up this is Seven Stars This punch I did it for myself! This punch is for Zhang Tianshi, your boss! This punch is for Li Cunyong! Then came Allure, Allure, Shangguan Yunyan, and Wen Tao! Last punch For my sister Why stop Forget it Lin Xuan he couldn’t bear to hit you Really good brother Since you are brothers Then die together What are you doing Master How did you get hurt? !! Master … Master … Where did you get this Xuantian article? We found it from Zhu Yousun’s body Yes master Is there anything wrong This method seems to be mysterious but its content is upside down No wonder Zhu Youzheng Oh master Are you okay You two go downhill immediately Catch some high-powered people back for the king More is better! Obey! Remember not to play tricks otherwise Dare not Go ahead. Big brother It seems that his meridians are already countercurrent I lost a lot of internal force Should we catch someone for him? Of course But not for him For us What did you do? Now that you know I’m from Wandu Cave I should know what I did You gave me You praised us then! This girl has a good time Are you from Wandu Cave? But your martial art is really high If it weren’t for the two brothers Divert your attention It ’s not that easy for me to lurk in you. What do you want? I have to ask you If you don’t want to die Just give us black iron Wandu Cave it is good Since you are in your way I admit it Stop chasing why I didn’t expect him to suppress his body suffocation so quickly Just because we can’t stop him Let’s go see these people first Great they’re fine Just exhausted and passed out Hey How is that girl lu what happened

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