You know the thing
with dual diagnosis clients, man,
is it’s hard because… Well, it’s just
he’s bipolar, right, and you get that in check. You get medication. You’re not going through that
all the time. However, let’s say you are
a bipolar heroine addict. You know, you’re taking
your bipolar meds and everything like that,
but, like, you end up picking up
heroine, or you relapse. It’s going to be a matter a week
before, like, you stop taking your meds, and then everything is
going off completely, so it’s, like, you run
from your mental disease and bump into your addiction,
and then you turn around, and you’re mental disease
is there. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ Daynielle:
J, why didn’t you want
to go to another hospital? I went to four
different hospitals. Nobody wanted to help me. They all sent me right back
onto the street. That’s disgusting. Nobody wants to hear the reality
about situations and shit. People just say, “Well,
stop doing what you’re doing.” The world we live in today,
people don’t care. People just want things
away from them. They don’t want to deal
with anything. Daynielle:
What would have helped you
in that situation? I should have been admitted
to the hospital. If I had insurance,
they would have let me fucking stay,
that’s for sure. Of course you want to
just go get high. You say, “Fuck it.
No one else gives a fuck.” All you’re doing is just
put down all the time. People talk shit about you. I think a lot of people
just don’t know how to help you,
sweetheart. Most times, I don’t know
how to help you. ♪♪ You know that I don’t mean
to come at your crazy. It’s really hard to try
to work an honest program and being an honest person
and then be around the drugs and Narcanning people and just
all the insanity of the disease I’m still allowing in my life,
and it’s frustrating. Every single day,
you’ve been putting me down because you got
a couple days clean, and you fucking think
you’re better than me now. -No.
-Yeah, you do. You do it every fucking day,
so just knock it the fuck off. All right?

36 thoughts on “The Hardships of Dual Diagnosis Treatment”

  1. I used to work at an Opioid Treatment Facility… as the financial office manager and let me tell you… I served a tour in Iraq (MEDCOM) and working at that clinic ALMOST was more stressful than that. Hearing the last dude talk… it’s everybody else’s fault… but in a way he’s right? I dunno. I see his psyche in his words and I understand what he’s saying. His wife is trying but it’s hard af for her too. I may watch this when it comes out.

  2. The last guy is a piece of shit lol no wonder no one wants to help him. His girl is paying whatever for him and this guy is just an enabler.

  3. I know how the dude feels.. you bounce from hospital to hospital with no help. Then you give up and start self medicating. Iv got off dope several times by self medicating with subs or done. Doctors dont care about us… why should they? They are the ones who started all this

  4. All I hear from this dude is complaining if you really wanted to stop you would, stop blaming other people for your own problems

  5. I'm watching this episode right now. A little bummed out. Got a text a few hours ago this morning. Another friend died. Someone I care about. Seen him a few days ago, and yesterday gone forever. It's surreal…

  6. Pretty pathetic Frankie snorts a pill on camera yet he's clean not. He shouldn't be working there at the rehab he should be living in it.

  7. He is literally struggling to keep his eyes open while he is driving. He said in another clip that he got into a horrible accident bc he overdosed while driving and that's how he got his scars. Well, he looks like if he continues to drive like that he will be getting in another car accident. I hope he doesn't but when will he learn? He claims to be clean but looks high! And not a littlw high, a lot. I am surprised vice hired him for this show considering he probably is still getting high. They should have made the people who are supposed to be sober supports take a drug test. But this is actually reality. A lot of sober people who are sponsers or work in treatment centers preach all day to people about staying sober but in reality they are still using. They are addicts still so how can you judge them? That doesnt mean you cant lose trust in them tho.

  8. Really sad to see Frankie misusing Buprenorphine. Suboxone is for people who can't stop opioids without getting extremely sick. If you are sweating,itching pin eyed and vomiting from sub you are taking way to much. A starting dose is 0.25 mg without a tolerance not 8 mg. Shame on you Frankie for getting in front of millions high as a kite from bupe.

  9. much props to his wife!!! I got clean first too and its hard when your significant other is still out there using but if you hold onto your sobriety and faith I promise he will get there too. Just DONT GIVE UP!!! Lord please be with this couple in their time of need

  10. Drug addicts can't face reality. They can't get up and go to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week until retirement, like normal people. They would rather jab a vein, get high, and forget about reality. "I have pain that needs relieved and pain meds caused me to be this way." No it didn't, you chose and continue to do this. You think the normal guy walks around pain free? We don't. I work with a 70 year old man that has had 1 hip replaced and needs the other replaced. He has limped around for twenty years in pain every day, and still goes to work on time every time. You think he isn't in pain? Most of us have some sort of pain every day and just live with it. We don't abuse pain killers or shoot up in veins. Life is hard and painful, get used to it, live with it and push on. Taxpayers in Florida are more sick than you are. Sick of their tax money going to drug programs for the helpless and useless. It would be better for the taxpayers (the normal folks working for a living everyday in pain) if these addicts die. Let them kill themselves. Who are the drug dealers going to sell to if all the addicts are dead? Problem solved and cheaper for the good hard working taxpayers. Let em OD and put them into ground, it would cost less than a 30k scholarship for a deadbeat who can't face reality of life. Their family would either miss them or be relieved of them, or both. The hardworking taxpayers wouldn't miss them.

  11. Dear Jimmy, no one wants to hear it because it is no ones fault but your own for becoming an addict…Fix it yourself or deal with the consequences, quit blaming everyone else for your weak will.

  12. It's insane that in a country as wealthy as America, getting treatment is so difficult if you don't have insurance. I know Americans are probably sick of us Europeans saying this and that about America when most of us have never even stepped foot into your country but it just baffles the mind. I recognise treatment is expensive and the counter agruement for many Americans might be something like 'I don't want my taxes being spent on addicts who don't contriubute to the system.' But even if you don't want to look at it from a a caring and compassionate perspective, it's even within the economic interests of the country to provide treatment without insurance. More treatment means more people getting clean and hence less crime and being to work so that they too can contribute to society. It's so sad and senseless that in a nation as rich as the United States, those who need help the most find it hardest to get.

  13. Places usually wanna treat one thing or the other, not both at the same time. I lost my bed at a halfway house because I went to a mental health center for a bit. yet the program also made me see a therapist and psychiatrist regarding my addiction and dismissed me when I said I was suicidal and was hurting myself.

  14. I'm really shocked at all the judgemental posts regarding this vid. Why are u watching this shit if all u want to do is bag on addicts??!! U people are part of the problem.

  15. you are so spot on with the mental health,ive tried to explain this to ppl in the uk they dont get it,we get clean our bi polar kicks off,my son killed himself coz of the on n off struggles and finding it hard to cope mentally when clean…

  16. Best way to "get clean" is going to prison for a few years. Sounds crazy but hey desperate times call for desperate measures. I know several who did a couple years ,got clean and now dont ever want anything except to make money take care of their fams

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