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  1. Having severe cervical neck pain is hell on Earth. No sleep and no quality of life. I’m glad he got
    the help he needed. I also had to seek the help of a neurologist…on my own…after my pain doctor told me there was nothing more than injections to help. He was wrong and just wanted more money out of me.

  2. I am 35 and no one will touch my spine I have 5 herniated disc severe spinal stenosis and a couple of other problems going on in my spine alls i want is my life back and no one will help!

  3. I'm sorry but I don't mind surgery at all. It has relieved some of the problems that I have been suffering from for years.

  4. I have a bone spur at the C-5 C6 area. I've had two MRIs and I've actually gone to a neurosurgeon but I just don't have the insurance or money to cover it. I've been in pain for about eight years. I take a lot of Excedrin migraine. #tiredofit

  5. I am 41 year old female and I suffer from neck and lower back pain,headaches, dizziness, nausea that often leads to vomiting. I've had this off and on for a year and a half lasting from few days to a week. When I have this it's almost debilitating…I cannot function or think clearing. I have to take OTC meds and lie in the floor on my stomach in a darkened room with a fan blowing on my face til I can get past it. I don't know what to do….

  6. I live with constant back pain..hip pain..but I don't have insurance..so I'm basically screwed. I'm just so exhausted every fucking day.

  7. Dr.Travis…You…sound like me…my numbness , sciatica ,
    Have had Mris…nobody is helping me . I go to the pain clinic Dec 29 th…I don't want to live on drugs…I need someone to help me…I am 51 yr old female…I also love to ride a bicycle …Plz will you ask your back Dr. to look at my MRI…!??? GOD bless . Thank – you…

  8. People are so bad with ages … no he doesn’t look late 20’s or early 30’s … he looks like a well taken care of 40’some year old. If anyone in its twenties really early 30s looks older than this guy I’m sorry for you

  9. I completely understand. I suffer from Hemi-plegic migraines. It absolutely stinks. I suffer from left – sided it's extremely painful. What I have mimics a stroke. Being dizzy, nauseated, strong term memory loss, vision changes as well as a permanent left-sided eye dropp. I get medical botox every 2.5 months which includes 155 units with 31 injections. I live every day preparing myself for an attack. These put me into bed for days. The botox helps shorten the amount I have, it helps with the muscles. I suffered from migraines as a child none in which I have left-sided weakness. I am in the care of a local hospital. I see a neurologist there. I see a team of doctors there. They are trying to figure out why my left side is still weak. My MRI'S are good. There was a finding of a DVA on the right side of my brain it's very small. Is there any information you can provide to me to have a better understanding. Thank you

  10. Wtf is impingement? I’ve been feeling pain in almost that exact area for months and months. It comes and goes. I recently started to take magnesium supplements and it has helped me a great deal with the muscles spasms. Wonder if this is what I have too.

  11. ooh dear Dr.Travis .Really, feeling sad to see him suffering. I 've been watching The Doctors since the show started… So we get used of their presence and beautiful smile. In reality although the doctor is suffering from a health problem, he can't show this to the patients unfortunately. Really bravooooo 👍👍💪💪💪 God bless you

  12. I just had c4 an5 fusion! My pain was off the charts. I wanted to b dead! I still have pains run down my neck/right arm. I was so scared to go into surgery. Thery Have me scheduled for an EMG next w/o to see what isd going on

  13. Im in the same boat. Severe back pain & doctors keep just blow it off & saying its this or that but with no help or relief at all. I cant sit or stand for long, bending over… forget it! The only relief I have is laying down. I feel like giving up & just dealing with the pain forever.

  14. I work in a busy emergency department and have the same issues. It's my neck and back. I noticed with your other shows that you were stretching your back and your neck. Where is that same doctor located??

  15. Back pain is no joke i'm 37 and for many years suffered ALOT of pain in my back but always put it down to my fibormyalgia i was dignoised with at 12, I hate bothing the doctors so plod along most of the time but three years ago i blackout while walking down the stair fell 14steps hit the stone floor didnt want to take a place in ER so went to my GP the first appointment i could get which was fourdays later, i was sent for xrays/MRI Turned out i'd had a stroke on the stairs, when they looked at my back they relised all those year and all that pain wasn't just down to my fibro turned out I have AS (ankylosing spondylitis) , scoliosis and DDD.
    Found the stroke was one of three i'd suffered with turns out I also had pots and AF… moral of the story just because your dignoised as a child with a long term illness don't mean every pain is that illness…scary but true.

  16. In a very casual tone I'm 45, I don't wanna live like this.


  17. We have the same exact diagnosis and I had c6 c7 fusion and then c4 c5 fusion. Now 14 days ago I had L1 S1 fusion all from being extremely active in life

  18. He should do inversion where you hang upside down it feels so good cause I ride my bike and it decompresses my spine.

  19. While everyone's talking about Travis's age I'm here like damn he's fat for a 25 year old (a random dude on a weird show that I obviously like)

  20. Having Travis on as a guest makes me laugh. This made me happy, something about it is so funny. Wish the best for Travis though

  21. My chiro is trying to talk me out of doing any surgery. she says sometimes it works but the pain can come back years later.

  22. Haha, i missheard him when he said he's 45 i thought he said 25 and i was like.. "Really? Hmm.. That sounds about right.." Than I saw other comments and was like "nooo, how?!" I guess he is just one of those who won DNA lottery and looks like in late 20's when being in mid 40's .. Wow! 🤔🤯🤩
    Inteligence is also a plus 😃

  23. It's nice to know that an actual physician can speak about the pain and numbness of spinal issues. I lived with severe, constant pain for about 7 years before an Orthopedic Surgeon told me what I had been praying for for so long. After having L-3- L-5 fused, decompression and laminectomy back in 2011, my pain has been decreased considerably. Unfortunately a recent MRI shows that someday L-1- L-2 will go through the same thing but I hope not.

  24. I'd have more sympathy if he didn't trivialise the pain and disability of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome – Hypermobility type and similar connective tissue disorders. They are MULTISYSTEM disorders and not just an amusing aside to the contortionists in Circe de Soleil

  25. OK I know this is old video, but I am desperate for help?. More then 40 years ago I was in my teens I injured myself and my hip has been bothering me for 40 years. When I was in my 20s I don’t know what happened but my right shoulder and right side of my neck are in pain every day- all day long, and every day and all day long I hurt!! I have been through so much to get rid of the PAIN, but no one seems to be able to. I have done the chiropractor, massage therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy ,physical therapy ,physical therapy MRIs, injections, pain medicine. 2006 I had a pipe go through my shoe and into my foot and crush the bone that goes to the big toe. I have a plate with six screws and permanent nerve damage. I have also had eight broken bones. . I am so desperate, I would go to another country and eat a root if that was cute to pain, but I would not eat a bug even if It was covered in chocolate. LoL. The pain gets so bad I cry, I can’t move, I’m not working. I am in physical therapy again to try A procedure that I never heard of called dry needling. That’s where they put a needle in to your muscle to find the trigger points that are causing pain and not letting my muscles relax and work their way they should and the outcome is supposed to relieve pain. A couple times the physical therapist put a needle into my muscle on my right shoulder and instantly found 25 trigger points and it hurt. Although I’ve done this procedure, I have gotten no significant relief if any at all. I don’t wanna live the next 30 or 40 years like I am now. I’m asking any of the viewers and the (The Dr’s Show) can you help? I have lost my way. 😢

  26. DR TRAVIS YOURE TOO HOT ' MY NAME IS MICHELLE Tucker Garwood' i had all of the above how could i get in contact with you please.

  27. I know that pain all too well Dr.! I had an RF ablation, C2-C6 in 9/17. Cut pain in half. Added CBT for chronic pain. Not perfect but manageable. 🙏

  28. If my co-host & best friend was a plastic surgeon I would never look old either ‘ ..and Dr Drew I heard is one of the best plastic surgeon around 🌺❤️

  29. Wow, so he would be 47 now. I have thought this whole time he was in his early 30's but he would have been in his mid 30's season one. I thought he was like early 20's. Lol

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