To what extent is water capable of picking up information? what does it perceive? and how does it remember it overtime? The Aerospace institute has discovered a relatively simple way of making a structure of a drop of water visible. the researchers have had their efforts rewarded by insights into a very beautiful world each drop has a face of its own, unmistakable and unique why are the individual drops so different from one another? we got a lot of people to come to a lecture hall here at the institute gave them all the same water, had them make drops at exactly the same time collected all the drops and then discovered that each individual produced different images from the same water and here you can see the results, here at the right you can see that the images of the individual students were different but those made by a given student were all quite similar this is the work of the first experimenter, this one here from the second this from the third, and this from the fourth individually they can quite easily be reproduced but you would never have thought they were all from the same water because when you compare the images from the different people you see some big differences then we undertook experiments to find out whether things changed when we put something into the water a real flower was placed in the water a while later we took a drop of water and here you can see one of the pictures and you can see in this picture, its the typical image you get when you put flower into water you could recognize the flower in every single drop in this glass, offcourse that can be reproduced and have significance and if you were to put a different flower in here for example a sweet william flower, then all the drops of this water will look like sweet william the stigma that water has a memory, practically changes our whole way of looking at the world, offcourse lets travel down the rhine in the trigitive sense the water is flowing down the rhine picking up information everywhere it goes so the water has more information at the mouth of the rhine, than it had at the source and the ducks living at the mouth when they drink that water are also drinking all that information thus the world’s oceans will no longer be something that seperates us, but instead a giant storehouse of information, and the rain will perhaps be a data medium carrying information to the world

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  1. Now you can understand why Sacred Mantra is constantly chanted for GANGES river. Our HINDU RISHIS / MONKS know this science from Thousands of years back.. VEDIC INDIA & HINDUISM is purely SCIENCE for human's goodness.

  2. I don't know wether this is true or false
    But; In INDIAN Culture(yogic culture) we are treating water just as mentioned above since many,many year before . It will be amazing of you know about this.

  3. Agree this video does not give much evidence. Yes these photos could be manipulated. The failure of the video is how they don't explain where this idea really comes from. I urge you to watch the video about the research of Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier. The video describes in a much better way how and why water has memory. Basically the molecules retains the frequency of their surroundings. So because everything and everyone has it's own frequencies/exposures/experiences the water molecule acts like a mirror. And water can essentially duplicate dna based on the frequency memory. It's crazy and many scientists and big pharma/government are against this because it would change the world.

  4. The name "alternative medicine" is a politically correct euphemism for the plain old fashioned term quackery. Water has no memory nor does it store information.

    This is a general anecdotal story and it may or may not indicate a need for further study. I've observed water droplets too, under magnification. Remember that water is the universal solvent. Impurities may show as different patterns and have varying degrees of agrophilia. These alone may account for the different "faces" on the photos. Notice the photos are of undesignated quantities of water…this was definitely not a science video. There was no double blind set-up nor any controls…nor was any experiment even described that had an underlying hypothesis.

  5. Fascinating. The implications are mind-boggling.

    This is true science. The true unbiased discovery of the natural world.

  6. Whistleblowers say that when we create the machine that allow us to reproduce and translate the memory of water is when the end game starts.

  7. I am sure of this…. As a surfer, I've always felt every hurricane leaves a signature on the waves it creates….the waves from deadly hurricanes always seem to have that nuance….that story. Yes, the waves maybe perfect, and gorgeous… but I always feel death and destruction….

  8. We call that cymatics. Water is influenced by the vibrations of its environnement and especialy those ptoduced by sound. That's why we muslims say always bismiAllah before drinking water it has a good influence on the structure of water.

  9. Make an eye contact and say ‘Thank you’ & ‘I love you’ to the water before drinking, you will change the structure of water. It will benefits the body because the body is 72% of liquid (water). Treat water right before drinking. Take your time to drink. Do not rush when drinking. Be one with water. ✌🏻

  10. SO, each person Karma(Aura) effected the water differently. IF you had those same persons stand on their heads for but a minute and then drop same water again–HOW Much would the patterns change,,Also, Try PRAY just after you drop some water and immediately drop more water(after pray) and SEE difference.
    JUST by Experimenting with this concept(different thought/movement processes)MAN could LEARN a great Deal–in fact it would put him on the Next Level(one step up-as everyone wants). ONE Step Now could result in two steps Sooner..
    MAN needs to elevate himself by meditating properly and looking deeper.."Ye, know not the depth"(of Satan???)(Of LIFE??).
    ITS always deeper than you think?????????

  11. If the water from one particular vial looks the same each time it's dropped from the same student, does the water from a different vial dropped by the same student look different? Perhaps the vial has some effect on the water? Or the dropper? Or the student? Too many undefined variables here…

  12. If you put too many different types of flower in the same bowl of water it becomes too slutty to drink that water. This is because it remembers all the different flowers that were in it.

  13. I can`t belive how much stupid replys are im this video…this guy has a point…it is all real as he says… like David Icke and Dr. Bruce Lipton!

  14. My lecturer was talking about a documentary where a beating heart and non beating heart were placed in the same water, called "The Memory of Water"; can anyone help me find it?

  15. "Science can be amazing, interesting and incredible" 100% Agreed! "Watch as we show how water can have a memory" bwahahhahahhaha! contradicts that first statement! This is just really REALLY f'n stupid. You cannot say science is amazing and then proceed to say something so obviously UN-scientific. SHAME ON YOU!

  16. New movement: #IamWaterDontKillMe. There should not be laws to prevent steaming and converting water to energy. This is as bad as burning books.

  17. Why not try with other liquids like cooking oil and see if the images still differ for different people and different things put into the liquid?

  18. Water has memory it's true and in ancient India Brahmin Guru used its memory to bless or punish individuals

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