For me at
the moment my body fat percent is
just under 10%. I mean, I wanna get
that down to about 3%, ready for show day and
I’m really pleased, I’m really pleased, I put
on some good muscle and the definition is
coming through already. And I haven’t
started dieting yet. The food that I eat and the way I prep it is
purely functional. You need to know exactly
how many calories you’re hitting in a day. You need to know exactly
how many calories are in each meal that
you’re eating. I see my meal times
as fuel times. My name is Rene and I’m a professional
female bodybuilder. When I’m on stage, the
judges will be looking to see that I have
a total package, so they wanna see what your. Presentation is like. They wanna see what
your condition is like. What your fat
percentage is. And how thin
is your skin, is your vascularity
coming through? And is your body
in proportion. So they’re looking for
symmetry. I was 32 when I
started bodybuilding. A group of friends and
myself went to support somebody that was
competing at a show. When the heavyweight
women lined up on stage, instantaneously I
knew right then and there that that’s
what I wanted to do. I went from somebody who
was eight stone, that’s 36 kilos, to someone
who’s now 89 kilos. Just on 14 stone. In a day, I would consume
about 4,500 calories. And that will slowly
go up in the year, according to what gains I
want to get, so it could possibly go up to about
5,000 calories a day. And this is when I won
the amateur world title. Because of this trophy
I then was awarded my pro status which is
a very revered thing in the bodybuilding world. I’ve managed to do really well in my
bodybuilding career, but that’s just down to
the consistent hard work. Hard eating and
sacrificing so much. At the moment,
in my off season, I train at least
six days a week. These are my friends
Sam and Will, my training partners. When we’re
training together, we’re not friends. We’re friends
after training. When we’re training,
it’s very serious to a add a third
love-hate relationship. I hear Rene has
a nickname? Yes, Captain Campbell. Why does everyone
call her that? We just do as she says,
basically. When I do my, what I call
my big cook, is food that I prep up that will
give me enough food for two weeks. I’ll have five cabbages. Cabbage is a really good
fibrous carb that you need to keep your
system moving and everything flowing
smoothly. Could I please have
ten kilos of chicken? Chicken breasts? Chicken breasts, yes. You want ten kilos? Ten kilos, yeah. All right. If you do it this way,
the food’s really clean. It’s nutritious. It’s exactly what you
need in terms for your muscle building,
muscle repair. And it’s quick and easy. I would go through
five kilos of rice when I do
this big cook. Rice is a very good
carbohydrate to have when you’re bodybuilding it’s
a slow release carb and it’s what, what we
call a clean food. In a week,
I’ll have a 150 eggs. I’ve got my meals
at the freezer and I’m prepping them. For the day then I’ll add
fresh eggs to each meal. I use the egg whites
because they’re really, really good source
of protein, really low in fat. Of course, I don’t use
the egg yolk cuz that’s where all the cholesterol
is and the fat. How long have you been
eating like this? I’ve been eating
like this now for. Six years. This is the beginning
of my seventh year. It does get boring. But what you do is you
see it more as fuel for your body, because I
eat every three hours. It really does need
to be quite plain. You need to get
the nutrients that you want for your body, for
your muscle growth. Get it into the system as
quickly and efficiently. As possible. To prep enough meals for
two weeks will pretty much take four to five
hours, but if you think about it in the grand
scheme of things, if you had to cook every
day it’s gonna take you a lot longer. In my typical day I’d
have a breakfast. Then three of
these meals, a protein-type meal after
training so it’s five, then I’ll have a sit down
meal at night which I’ll prepare separately so
it’s more exciting. And then a protein
meal just before bed. There aren’t very many
professional female bodybuilders in the U.K. I think there’s at
least three, possibly four that are still
currently competing. For a female it’s, it’s such a hard
sport for a female. Even for men but, for
a female is even harder, because of
the nature of the. The body. Yeah it’s it’s
a lot harder for a female to pack muscle
on because we have naturally occurring
estrogen so, you gotta work even
harder than most guys. The diet and training comes first
before anything else. I believe Rene the best
female bodybuilder in the U.K. She did work and
she train really hard. I’m really proud of
her as a friend. My personal experience
is that it has been, it has been really difficult
to get to the top. You have to be prepared
to sacrifice a lot. I’ve sacrificed going
away on holiday with family. I’ve sacrificed. Celebrating my birthday. I mean,
it’s been years and years in a row where
I’ve not spent time with family over festive
holidays, for the very reason that
I’m dieting for a show. Not being in a
relationship, that’s been a big sacrifice because
I need to be, in a way, quite greedy with my
time, quite selfish, and I need to dedicate
any time that I do have. To the sport. So in each one of these
bags I’ve got a 130 grams of rice and
a 130 grams of chicken. And the cabbage
will be 50 grams. That will be frozen. In the morning when
I prep my food, I will empty the bags
into a blender. Add water and blend to a consistency
that you can drink it. It tastes like chicken
soup gone a bit wrong. But, you know, I’m so
used to the taste. It is very bland and it
can smell a little bit, but, it’s really good for
you. You gotta ask yourself
well why are you doing it? As I imagine
myself on stage. I imagine the end result. What is it that I want? I wanna build
this physique that I can be proud of. I do get a lot of
male attention. I have a huge fan base. I get a lot of mail
all the time from male admirers and I’m
in the street as well. You get guys in the
street whistling at you, or saying, wow, you know, you look
absolutely great. You’ve got a great set
of legs, or you know, a really great ass. So, you know, you do
get comments like that, they’re random. I absolutely love coming
to the supplement stores. Like a candy shop to me. There’s just so
much to choose from, you just wanna
try everything. What your goals are will
determine what products you take. And for me personally,
when I’m off-season, I would use something like
the mass gainer, okay. Fantastic for putting on
some good muscle mass. Then in my
competition season, I would use something with
less carbohydrate in. So, just those
small differences can make a huge impact
on your physique. These are my
morning tablets. These are my post
workout tablets and these would be my
bedtime tablets. That is a lot of
tablets everyday but, all of these play
a specific role. And they’re taken at
very specific times. You put your body through
a lot of stress when you train at the level that
I’m training at, so these are just gonna ensure
that you’re keeping yourself as healthy
as you possibly can. Talking about the use of
steroids in the sport of bodybuilding can be quite
a tricky subject, it’s something that you’ll
find most athletes won’t. Discuss too much
in much detail. I think everyone knows that this sort of thing
does go on in the sport. But not just the sport
of bodybuilding. It’s every sport. You hear of Tour de
France cyclists, you hear of
sprint runners, track runners this
all does go on. Are you allowed to
do steroids to a, a certain extent? The federations would
like to say that we don’t. I’ll absolutely always
keep my muscles. I’ll do my best for
as long as possible. I think with this sport
what’s great is that I’ve seen some elderly people
in their 60s, even in their 70s still training,
still doing bodybuilding. I’ll be walking along with my Zimmer frame
doing a few curls. At the post office. But absolutely, I’ll
always keep training.

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