– Hey, I’m Spencer Pratt. By now, you’re getting to know the new me. The kind, spiritual me, and have forgotten all
about “The Hills” me. That’s all in the past, and
I wanna focus on the now. We’re going on a journey to discover some of LA’s
fascinating and powerful alternative therapies. I’m Spencer Pratt, and I’m gonna heal you. (pop music) This week, you’re in for a big treat. The Fat Jewish is joining us. The Fat Jew is a straight
up social media king. We’re talking 11 million followers. On top of that he’s an entrepreneur, dabbles as a model, and he’s got a great rose that I love. Having that much going on
is enough to drain anyone of all their energies. And it’s no surprise that The
Fat Jew suffers from anxiety. I’m prescribing him a dose of nature. We’re about to try out
some equine therapy. Yes, it’s a thing. In LA. (pop music) Hi. Oh hello. Wow, you are beautiful. I love you. Oh, look who it is. Oh, you’re healed. We can leave now. – Your delts are great. – Have you met my friends? – What’s up? I love horses. – [Spencer] You ever done
equine therapy before? – [The Fat Jew] No, I have not. I’m looking to go deep. Stanley Tucci, Pamela Anderson, Spencer. Those are the three people
that I would be willing to try this form of experimental therapy so deep in the mountains for. – You’re actually, in real
life, my first healing effort. – [The Fat Jew] In 2014,
I drunkenly told Spencer that I wanted him to be my shaman. And like, I was not being serious and then he called me the
next day and was like, “It begins now.” So he’s been my shaman
now for a number of years but since I’m in New York and he’s in LA I don’t get enough face time with him, and this could really help. I trust him fully. – You have real anxiety,
you need to get healed. – I was telling you that. I have like – well, first
of all, New York Jews have so much anxiety to begin with. And then also just like
the nonstop internet. – [Spencer] And you have to
be funny all day, every day. – Nonstop. The pressure is just like, immense. So I need something to like, calm me. – [Spencer] That’s why I was like, we gotta go out the box with The Fat Jew. – I’m a big girl. – Yeah, that’s why I was like, uh, we’re gonna need a horse? – Help me. You are my shaman, change my life. (pop music) – Hey guys, welcome to Stand in Balance! I’m Doctor Val Fullman, I’m a psychologist and psychoanalyst, and the owner of Stand In Balance. Equine assistance like
equinetherapy is a process of interacting with
equines: donkeys, horses. It’s about relating to them and connecting and building trust. They let us know when we’re
disconnected from ourselves. This is gonna be an
opportunity for you guys to make use of that connection to heal whatever’s going on with you. So what is going on with you? What’s bringing you out today? – Lot of pressure, just like the internet. I need a way to like, digitally cleanse for like even a little bit of time and just like relieve
some of this pressure. Because it never stops, the
internet never turns off. It’s never like, “We’re
shut down for the night.” Do I think that horses can help me? I actually do. I don’t believe in like planets
or rocks, any of that stuff but I actually do believe in horses because they’re really powerful. – We have the same issue, I just have 20 million less followers. – Being with the four-leggeds, it’s really about like,
you have to be present. What they care about is,
how centered are you? Do your insides and your outsides match? The other cool thing is that
they don’t have judgement. They’re not like, “Oh man, that Fat Jew with that hair.” – Right. – They don’t care! They care about what’s your
energy that you’re bringing. So, I say let’s go on
up and meet the equines. – The four-leggeds. – The four-leggeds! – Connection party. (spiritual music) – We got four equine in here, we got the two horses, two donkeys. So I want you just to go in and meet them. See who’s drawn and interested
in connecting with you. This is sort of the horse handshake, is to put out your hand
and let them smell it. – A fist bump. – Yeah, but no bump. Just. – Oh, no bump. – No bump. Just smell. So come on out with me, guys. – Relax, insides and outsides. – Op, here’s someone coming right now. – Insides and outsides. (deep inhale) – [Val] Yeah, so take time guys, go see. And take a few breaths if you’re not getting
the reaction you want. (deep inhale) Bring that breath down behind
your belly button, breathe. – You are beautiful, man. – I’ll try with the donkeys. – [Val] So again, you’ve gotta
really get his attention. – Right. – [Val] So when you really
want to connect with someone, what do you do? – Hi sweetheart. – [The Fat Jew] An actual human? I guess I talk to them. I get in there and I talk to them. – You’re so sweet. You like it right here? – Hey buddy. – Oh. – You look like a guy I once knew. – Silly. – He was Norwegian. He had beautiful blonde hair, like you. – There you go. Oh, okay. Yeah, you can lick my shorts. Totally into short licking. – [Val] You ever seen that? – [The Fat Jew] No, I mean,
like in the television. This is sick. – [Spencer] She wants
you to come cuddle her. – Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. This is a cuddle puddle? Situation? Ooh. I like her. – [Val] So a little time so
far you’ve had to meet them, is there anyone that you feel drawn to? – This is great. – This one right here. – I love, yeah. I love this one. – I feel like I relate more to a donkey. – [Val] Go grab a rope off the fence and you’re gonna connect up with her with a little ring under her chin. – Alright. – [Val] So that you can walk together. – Cool. I like that. (kissing sounds) – Come here. Gonna come around you, hello! Hello! – [Val] So keep breathing. – Hi.. Oh. Play hater. – [Val] So when you’re ready, really set your intention
that you’re gonna hook up. – Hi. Yeah. There we go. – And ask her to walk with you, just by being in your body and moving. So where are you going. – Hey. Let’s walk together. Ready? Me and you, together? Come on. – [Val] So let me ask you,
what’s actually a goal for you? – [The Fat Jew] To actually
try to really relax. Like in a real, in a real way. – [Val] So did you notice
when she took a step forward? – [The Fat Jew] I did, when I was making my intentions known. Whoa, okay. – She’s like, “you gotta” “Dude, you gonna have to stay connected with your intention
for us to go anywhere.” – Alright, we’re gonna do this. – [Val] So pick a spot that represents, that’s it right over there. – Come on. Come on over here. This is us, we’re together. Me and Bruce, which is now
what I’m calling this horse, we’re like, on a journey. It feels like Spencer’s not
getting as much love as me, maybe he’s not in tune with
the equine the way that I am. I could be part horse. – Come on. No? Okay, let’s go, come on. Hm, maybe you want to change
direction, let’s go this way. No. Not feeling it. This is set up. This donkey does not
work, it’s malfunctioning. Can we get a- do we have another donkey? – She’s totally objecting. That doesn’t feel connected,
that doesn’t feel like you’re really present,
I’m not going with you. You know on the outside, like,
“Alright come on let’s go” but on the inside
something’s not matching up. – [The Fat Jew] We’re
going right over here. Are we best friends or what? Me and Bruce are really
starting to connect, and not in the way where you like, take (expletive) and watch the sunrise and make a fake plan to like, go to the aquarium the next day, like in a real way. – Come on, Leroy. All that
energy that we have together. Please, come with me. Come on, come on, we’re
going to the blue trashcan. Blue trashcan, oh we made it. We made it, we made it, Leroy. I just learned that if
I let go of self doubt, I can exceed to higher levels. It’s like, we’re doing this Leroy. And, over self doubt! Oh my gosh! And we’re gonna go around spending too much
time on the internet! Oh! Oh! Oh my gosh, look at us. We’re just the best team ever. – Wow. So guys, how are you feeling? – Oh, I thought we were friends, come on, focus, focus, focus. – [The Fat Jew] They’ve got like a whole, this is a whole relationship. – Sorry, sorry. – This is like a whole thing. – Sorry. – This is a complicated relationship. I definitely feel relaxed, like I feel like I could almost like sort of an endorphin release? Like post coital, almost, right. Which is sort of weird, but
like I genuinely feel relaxed, which actually like sounds cliche but it really is like genuinely difficult to just be like, “ahh.” Just not think about the
internet, or the pressures, or anything. This is definitely
first step in a journey. I’m becoming a better person. – This was beyond amazing to get to do this with a friend of mine. I feel like I brought him on a real trip. So do you feel healed, Fat Jew? – I honestly, I feel like no matter how many questionable
and bad decisions I make, some professionally, I feel like something positive happened. – So you’re healed. – Kinda. – Thanks doctor, he’s healed. – For the next like, 15 minutes, which by the way, is 15 minutes longer than I was able to get
through anything else. Including like, you know,
hours and hours of therapy. – [Val] Well, healing is a process. – No doubt. – Alright, Josh, it was such a pleasure. – It’s nice to meet you too. – Thanks so much for coming out. May the horses be with you. – Come on Leroy, we’re gonna go this way. Focus, focus, focus Leroy. Oh, okay, focus Leroy, yes Leroy, we’re best friends. I’m gonna take you back to Palisades. – Boy’s got a fat butt. – Leroy is just… – Leroy’s got a backyard. (pop music) – You’re healed. You want to get more healed, though? You should click right here so that you’re always healed by Spencer Pratt Will Heal You episodes. And for even more amazing
videos, click right here.

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