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  1. I am so glad to see this!
    I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon for this Thursday and I will now be well armed with knowledge and suggestions to put to him if he suggests surgery. After all, I still have full use of my arms but they hurt and I get a popping sometimes…
    Thanks Bob and Brad!

  2. Looks like you have your patented wall anchors installed up there. So if you already have those installed sounds like you're good to go.

  3. Hmm, not sure if I should attempt this. Went to Orthopedic after MRI/X-Ray I no longer have a ball left in my right shoulder; bone on bone. Going for pre-op clearance, then total replacement surgery 😱 Oh Boy, can’t wait 🙄🤪 lol
    Hope to be feeling a lot better by Christmas 🙋‍♀️

  4. Been doing it for a bit over a year. Is the best thing i have ever done for myself it works helps with so much more. Thanks for making this known guys.

  5. I lifted heavy weights from my teens to my mid-30's. I've never had any joint surgeries, but for a lot of years I thought I was going to need something done with my shoulders. At 47 now, I've stopped lifting heavy and been doing mostly body-weight calisthenics for several years, but my shoulders were always still a problem. Incorporating regular passive and active hangs a few times a week the last two years and my shoulders have felt as good as ever. My experience is that it works for me.

  6. I've struggled for four years with major impingement in both shoulders. I've seen three orthopedists, had three sets of injections, and done multiple rounds of PT. The pain continued and actually got worse over time. In desperation, I searched online and found an older video from you guys about this very book and ordered it right away. I've just started, currently hanging from a steel support beam in my basement that's just reachable if I stretch up on tiptoes. I've been doing it for just 15 seconds or so at a time, two or three times per day, and it's working! It's only about ten days since I started, but the constant pain I've had for four years is markedly improved. I'm sold, and will continue doing this daily forever. Thank you so much for your videos! Your knowledge has helped me immeasurably, and this particular book and technique have vastly improved my quality of life. ❤

  7. Hanging is fantastic. To prevent DOMS try climbing your fingers up the wall and see how high you can get and hang out pressed against the wall. Wait three days to see how u feel before full on hanging.

  8. I'm glad those people had good results, but that is really not enough people to call it done deal. That's enough to call it for further investigation. What were sexes, ages, races? What were the other medical conditions? What medications were they taking?

  9. Repent and follow Jesus Christ, escape hell fire, Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, you won't hear this from bob and brad because they just want money.

  10. Interesting video!
    Could it help with Frozen Shoulder?
    Have been doing required exercising of shoulder.. coming along nicely. BUT WOULD this help as well????

  11. I just purchased the book, but have been hanging for a year or more now,….yes it does work…I will caution folks to not use hanging straps or hooks….You can extend your hang time but your wrist and thumb are under a lot of stress, I strained my thumb with the damn straps and now I can't hang until this clears up….

  12. I saw an older video on shoulders produced by you all. I was in constant pain and the Docs recommended surgery. I started these exercises and I feel great. Thank you so much. I'm back to wear I was before my injuries

  13. I checked out the hanging kits on Amazon. Who uses slotted screws anymore? That's dumb. There are hanging bars (like a chin-up bar) that clamp around both sides of a doorway that may work too. No rotating freedom of movement for your wrists though.

  14. I’ve been hanging for 30 years. I had shoulder impingement diagnosed 30 years ago. I’m 59 now. I haven’t required surgery yet. It works.

  15. I've tried this a few times but haven't been consistent about it. I need to make a commitment to do it 3X a week. My only option for re-creating this exercise is using an assisted pull up machine at the Y. I do not now, nor have I ever had, enough strength to hang on my own (which irritates me to no end!). But I want to give it a shot and see what the results are.

  16. Just had bankart tear surgery from a bad dirtbike accident. Dislocated and torn labrum that didn't heal right but 1 month after the surgery my shoulder feels 99% better.

  17. It works. My friend has a cuff tear and I have at least an impingement. We’ve been doing it for at least a couple months now and huge improvement. It works it works it works

  18. What I find is nobody explains the different hand positions. I have a overhead rack with various hand grips. Hammer grip seems to feel the safest. Some of the regular grip or partial grip can hurt if you don't have a wall to touch the floor.
    I think explaining the different grips and how that positions those tendons would help others watching.
    Thank guys…

  19. I experienced a year of 24- hour a day shoulder pain, assuming impingement, and I was getting desperate to find some non-surgical relief. After seeing your video on hanging last summer, I ordered the book August 19. I decided to try hanging but had trouble finding a bar to use that would work in my home. I even messaged Brad to see where to get the bar he used in a video, but he made that bar so it took some time to find a bar that I could use – a tension bar that I could fit between studs in a large closet and have room to hang. October 15th the bar arrived and I began hanging that day….5 or 6 times a day….painful in the beginning as Dr. Kirsch predicts, but after two months of hanging every day I found relief! Thank you so much for recommending this therapy! I now just hang twice a day for 30 seconds as my maintenance.

  20. Ido Portel mentions hanging for shoulders and back. He does a lot of gymnastics using rings. His theory on training flexibility in knees to prevent injuries was also interesting but looked a bit risky if you weren’t trained properly.

  21. Bob and Brad – I’ve had reverse replacement in one shoulder and am heading toward having it for my other one. Can I still try the hanging using the replaced shoulder? I’d love to avoid a second shoulder reolacenent if I can.
    Love your videos!

  22. Can you address whether or not you should retract and engage the shoulder blades back ? When rock climbers user the finger board, it is encouraged by some to engage the shoulder blades to reduce the risk of injury.

  23. Hi All – I agree hanging works ! After 20 years of mission difficult I was reduced to tears last year by adhesive capsulitis. This book helped me a lot. The shoulder was just as bad as it could be and was recommended for surgery, but I found this book and now I’m hanging for a minute a time. Top Job Guys !

  24. I watched an earlier video of yours on this topic and have meant to let you know how much it has helped me! As a side sleeper I sometimes have horrible shoulder pain – which you explained in that video. I had no idea. I now try not to sleep on my side, but always can tell when I have done so. To relieve the pain I hang from playground equipment with my feet on the ground and find that partial body weight works. I will be forever grateful for that previous video. Thank you!

  25. I shall start this at once…I have trained with weights for over 20 years and the last 3 years had BAD Bursitis issues and now some Degenerative issues!  ,I can no longer bench press or do my Shoulder Workouts .Had to revert to 2  workouts a week of just push ups and bicep curls .im 47 now but no way do I want to give up workouts!!,the last few months have been doing Shoulder rehab exercises that Bob and Brad have shown online and its helped me a LOT .I shall now try the  shoulder Hanging too ,I miss my heavy lifting workouts 4 days a week ,sadly my body says no these days

  26. After watching this I've ordered the book and the handles. Getting some shoulder pain and numbness from swimming. Hope this helps it. Thank you Bob and Brad

  27. This makes no sense to me, in regards to physics/ logistics, since the higher i raise my arm overhead, the more impingement pain i have. In your demonstration, you show raising the arm and it hits the shoulder bone, so i don't get it . Enlighten us some more please.

  28. Hi! I want to suggest another item that has helped with my shoulder pain. It's called Incrediwear. They make all kinds of sleeves for shoulders,knees,hips, ankles. The science really works behind these sleeves. I'm an Occupational therapist and I love your videos. You guys are excellent clinicians and very practical. Thank you!!!

  29. I had rotator cuff/adhesive capsulitis surgery 6 weeks ago. Is it safe to hang while healing? I’m in crazy pin still and can’t take anti inflammatories because of my stomach. Pt helps some, but I’m willing to try anything. Thanks..

  30. I have been hanging for several months after severe shoulder pain. I am doing it sorta like doc said but 60 sec hang followed by exercises and not every day. I am not cured but definitely alot better.

  31. I tried hanging. There was immidiate sharp pain. So of course I stopped at once. It may help others wasn't good for me.
    So be gentle and try with caution.

  32. I have that pull up bar in my doorway I hang every morning. …still had popping and cracking and freezing I found the perfect stretching for shoulder health take a stretchy rubber band you can get at walmart or target in the workout department and take both ends hold in front of you (stretching it out and pull over ur head then behind ur back all the way to ur but then reverse it back to startin position do 4 sets of 12 then when ace that put ur hands closer together for better stretch. …..also there's the spider walk ware you stretch band in front of you on a wall arms even and walk up the wall with hands start at waist level 1 hand at a time walk up the wall ( stretching as much as you possibly can 4 steps to the top above ur head to waist level….IT HELPED ME SO MUCH I'M ABLE TO WORKOUT HEAVYWEIGHTS AGAIN A TOTAL GOD SENT!!! I DON'T USUALLY POST ANYTHING BUT I AM SO HAPPY-GO-LUCKY FOR THIS I HAD TO PASS IT ON!!! AND MAYBE HELP SOMEONE LIKE THEY HELPED ME…GOD BLESS

  33. Very hopeful when I came across this video… but, my rotator cuff is completely torn through & so is the tendon to the long head of the biceps (40’ish year old injury, previously repaired back then). Dr. thinks these happened a while ago & thinks I’ll need reconstruction, but I don’t want to! 😰 (In my ‘previous life’ I was a gymnast & taught/coached it for a couple decades. Been wondering why I haven’t been able to do a simple handstand or cartwheel 🤸‍♀️ anymore. 😔)

    So… w/my injuries, would this be doable? Doc says no restrictions since he thinks I’ve been living w/it for a while. (Yes, I have a high pain tolerance.)

  34. Wow! So far so good. In a few days it took away my shoulder pain. I was scheduled for shoulder surgery eight years ago and never got it because of the failing medical system combine with failing insurance programs. My insurance provider actually walked out of negotiations the morning of my surgery and they called me to cancel. Every day since then my shoulder has hurt, it stopped after I tried this for a few days, truly amazing, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  35. You have had videos on this for years, but there are still no follow up studies…why not? Rotator cuff injuries are a very common problem and this "solution" is very simple, yet in the many years since the "Kauai study" (which interestingly is not to be found anywhere let alone published in a peer-reviewed journal) and the publication of the book there has been nothing new from either the author Dr. Kirsch or anyone else in the medical field. All we have is anecdotal evidence.

    I think by this point you guys should start including these caveats in your videos. It's starting to sound like any number of pseudoscientific remedies. It certainly has all the hallmarks…one study, anecdotal evidence, no support from doctors/PTs, hyped up videos/articles, etc.

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