Hi everyone, my name is Vanessa Ho, an acupuncturist at Healing With Zen in Pasadena Today I wanted to talk about dry skin and itchy skin, especially during this winter season. Dry skin and itchy skin really start from within. I know that most people actually apply a lot of topical solutions on their skin conditions, especially in the dry seasons because it seems like there’s never enough moisturizer on the skin. This does not fully solves the issue your skin gets dry again and you have to reapply more and more moisturizer. What if we looked at this issue in a different light? Skin really starts from within and dry and itchy skin is no exception. Chinese medicine views dry skin as coming from a root of lack of “Yin” in the body and as you know “yin” and “yang” are always supposed to be in balance. Yang is the fire, “the heat;” and yin is “the water.” When you don’t have enough yin in the body, that means you don’t have enough water and not enough nourishment to help moisturize the skin from within. No matter how much topical creams or lotions and moisturizers you apply, you will have to keep reapplying unless you treat the root of the issue. During this season remember to REALLY hydrate, and more specifically hydrate with warm fluids as well as drink teas that are going to help moisturize the skin. One of the best teas that you can drink to help treat dry skin is just goji berry tea and it’s really easy nowadays to find goji berries at any of your local supermarkets or health food store. Another aspect of dry and itchy skin comes from the fact that the weather is so cold and windy during the season and your defenses – which is your skin – are weakened during the process. In Chinese medicine the first line of defense the skin is directly connected to the lungs, so a weaker barrier for the skin and weaker lung function, really allows the body to be more susceptible to dryness or any of the external pathogens that are out there during the season. So in that sense, it’s important to eat foods, as well as drink Chinese medicine herbal tea that are going to help boost the lung function and nourish the lungs as well as nourish lung energy – the “Qi”of the lungs – and also help boost the blood production in the body, because not enough blood always denotes to itchy skin in that area. With that being said there are a lot of food options that are good for you, and fruit options as well that will help really nourish the skin as well as boosts lung function. Those include eating pears as well as drinking ginger tea. Fish and apples are also really great nutritional sources to help boost lung function especially the fish that are higher in omega-3 fatty acids. Lastly it’s really important to talk to your acupuncturist about custom formulas that you can take during the season to boost your immune system as well as boost your lung function. The formulas may be different for each person, depending on their individualized symptoms. Everyone has their own unique custom formula that best suits them and it’s important to always ask for the advice of your acupuncturist to get that perfect formula for you. So if you or anyone you know is suffering from dry or itchy skin or any symptoms regarding allergies during this season, go ahead and come on in for a consultation at Healing With Zen in Pasadena and stay tuned for our next video where we’ll be showing acupressure points that help relieve sinus pressure, sinus headaches and seasonal allergy symptoms

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