>>This is your Marketplace. Can you really switch
off your menstrual pain?>>Ah!
Relief at last!>>Well, that’s
the sell for Livia.>>Livia is a small, discrete
device that will magically neutralize your menstrual pains. [ Bleep ] Oh, this is painful! Why the hell am I on
a beach right now?!>>At 200 bucks the company is
cashing in on women desperate for relief from cramps.>>Son of a [ bleep ]! Oh, the pain is unbearable!>>Is the solution to your
painful period this simple? Is it really worth the buzz?>>This is cramp bark. It’s the bark of a tree. You drink it, it tastes horrible
but it will help your cramps.>>You have sex and
your cramps go away. I assure you.>>Unlike some of history’s more
creative solutions to a painful period, Livia says its device
is simple and scientifically proven to eliminate or reduce
pain from menstrual cramps for 86 percent of women.>>Help us fund Livia
and move from this…>>Ah!
>>To this.>>The promise of no more pills,
no more nonsense was enough to take Livia from a nearly $3
million Indigogo campaign to women’s waistbands
in just a few years.>>I’m still feeling great. I have not had to
take Ibuprofen or Aleve.>>I wouldn’t say my cramps
are gone but there’s a lot of relief.>>While some people swear
by it, in online testimonials experts, they’ve
got their doubts.>>This idea that it’s an
off switch, not quite true. It looked like a pretty
and expensive TENS unit.>>Transcutaneous electrical
nerve stimulation or TENS for short.>>You’ve probably seen TENS
units before at malls kiosks, infomercials, your
physiotherapist’s office.>>Feel that deep,
soothing relaxation.>>And you know Dr Ho? Yep.
He’s got one, too. Studies have shown high
frequency TENS can help reduce pain from menstrual cramps. But the TENS devices that Dr
Gunter and other OBs typically recommend to help
people with cramps? Those ones sell
for well under $100.>>They’re maybe not that
cute but they work great.>>Livia says it
stands by its science. Three studies, two on prototypes
that didn’t make it to market and a third on just 65 women. Gunter and others say
they’re far from conclusive.>>I didn’t find the
studies compelling. The idea that an industry funded
study would be taken at face value without peer review
is just not acceptable. I mean, that’s
really advertising.>>The company also says it
has a unique wave shape to its electrical pulse, which is what
sets it apart from other low cost TENS devices.>>I don’t know what wave means. Show me the data. It’s so easy. If you’ve proven
this, publish it.>>Something else to keep in
mind, severe cramping during your period could be a sign
of a more serious problem.>>It can be caused by fibroids,
endometriosis, adnomiosis. You’ll want to have that
investigation just to see if that might be you or not.>>So, while using Livia might
help you cut down on popping painkillers… experts say you might want to
consider saving some cash and opt for a more cost effective
but slightly less cute option.

20 thoughts on “The truth about Livia and your period pain (Buzzkill)”

  1. Placebo is a real effect and effective for pain; it's hard for me to say that this isn't significantly (or entirely?) placebo effect.
    Hopefully the studies were placebo controlled with "crap reducing" sugar pills and/or something like "cramp reducing" acupuncture (maybe controversial to use that as a "known placebo", but fact is it is one)

  2. Doctors took my menstrual pain about as seriously as this promotional video. After decades of being dismissed and patronized by the medical community, endometriosis had destroyed half the organs in my torso and left me infertile. Sorry, I don't find this cute.

  3. That's 100% a TENs unit. I work in the medical field. What a rip off you can have you insurance pay for it if your Doctor signs off it. FREE TENs that does the same thing.

  4. you can just take the pill continuously skipping the sugar pills/break week and stop having your period, and thus no cramps.

  5. I have endometriosis and other painful conditions the TENS unit doesn’t replace pain killers but can be helpful for like two minutes max after lol 😂

  6. How many different settings does it have though? Her advertising says that it has a specific setting that is supposed to be the best fit for menstrual pain. It doesn't work that way. The more options you have for pulses and intensity, the better. Everyone is different and has different settings that would work best. Different settings also keep you from getting tolerant to the unit.

  7. Just take the pill and don't take the sugar pills. I stopped mine altogether doing this and Dr. says its fine there's no risks or anything. I've been doing it for years and am soooo grateful. My cramps were worse the labor…literally.

  8. Watching this while experiencing menstrual pain:/ took 3 Tylenol last night& cramps did not go away:( I wish my period wasn't painful

  9. Why are we subjected to paying an extra $200 for our freaking menstrual pain?! I've ordered one that was less than $30 from Amazon and it works just as good as that thing does, if not, better than it. It helps me with my endometriosis symptoms but I STILL have to take anti-inflammatory medication and tylenol

  10. It's what social media does. Exploiting issues greater than itself. Nobody needs to acknoledge the degree of endurance here. It is after all spending energy reading comments and watching a report. If it feels better hope cbc don't disable comments and vent.

  11. OMG! 200$ for a mini tens! WTF! Just because is pink and for women? Pink tax? What's going on! I have fibromyalgia and paid less than 100$ for a TENS and I can use it also for cramps, unbelievable!

  12. Company: this is our revolutionary thing!
    me: it's a tens unit..
    vice: and doctors are saying it's a tens unit..
    me: because it's a tens unit LOL

    I got my TENS unit from Wish.com, did some research on the brand and it was for the price ($30 I think) the highest amount of output and the most setting levels to adjust that while still being battery operated AND chargeable with a usb. That's far superior to "we wont back it up but we adjusted it to the best setting for everyone" because no one setting is best for everyone. So they basically offer less and charge more for a cute little button u can clip to your belt..

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