-A 21-year-old waitress
was working at a restaurant in Georgia when a male customer
grabbed her butt, so she body-slammed him
to the ground. This brings us —
[ Cheers and applause ] Exactly. Exactly the reaction
that story deserves. In fact,
it’s the segment we call “The Kind Of Story
We Need Right Now.” [ Cheers and applause ] Okay, so get this. Emelia Holden right here was
working a shift at a pizzeria when a 31-year-old man
came up behind her and put his hand on her butt. So she did what every woman
in the situation fantasized about doing. She grabbed that man
and threw him to the ground. You’re probably thinking,
“What does that even look like?” Well, great news —
there’s footage. This is what it looks like. Okay. Watch guy in the red
shirt, touches her butt. And now she grabs him
by the back of the shirt and down he goes! [ Cheers and applause ] Since this is the kind of story
we need right now, let’s see that one more time. Now you’re probably thinking — [ Cheers and applause ] You’re probably thinking, “Jesus, that dude
weighs like 175 pounds. How much does she weigh?” Well, it’s not polite for me
to say how much a lady weighs. If she wants us
to know how much she weighs, she will have to say it herself. -I’m 115 pounds. -115 pounds! That’s like a chipmunk
body-slamming a hippo. [ Laughter ] Also, check this out. She didn’t even drop
her note pad. [ Laughter and applause ] This woman is an amazing server. True story. True story. One time when I was a waiter, I dropped a Coke on a woman
who was breast-feeding. [ Laughter ] And that was when there were
zero hands on my ass. [ Laughter ] Now, one of the many things
that keeps women from reporting sexual harassment is they’re often penalized
when they do. So when I heard this story,
I thought, “I’m glad she fought back, but
she’s probably out of a job.” Guess again. -I get a phone call like,
“Oh, that was awesome,” like, from the owner, like, “Oh, that was so awesome
how you took that guy down.” -She threw a customer
to the ground and her boss called to say,
“Good job!” [ Cheers and applause ] This story — This story has so many
unexpected plot twists, it’s like M. Night Shyamalan
made a movie about sexism. [ Laughter ] It’s called “Ungropeable.” [ Laughter ] By the way,
in case you’re wondering what kind of awesome pizza place is run by a guy who
congratulates his employees on their body slams,
it’s Vinnie Van GoGo’s. [ Cheers and applause ] And I’m assuming —
I’m assuming their slogan is, “If you feel up our waitstaff, we invite you
to go-go [bleep] yourself. [ Laughter ] So to Emelia Holden,
I say, “Great job.” To Emelia’s customers, I say,
“You better tip 30%.” And to the rest of you, I say,
“Get out there and kick some ass and please, do it
in front of a security camera so we can all see it because this is the kind of
story we need right now.”

100 thoughts on “The Kind of Story We Need Right Now: Waitress Body Slams Groper”

  1. A lot of people in the comments are saying "if a man body slammed a women for sexual harrassment he'll get into trouble not her!"
    While it is a valid point because even if less men are sexually assaulted, there are still many many cases of this happening.
    However, all because this was an attack from a man to a woman, it shouldn't matter.
    Regardless of gender or sex it was sexual harrassment and what the victim responded with was commendable.
    In future maybe if the gender roles were switched we can have the same respect for the victim, but for this particular situation we should appreciate the coverage she is getting and a message to those who don't know how to tolerate assaults such as this one

  2. This girl is awesome but her boss is equally awesome. Not taking away from her but the trend of protecting the business and being afraid of bad publicity is so big I’m way more amazed at his reaction than hers.

  3. Some problem is when it was the woman who would tolerate this. I used to work in a company where a coworker was verbally sexually harassed by a senior employee there, I went full berserk mode telling him that is a form of sexual harassment and we could put him in jail. What happened was they made it look like i was overacting and its just a "joke". My coworker, the victim, didn't like what I did and that I am causing friction/tension towards the others. After that, I never gave an F whenever they make dirty jokes on her, they never tried it to me though because I made it clear I will punch them in the throat or message their gf/wife for the simple pleasure of ruining their lives.

  4. I wonder what is going through his mind? Why would someone do that? Like, seriously. It isn't foreplay. Frankly, even if my boyfriend touched me like that it would be doghouse not foreplay but then I don't date idiots if I can help it. Can't stand juvenile grab-ass B.S. Don't spank me unless you want to get smacked back. It's instinctive

  5. I mean, good for her on standing up for herself. But, she merely pushed the guy. How is that close to body-slamming? way to sell the story so it sounds like a much bigger story than it really is.

  6. That happened to me at a club. I was walking by, this guy grabs my butt, I immediately turned around and shoved him and got in his face. The bouncer stepped up within seconds, saw I wasn’t being a drunken mess but legit had a reason for my behavior and escorted the guy outside. I didn’t expect that and really thought I would be the one in trouble. It’s nice to see that not all men side with the good ol boys club. Good on her boss for having her back!

  7. Tbh, pizza places can have badass management. If anything like this happened at my restaurant, my manager would probs be like “niiiiice” and hit them with the blacklist

  8. Two months ago a woman groped my ass, so i punched her in the face, knocking her out. Not a single cheer in that bus.

  9. Her boss was awesome but What we needed to hear is if she had taken self defense course and to promote THAT business.

  10. Instant karma! You grabbed the wrong ass buddy. Just so know, some women will turn around and hand your ass to you.

  11. The restaurant objectifies it's waitresses. The waitresses objectify themselves. Both take exception when they a customer treat them like objects… there is more than one in the wrong here…

  12. I did not see any groping, I think it was more likely he accidentally brushed past her and she got the wrong idea and assaulted him.

  13. She probably have this job because it’s all over the TV. That may not be the case when your response to sexual harassment is not on TV. Good job girl

  14. I had a coworker who once groped another coworker and without hesitating she spun slapping him so hard that she slapped him into next week. It was a thing of beauty to behold.

  15. Years ago I was out with a former boyfriend and an acquaintance of his thought it was ok to grab my ass, I didn't appreciate it and my reflexes kicked in so he got one hell of a hard slap across his moronic face that left my fingerprints on his stupid face. The group we were with laughed hysterically at him for being such a jerk and loved that I'd reacted exactly as he deserved. Creepers need to keep their hands to themselves. NO, it's not a compliment, it's demeaning and insulting to treat women like you can treat them less than respectfully.

  16. Soooo what happened, it's been a year? The media never followed up? I can't find any further stories. 2 nights in jail and a court case. Someone below posted she lost, but without citing a source.

  17. Don't you know that woman's can multitask problem with men is the only focus on one task at a time they can't multitask.

  18. First, she didn't "bodyslam" anybody. She pushed a drunk guy down to the ground. Second, while I agree no one should be allowed to :grope" her…she brought this on herself. When you choose to work a job where you are basically working in bra and panties, and you are purposely trying to be noticed…then Its hard to feel very sorry for you.

  19. Kudos to Emelia! We put up with so much bullshit in our daily daily that sometimes…ya just gotta REACT! I love that she went off on this jerk and if my daughter encounters that bullshit she would do the same…and I'd back her up 100%!

  20. I work in a Pizzeria also. I want a co-worker like her! I even promise to ask nicely before I attempt any butt touching 😀
    I saw something similar happen though to a woman in a restaurant. The customer grabbed her once and she told him not to do that again. When he did it again she calmly put down the serving tray, straightened her shirt, and knocked him off his chair with the most epic open-handed slap I've ever seen in my life. It was quite wonderful to witness.

  21. It's kind of sad how surprised and happy Seth is about the fact that her boss was fine with her reaction. It should be normality to have one's bosses support whenever customers treat staff inappropriately. Unfortunately it isn't.

  22. Guys that get kicks doing things like that are likely to be doing some reall scummy things elsewhere. Good for her. I hope they plastered his face everywhere…….creepy ass chiild molester.

  23. I've been to Vinnie's. The pizza was mediocre, the bathroom was dirty, the servers were rude and dressed like crack whores.

  24. 40 yrs ago I tried waitressing and the first evening the same idiot kept grabbing at me while I was serving other folks.3x I told him to stop, 4th time I gave hime Beer shower. Boss was perfectly happy with it too.

  25. l love woman with her ass sticking out and her tampon string hanging down her leg to feed me pizza owe yes the guy was just putting her tampon string back in for her l8ke a nice Italian boy

  26. She's gorgeous, but admire politely, don't touch. I thought that went without saying. It hasn't been even remotely acceptable for 75 years.

  27. This jerk must’ve been raised by wolves. I simply do not understand why some guys think this behavior is acceptable.

  28. Frotteurism lives out there as a public touching fetish. Just remember, if the pathology of the groper is darker, it can also end with someone getting gutted once the violence erupts. Then it's a dice roll to 911.

  29. An old drunk gay man in a gay bar stroked my breasts while telling me I had a nice shirt. I should have just decked him then and there but he was like 60 something and I was frankly in shock. In my daydreams some times I punch him so hard it cripples him. Im just so fucking angry about it but theres nothing I can do now.

  30. Is this a story about the woman fondling child molester and draft dodger Donald Trump? He needs to get punched in the balls a thousand times!

  31. I wanna say OMG I love chics like her but also preparing for an iron skillet to come through the screen………. here goes the "click"……….

  32. When we have a POTUS who acts like men are allowed to touch and demean woman, we shouldn't be surprised when average people then think they can also act in this despicable manour. Glad to see this young woman didn't let them away with it. i hope she charges him too

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