– And then you’re gonna feel a finger, and some pressure. – [Keith] Yup, yup, yup, yup, yup.
– [Dr. Rettig] OK, here we go. – [Keith] Oh, oh.
– [Dr. Rettig] And there’s your prostate. (upbeat instrumental music) – Movember is this thing that helps raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. – Movember’s a great organization, we’re not growing mustaches,
we’re doin’ one better. – And it involves the finger. – Butt stuff. – Today we are gonna get our prostates examined by a medical professional. – I’m grateful for the
opportunity to raise awareness for this thing and if we
can make some people smile along the way, that’s great. – Prostate exam. So, prostate cancer is the
most commonly diagnosed cancer amongst men in the United States. – Approximately 14% of
men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some
point in their lifetime. – Oh no! – My grandfather died from colon cancer and something that could
potentially affect me. – It rarely occurs in men under 50. – Oh. – I don’t actively think about
being susceptible to cancer. It’s not in my family, I’m a young person who can take on the world. – Testicular cancer is a
cancer that the Try Guys need to worry about,
because testicular cancer is the most common cancer
amongst men age 20 to 40. – I only came in here for prostate, I didn’t know we were gonna
be doing nut feeling, too. I didn’t know I had to worry about this. – Don’t call it nut feeling.
(laughing) – [Voiceover] It’s not nut feeling. – Well, that’s what it– Is that what it is? – Yeah. (beeps) – But, it’s for a good cause. – The mustache is a way to get
men to have a conversation. We made it fun to talk about
a very serious set of issues. – Why do you think men have such a problem talking about health? – I think it stems from masculinity and this concept of man-up. I remember when I was
growing up, you know, you broke a finger, you just kind of threw some duct tape on it. It’s a cultural thing, it’s
getting past or redefining what it means to be a man. – If it takes just one finger
up the butt to find out a life or death situation,
stick the whole hand up my butt. – We’re gonna trust this
doctor to take care of us, take (laughing) real good care of us. Should we do the testicular exam first or go straight for the gold? – We’ll do both of them at the same time.
– [Voiceover] Oh, OK. – [Keith] Same time?
– [Ned] What? It’s like a? – Sequentially, with one– (laughs) (instrumental music) – Oh my god, it’s not what
I expected at all (laughs). – So, we’re gonna do
the genitourinary exam. I’m gonna exam your testicles. To see if there’s any abnormality. OK, we ready?
– [Ned] Hope there’s not, yeah, I’m ready. – OK, I think it’s a good
idea starting at about age 20 to age 40 to do a self-exam every month. – Ya hear that YouTube? – Touch them nuts. The testicular exam was nothin’. – He just felt the top of the ball, which I didn’t realize
there was a top of the ball. (coughs) – And the left one feels just fine. – Do I need to cough? – [Voiceover] Just a
stranger touchin’ your nuts. – As does the right one, great. – Nice, phew. – So let’s move on to
the digital rectal exam. – Never had anything up my butt, well– – Men that are age 25 to 40
have to get their nuts felt and men that are age 50 or older have to get their butts poked. – That’s basically right, yup. – So 40 to 50, those are the golden years. (laughs) – Lie on your side with
your right side down. Bring your knees up a bit
to expose your bottom, OK? – Bottom exposed. – Don’t some people bend over? – Yeah, that can be done also. You can just stand up and lean over and put your elbows on the table. – Has anyone done, like, missionary style? – The doctor had us lay on our sides, Eugene, of course, bent
over because he’s Eugene. – I think it goes deeper
when you do doggie-style. – And he poured a ton
of lube on that finger. – It wasn’t anything
sexual, he’s a doctor. – He pressed his finger up
against my delightful anus. – Oh.
– [Dr. Rettig] Some pressure. – And then just went– (shooting noise) – [Voiceover] He was in the butt. – Oh my god. Oh my god. – And then he said, “OK, we’re goin’.” And then, boom. – And it’s nice and smooth. – Great. – He just plunged his finger
deep inside my rectum. It was hill deep. – And, everything feels
fine, normal, smooth. – So that was, efficient. – [Voiceover] Super quick, very painless.
– [Eugene] Oh, oh. Whoa, that was way deeper than I expected. Lubed up, in and out. – And you feel fine, all right. – OK. – And here’s some tissue if you need it. – What do you say after you’re penetrated by a handsome man? – I just had a finger up my butt. – Well, you did a great job.
(laughing) – All in all, this was actually
a really educational day. – Now I know what I’m getting myself into and it’s really, it’s not that bad. – It’s super harmless,
it’s super painless. – Compare it to what women go through. – Scraped in the vagina with metal stuff. – Every year? Oh. – Cancer’s not something you think about but then when you go in
to get checked for cancer, it’s, it’s really scary. – That was a lot of talking
about cancer all at once, does that ever get difficult? – Of course it gets difficult
taking care of patients who have serious illness, but
we do a good job sometimes and these patients can
live quite some time, and sometimes they’re even
cured of their disease. – Best thing for people to do,
in terms of getting involved, is go to Movember.com,
sign up, get engaged, understand what we’re
trying to do in the world, have a conversation with
your friends and family, and get a team started
and raise a little money. – I’m ready to go into the shower and constantly feel my balls (laughs). – But if you can, just grow the mustache. – Grow a mo and save a bro. – I wanna thank Dr. Rettig and the UCLA Jonsson
Comprehensive Cancer Center. – I’m grateful that we had the opportunity to spread awareness by
spreadin’ our cheeks. Can we go one more? – [Voiceover] Lube for YouTube. – [Voiceover] There it is. (yells) – Nice job, guys.

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