1. Stay curious : Hannelore Schmatz (1940-1979) -> https://mysteryu.com/bodies-left-mount-everest/5/ Then click "More"

  2. Not dead body specific, but there are deaths – Annapurna is about the all female climbing expedition to summit Annapurna (one of the more technical climbs) in the Himalayas during the 1970s. Fantastic true account of this incredible expedition! There is a great detail about how the body is affected on the cellular level by the low oxygen at varying altitudes, death zone level altitudes included.

  3. Morbid, hilarious…and totally hot…I

    Thank God I'm married (and old…er), or I'd be glued to this channel like a Mofo! 😃

  4. Heres where climate change could help some families out that want thier relatives back??? Also, those that tacle Everest are 1 of 2 groups, absolutely positively no friggen doubt insane or have massive titanium balls, and yess that definitely includes lady balls. Im not insane and my balls were burried in December 1988 my wedding and still with her today. But my mental balls, are just as big as my 1988 ones, i actually LIE about my mental ones to prove im a guys guy..lol
    This lady actually makes death sound appealing in a weird twisted way.
    Also the devils anus line, hilarious.

  5. They know what they were doing when they signed up for it. And should be financially responsible for the retrieval of their bodies. Fucking dummies

  6. And what kills me is they are probably vegans and all about nature but they leave more trash on that mountain than any other dummie but ya don’t hear any shitballs screaming about that 👍🍻🇺🇸💪

  7. What about K-2 it's supposed to be almost as big as Everest but much harder to climb and it is near-by does that one have lots of trail markers ?

  8. I just returned from Omaha beach in Normandy, France. Hearing about the deaths and what happened to many of the bodies, not only how they died (some by their own battleships against the sea wall after succeeding getting off the boats and over the bullet riddled beach) was extremely fascinating.

  9. Do you think that the Jeti could be eating the corpses? or maybe the Chinese villagers are using the corpses for their Wonton soup?

  10. Hey, you put here photo of Wanda Rutkiewicz, first pole and european woman who succesfully climbed everest, she did not die there. She actually died climbing but in 1992 while climbing Kangchenjunga

  11. Yes indeed ,,, all the " macho " boys and their silly expeditions ,, they certainly have achieved a great deal since Hillary and Tenzing conquered Everest in the early 50's. They have taken one of the great wonders of our earth and turned it into the world's highest garbage dump !!
    Also, the ones that perish on that mountain ,, the high majority of them should never have been there in the first place ,,, plain and simple, unqualified and inexperienced, that's the price you pay.

  12. They have taken tonnes of rubbish off the mountain this year. Not made much of a dent sadly. They also trying to move all the bodies over ledges and such.

  13. 0:14 "Climb Mount Everest" Shows not Mount Everest.
    Cool video. I think there is a concerted effort to no longer leave dead people on the mountain, and a requirement now to remove your trash.

  14. People that want to climb mount Everest seem like assholes. They have families back home and they want to go climb a mountain just for some sort of achievement. Thats not even mentioning the deaths of the people that try to retrieve the dead.

  15. I just come across your videos tonight. They are intriguing and engrossing at the same time. I am too old to be climbing Mount Everest. Heck, I would die just trying to make it to the death zone. Hehe. Thank you from the perspective of a person whom handles bodies.

  16. I would absolutely tell people I'd climbed Everest.i talk about accomplishing way less significant and or difficult stuff than that

  17. I am in love with your lariat necklace!! Where did you get it? (Sorry not horribly related at all to your video content but still…) lol

  18. This lady mortician tries to explain all death — she is not qualified to do so, because she probably doesn't have the educational background to explain the mental processes that go into some deaths, BUT, SHE'S AFTER SUBSCRIPTIONS so she can make money off of YOU!

  19. I would expect some sort of freeze-dried mummification to occur: reminds me of a song: "Tie Me At the Crossroads when I die/ Hang me in the wind 'til I get good and dry/ so the kids that pass can shake their heads and say 'who was that guy?'/ tie me at the crossroads when I die"…..Bruce Cockburn. Alternately, your corpse could provide sustinence for a snow leopard, or a Yeti….

  20. It defies all logic what deathly things that flat bangs do to an attractive young woman’s face. This is a good looking lady and a scientific mind for all ages!She is officially hot! Out of respect I’ll leave it at that but it is simply unreasonably scientifically baffling how bad this haircut looks. Also, she is going to set her room on fire pretty soon, burning multiple candles right underneath a lampshade like that. Good god lady, move the candles to save yourself a fire 🔥 insurance claim.

  21. Everest is pretty much just Tourists at this point especially after the Hilary Step fell off. No interest in dealing with the Nepalese Government or the Sherpas from anyone in the climbing community that I know of. Plenty of Great Climbing not in the Himalaya.

  22. Climbing Everest is morbid , costly and selfish. Climbers that have families need to avoid it. Its really a sick goal. If you want to do something great and eternal, give your life to Jesus and follow Him.

  23. A couple years ago the climbing guide companies got together and cleaned up the mountain by pushing most of the bodies off the edges so they are out of sight.

  24. Did you cover divers? I once saw a video of a deep diver, maybe30m? That was installing a gravestone then his air exploded or something and shot him to the surface.

  25. Once met a man who used to be a Sherpa guide on Mount Everest. He once talked about being on the summit for 2 hours like it was nothing

  26. This is filled with bad info! the picture is Polish climber Wanda Rutkiewicz who died on Kangchenjunga, not Hannelore Schmatz. She's exaggerating. There's nowhere you see "dozens" of corpses on Mt Everest. A guy who climbed it 5 times said he's seen 4 at the most and the last time none. Most of the corpses have been tossed off the routes or are covered in deep snow. Paljor didn't die in an avalanche, he's on top of the SE Ridge. "Rainbow Valley" was cleaned up years ago and was 1000 feet below and just before the Hillary Step. Paljor's body was just covered by snow in 2014 it reappeared, don't know if it's been taken off the route.

  27. Thinking of extreme adventures, have you ever looked into the what I think is called. "The blue hole of Egypt"? It's a dive spot that some people try to do one tank of air. The story is complicated but has led to a lot of fatalities.

  28. Your clip is informative and funny, but you didn't show the photo of Hannelore, but Wanda Rutkiewicz – a Polish alpinist who died on Kangchenjunga.

  29. whats the obsession with everest with these people if theres a big chance your going to die whats the point idiots clear all the dead off n fence it off !!!

  30. Yo, it's fictional but there's a series of three books called Everest that are super good, although short. They're by Gordon Korman. ^^

  31. One of my friends Ang Dorje Sherpa (you can google him he was in that book Into Thin Air) has like the second most climbs of all time. And yep his family is where that name comes from. He climbs every spring. I think like 20 times now? And he has a day job! He works at a wind turbine tech (sometimes my husband) I think he’s probably the nicest guy I know.

  32. For those who don’t fall off a ledge or slowly suffocate, they start to freeze from the feet up & soon can’t walk. All there is to do then is to sit down & wait for the rest of their body to freeze up alone, while the rest of the expedition moves back down to the base camp.

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  34. https://youtu.be/vhgfzEm3CWU
    “2 very small men cutting steps into the roof of the world”
    Carl Sagan wrote that we are a curious race, it is this that has advanced us, for both good & bad, even through warfare mankind has advanced.

  35. Everest is not actually a challenge because it's actually technically easy to ascend and descend (it's still super dangerous) and so many unprofessional, rich people try it and die (and cause the death of their fellow climbers and/or guides). The mortality rate on Everest is only 6.5%. K2 and Annapurna, the 2nd and 10th tallest peaks, have mortality rates of 29% and almost 40%.

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