Hello I’m Dr. Farkas and I want to talk
to you today about migraines and food sensitivity triggers. Now food
sensitivities even from healthy foods like organic almonds, organic blueberries
you name it even those healthy foods can trigger
inflammation in the body when the body becomes hyper sensitive to those foods
or we develop a problem with the wall of the gut and things get absorbed
improperly it just triggers the immune system and then we get inflammation.
Now inflammation is your friend, it’s there to fight off problems and fix
damage, but unfortunately inflammation can often lead to migraine headaches
there are different reasons for migraine headaches sometimes problems with blood
flow and certain serious problems like tumors can also cause them but oftentimes what
we see in our practice here is the food sensitivities trigger inflammation that
then trigger migraine headaches. Knowing and understanding about your food
sensitivities about any toxins in your body the contribute inflammation and any
nutrient deficiencies they can make your body systems network well knowing those
things through objective testing is of good it’s just paramount it’s so
important I can’t stress it enough our mantra here is we don’t guess we test. So
I’m glad you take interest in finding out what might be triggering migraine
headaches and you or someone you know. Thank you

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