I remember my first ballet shoes I was about six and they were
at least 5 sizes too big I couldn’t wait to try them on to find out how it feels like to have them on my feet I didn’t want them to get damaged:
to me, they were a beautiful icon It’s a ritual, a preparation
for the performance Some ballet dancers say
that the process calms them down You have to be sure
that you can rely on them It’s the shoe, through which
you perform a technique and dance It has to become a part of your body As if you grow into them If you don’t prepare your shoes correctly, the results can be fatal My work on the shoes shapes
what happens during the performance A ballet dancer
simply can’t have nice feet Our joints are bigger,
we have bloody blisters all over our feet They really don’t look nice but there
is nothing that can be done about it I think that dancers in general
have a higher pain threshold… We have it set somewhere else
than the average person… Because we live with it every day If each and every twinge
or a blister stopped you… you wouldn’t have achieved anything So many times I wake up
and feel like I can’t move a muscle because of how strained I am but I guess it’s the ambitions and the diligence that make me go on The training is amazing but what really matters
is the actual result – the performance When you woke up in the morning and you don’t have pain,
you are not dancer anymore Pain is like my friend already It’s always next to me Very few ballet dancers
are content with their bodies because we always feel
that something can be improved The applause is such
an indescribable feeling Not that we do it only for that,
but it truly is like a drug All of a sudden everything disappears It’s a joy It’s also a hate at times It’s simply my life

100 thoughts on “The Pain and Euphoria of Ballet”

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  2. I’m sorry but I’m 10 seconds in and “life on point” should be “life en pointe” hahahahah

  3. Honestly like people don’t understand when I’m like “ I’m so sore from ballet” there like yea ok like SIS ……….!😭🙄

  4. "Applause is a drug" – so true…i was in depression for 4 years after I left dancing school…luckily my boyfriend helped me to find a taste for a life

  5. Is amazing to watch but never ever I will let my daughters go through it – too much sacrifice,pain,stress and pressure 🙁
    I know nothing comes free but is just too much for me

  6. I’m always in pain before of some workout or other. And I workout only for hour or two can’t imagine theirs

  7. Whoever made the titles for this video obviously doesn't know much about ballet, it should be "Life on Pointe", and not "Life on Point".

  8. This is marketing bullshit. Rock climbing shoes hurt a hell of a lot more than pointe shoes. There is just no comparison. When I bought my first pair of rock climbing shoes, I thought they made a mistake, because it looked like these shoes were at least three sizes too small. I have thin beautiful feet, but they looked like fat sausages as I tried to cram them into those monstrously tight little shoes. After half an hour of effort, I finally managed to get into them and now I was suppose to walk around in them to break them in. Unfortunately, I broke before they did. Christ, every step was more painful than the last. It was like those special shoes the Chinese emperor used to bind the feet of his concombines. I can walk around all day with pointe shoes, take class, no big deal.

  9. Thanks for talking about pain in the morning thought it was just me as I'm trying to get back in training

  10. Have been doing classical ballet for about 10 years now. I still have my first pointies, I always look at it and think where I was and where I am now. I'm not perfect, but I'm getting to the point where I've wanted to be.
    The first pointies still have blood on them, still some bandages stuck them etc. But it's such a good reminder that I've never gave up.

  11. I don't understand why the shoes aren't prepared a certain way straight out the factory. They have to be heavily manipulated every time someone buys them. Why not have it possible to buy them that way to begin with?

  12. i dont get it , y do they have to 'prepare' their shoes? they dont come prepared? they also have to learn to sow?

  13. To me, blisters and that kind of stuff are kinda like battle scars. They’re signs to show your proud accomplishments, and that you made it through. Kinda shows you’re tough.

  14. Hej do píči cože? Jen tak random si pustím video o baletu a protože má název v angličtině předpokládám, že video bude celé anglicky. A najednou vole čeština. Zajímavé

  15. Truly beautiful, as a 14 year old male ballet dancer I only dabble in pointe work but I cannot even begin to fathom the work that my female peers put in during our performances. The amount of effort that is put in to make somthing stunning is tremendous. And I quote from Gaynor, "It's amazing what goes into making something effortless."

  16. Does anyone else do ballet and prep each of their shoes differently? I had an ankle injury so how I prep my right is different to my left

  17. Most importantly it's the boys who lift-up the females (upto 45 kgs!) on regular training classes – and then many of them get spinal injuries and all

  18. Wow, I'm scared for any young/new ballet dancer seeing this video. What horror to present Ballet as this painful thing. All I got from this is that the dance is torture. 😢😫😔🙁

  19. Damn in ballet class my shines are always murdering me in f*$%king PAIN, my body really wants to stop my heart wants to keep going 😢

  20. Lets not talk about dance as poverty in the world. Doing dance is a choice. You can become a barista if you
    Re not content about how painful it is.

  21. Mmm k but honestly who on Earth sews the draw string area of their pointe shoe. That's like the first we learn not to do in ballet

  22. I'm no longer going to complain about the pain after my workouts at the gym! These dancers are true athletes!

  23. Videos like this concern me. They suggest that goodness comes from pain. Pain means damage. Excellence in anything occurs in spite of pain, not because of it. It may be that these poor dancers are pushing themselves too hard, and would be better dancers if they were not permanently exceeding their recovery capacity.

  24. It's true thought. Dancers have a better pain resistance… Like I am not doing ballet classes, but folk dance. And that's exhausting…

  25. Je me suis toujours étonnée de ce culte de la souffrance créative (?)
    Ne pourraient elles pas avoir de vraies bonnes pointes adaptées, des soins médicaux réguliers et plein d'autres choses que j'ignore pour accompagner le corps dans l'effort ? Ce "culte" est surtout conservateur et révèle un manque de progrès technique, économique, moral…

  26. Ο κ.Φωτης🏗️🦄🦄🦄☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️

  27. I don't feel sorry for this people. I feel so much respect and admiration. This is so beautiful and I wish I had their amazing talent, grace and excellence. This is pure art.

    And sorry for my bad english

  28. I dont care about the hard work, for the injuries.Its my dream and i won't stop UNTIL I WIN.For your dream NOTHING IS HARD.😉

  29. Pain and euphoria.. Sounds like a self harming to me. Like when you cut yourself and you like it even when it hurts. If someone wants to do ballet, it's his/her decision, but when parents force their children to do it and they don't want to, this is abuse. Same as you can't cut a kid and said "I like it, you have to like it too."

  30. It's not worth it. It's not worth the pain, the insecurity, the health risks. It's just not worth it to me. It takes up your whole life to the point where there's little room for other hobbies. I couldn't. Its beyond stage but behind the scenes if you send mire than half the time in pain and not happy with your body, your performance, it's not worth it. I don't get why people put themselves through this. Not just ballet, modeling too. It doesn't make sense.

  31. So not only is this beautiful, they also provided us with asmr. The music, the languages, the prep of the shoes and the sound of dance and movement. Wowza

  32. "pain is like my friend already. It's always next to me." – that sounds mental. Selfharm much? Why are you glorifying this?

  33. I’m a dancer and I’m learning that if you work the right way and the safe way you don’t need to go through near as much pain as you think…

  34. чешская или польска мова
    Где есть опера или балетная школа ?

  35. Omg stop arguing about how hard And painfull it is, Its ur own choice to do ballette, no one forces you to do it So stop crying like a little brats

  36. I have been doing ballet for 16 years and my friend don't get it what it really takes. They just think I'm flexible and dancing on pretty dress

  37. We all turn to ambitions
    And ballet is beauty,the euphoria of beauty
    The beauty of every profession is pain and in morning it's not pain anymore you just become so in love with pain

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