I don’t think I’ve ever been afraid of
death which is perhaps an effect of being in the industry. You can see that once someone’s passed away I really do feel like they aren’t there. I think there is a lot to learn about life from death. The first day on the job I remember walking into the mortuary and seeing my first human body on the table. And I remember the feeling. I almost felt as if the room tipped to the side and I didn’t want anybody to know that I was feeling this. And she was covered with a towel but her feet were exposed. And I remember looking at her toes and they were curled backwards slightly, and I’d never seen that. So I just remember focusing on her toes because I wasn’t sure if I was confident enough to look around the room. Whatever condition they’re in, I just think how can I prepare them for their last hurrah. Often it’s just a case of, if I was going out on a Saturday night, I’d go in and I’d have a shower I’d get dressed, and then I’d do my make up. And that’s exactly what we do. We bring them in, we give them a shower, we get their clothes and make them look beautiful. We do their hair last, put their lippy on finally. That same procedure but just done on a mortuary table, as opposed to in your own bathroom. Honestly, probably the worst part of my
job is dealing with toe nails. Something really simple, I don’t like toe nails. Practically, I think that’s the worst part. I remember the names of say the first 10 people that I ever prepared. And it’s not like a sad memory, it’s quite a nice fond memory because I really enjoy my career. And specifically over the past couple of years I remember my favourite ones, as well. There might be something about their outfits, or the requests from the family that I really connected with. So I remember these people, it’s quite strange. Like philosophically lots of things drew me to the industry, but what keeps me here I think is the heart. It’s really about respect and dignity and all those things that we can actually do for these people. So at the end of the day, we go home and feel pretty good about ourselves as well. You know when people say, “Oh, no regrets”? I think that’s silly as well. I think you should regret some things because you should be doing everything that you can to have a good time and love people, that sort of thing. The biggest lesson that I’ve learnt about myself is not to have an argument with somebody and leave it. Tell people that you love them if you really love them. People just die, people leave at the age of two, the age of 10, to the age of 99. It just – you cannot dictate when your time is up.

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  1. So interesting. I'm definitely looking into a career in the funeral industry and videos like this kind of help me with any angst or worries I have. Just hearing about her experience with seeing a dead body for the first time, stuff like that helps.

  2. Loved the videos. I thinking about being a mortition. I'm right now attending college, about to Finnish soon. If I decide to go to mortician school, At least I will have all my academic classes done.

  3. Good that she likes what she does but I could never ever do anything like that. Death to me is so scary and sad and just terrible. I could never look at dead bodies like that and not be upset and freaked out. You definitely have to be a certain kind of person for that job and this was a video that was recommended for me which is the only reason why I watched it, still don't know what that was?

  4. I don't understand what she means when she says I don't think I've ever been afraid of death which is perhaps unaffected being in the industry. That confuses me wouldn't not being afraid of death be a good thing for working in that business?

  5. This is the profession I am just getting into. Everything  that this lady was saying about "Its all about the Heart" is exactly how I feel. I hope to help a lot of families through the work that I will do with their love ones.

  6. our job is to preserve sanitize disinfect the human remains and make it presentable to its family

    embalming is not a course
    its a profession

  7. our job is to preserve sanitize disinfect the human remains and make it presentable to its family

    embalming is not a course
    its a profession

  8. im telling you guys now do something else. you make no money, have no family life,  or life of your own. do something interesting. i am a licensed mortician and it gets old quick.

  9. im 15 n thinking abt being funeral home director but i have nothing against ppl who prepare the dead body who past away but i want to be working in the offices n organizing the event is tht still a career for this in a way
    ? o.o

  10. I commend anyone that does this. As a hospice worker, I've seen a lot of death. It takes its toll after a while, but you remember why you're there and the lives that you touch and you keep going.

  11. thank you for taking so much pride in your work, you are an Angel, I wanted to go into the funeral business but after a short time as an apprentice I learned it was not for me but I have an admiration for those that are able to do it and especially those that take pride in what they do!! ,, it matters to the family,,God bless you sincerely, Jerry Jocoy

  12. Lord bless that girl for the work she does. It sounds like she got the best job for her personality. That's wonderful.

    I'm majoring in Nursing, specializing in Trauma. I guess it's one of those things where each of us were made to do something important. It's just a matter of making sure we're matched up properly. :^)

  13. Defamation post: Every time I see a senior person smoke a cigarette, I wonder if they're thinking they're cheating death a bit longer. To me, publicly posting my comments on YouTube videos is somewhat therapeutic. Because I'm certain my adversaries read my comments. I know what it feels to age, I know what it feels to mature, and realize the important things about life. I realize why perhaps some people are vindictive towards others. Not all vindictive people have experienced hardships, nor painful losses, etc… I've said this before, an atheist will agree with me when I say: "after you take your last breath, the party is over, lights out", but an atheist has a different perspective. I don't want to grow old and ugly, but if that's what God allows, I'll try to reminisce about the beauty and athleticism of my youth. I've matured to realize that you can't take it with you.

  14. Interesting video, but on a technical note, would have been great if the music was turned down. It was hard to hear her at times.

  15. It's amazing some people can do a job like that, and think it's alright, and not disgusting. Thank the nature.

  16. God bless you for all you do.  The people who did my mother and sister have also done other members of my mother's family for years and were always kind and gentle.

  17. shit when i die.. dress me how i want.. jeans.. Red Wings jersey.and my tigers hat on…  woo!!!    thats all folks.

  18. God Bless you sweetheart.  That could be a member of your family.  You treat them all with respect and I commend you for that.  You are a special angel.  Smile, for what you do is God's work.

  19. Yeah I started off watching this video but couldn't continue. Just made me feel nauseous. And I have seen a lot of creepy, morbid and troubling things in my life but for some reason seeing a dead body of any living thing really depresses me. Everything that old lady did, everything she knew, everything she thought, everything she felt, is now gone forever? And you can tell a dead body is just a shell. But many do not believe in an afterlife and those that do disagree about what happens. What point is there to taking care of one's body when it just becomes like this in the end anyway? What point is there to anything in life when it all ends like this?

  20. I do this everyday….. Only in the U.S where we have caskets, not coffins…. but I wish we had coffins… they rock….. to everyone who says "dead bodies freak them out"… my only question is, Why?   They're dead… what's so scary? Its the living ones you should be concerned about!

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