I don’t know if Epic Reads normally has
a lot of swearing, but today it does. Hello, we are the Try Guys. Today we’re here at Epic Reads,
and we are going to be matching our personalities to young adult tropes,
YA tropes, tropes, baby!>>YA are we doing this?>>[LAUGH] Well, A,
the answer is because it’s fun, Zach.>>[LAUGH]
>>And we are here to promote our new book, The Hidden Power of [BLEEP] Up,
by us, the writers of the book. We wrote it, it’s great.>>We love book book
>>Hastag Team Nedward>>[BLEEP] you wrote something?>>I wrote it a bit yeah, I wrote a joke.>>You should write tryguys.com/book
>>No, he’s writing something else.>>Yeah write something else
>>Wow.>>So here’s how it’s gonna work. I’m going to read out some tropes. Each of us are going to write down
the Try-guy in which we think these tropes most apply. And whoever’s is the most written name
will be definitively that young adult trope.>>Can I pre-write my first answer?>>You sure can.>>[LAUGH] You sure can. And then always-
>>I think you should always rewrite your answer. [LAUGH]
>>We can suss it out, if you feel like you’ve
been wrongfully troped.>>Yeah.>>Tell us why?>>Right.>>Yeah.>>We ready?>>Yeah.>>What are some common YA topes?>>Well we’re about to find out.>>Whoa.>>Well, person born to parents
that don’t love them, and they save the world,
that’s pretty typical. I like Jessica,
Jessica likes Steve, Steve likes->>Me, the love triangle.>>Me, the love triangle, stuff like that.>>Yeah, okay, vampires become friends.>>Nerd punches villain, always great.>>I love a good love quadrangle. But if we’re being real, it’s always a triangle with
an extra appendage thrown on top.>>Yeah.>>Right.>>Let’s do this.>>All right, let’s do this. Round one, of all the Try Guys,
who would be the chosen one?>>[MUSIC]>>All right your answers-
>>I pre-filled my answer.>>Write your answers down, and then we will reveal who
you think is the chosen one. [MUSIC]>>Man.>>Okay, I’m ready.>>Me too.>>What’s funny, are you thinking like, at first I was thinking
the chosen one Harry Potter. But Neo in The Matrix
is also the chosen one.>>True.>>Very different.>>Well, but they’re both chosen.>>That’s true.>>Classic Joseph Campbell hero’s journey. You all mess with Joey Camps,
I know you guys do.>>Let’s reveal down the line. I will start for this round. I think the chosen one is Zach.>>I have to agree,
I believe I am the chosen one.>>I pre-filled my answer and
that’s Eugene.>>I’m going to say myself too.>>Whoa.>>Wow.>>Let’s start with you guys,
why do you think Eugene?>>Because the chosen one
is always a white guy.>>Yes, that’s why I went with Zach.>>I want to flip the script,
I want to flip the script.>>I thought if there’s one person
to save the world would be Eugene. But also, I pre-filled my answer,
so I really didn’t have a choice.>>But the chosen one, I feel in YA,
and really in a lot of fiction, is always this unassuming, the underdog who then discovers this
great purpose and goes on a journey.>>Right,
I chose Zach because of how meek he is.>>I’m the most pathetic
with the most room to grow.>>You’re right, I pre-filled the wrong
answer, I gotta change it to Zach.>>Eugene,
you can save the world right now. Zach has to go on a hero’s
journey to be the chosen one.>>Okay, you convinced me otherwise.>>But I do like you calling out
the inherent racism of most books.>>Always a white guy, or a white girl. Or someone who is not white, but
then they cast them as white in the movie.>>Right, yes.>>I’ve been called lately an uwu.>>What?>>Uwu.>>What’s that mean?>>You know what I’m talking about,
Eugene?>>I don’t know what you mean,
what’s an uwu?>>U-W-U, it’s people who know, they know.>>All right round two.>>Most likely to be biting their lip.>>Duh.>>Most likely to be biting their lip. [MUSIC]>>Do we just flip it at the same time?>>Yeah, three.>>Hold on, hold on.>>Classic lip biters,
Bella…three two one.>>Keith.>>So it’s me as anxiety. But Keith as a sexy thing.>>Yeah, well this is young adult so
it’s only sexy. Anxious people don’t do
sexy things in books.>>Yeah, it’s all sexy.>>I just like.>>No, but that’s not lip biting, that’s-
>>Okay, then Keith, yeah.>>Keith is always so
beautiful, and sexy, and->>Also he does the->>Trembling in his sexuality.>>You also do,
if you were nervous as a YA lead heroine, your bite is not only anxious,
but also alluring.>>Yeah, yeah.>>So give us the anxious and alluring.>>Wow.>>Wow, and
brush back your hair behind your ear>>That really makes->>[LAUGH] That’s good, that’s really good.>>Team Nedward wanna talk to you.>>Yeah.>>I wasn’t thinking
about it in a YA context. You guys are totally right.>>Yeah.>>[LAUGH]
>>All right, the next round, most likely to go on
an intergalactic adventure.>>Hell yeah, I’m writing myself. You don’t even need to know.>>Well I guess, yeah, Ned,
[LAUGH] You just announced it.>>[LAUGH].>>I’m just gonna put Ned out of spite.>>Spoiler alert!>>I also wrote Ned but
I misspelled it as Med. [LAUGH]
>>Yeah, Ned.>>I kinda would rather see Eugene do it.>>Yeah, but who would?>>Okay, sure, but who would?>>Who would do it?>>Who would?>>Yeah.>>Boom!>>[LAUGH]
>>Intergalactic dad.>>Ned’s a scientist, he likes science.>>Another good angle.>>Yes.>>And if we were Star Trek or something,
you would be the captain in Star Trek.>>Yeah.
>>You’re like->>Yep, [BLEEP] it up.>>Just like The Hidden Power
of [BLEEP] ing Up.>>I don’t know if Epic Reads normally
has a lot of swearing, but today it does. So there’s a lot of bleeps, or a lot of
people stopping the video, all right.>>Well, buckle the [BLEEP] up
cuz we’re just getting started.>>Woo, okay.>>Most likely to have a redemption arc.>>Ooh.>>Obviously.>>This is tough actually. What are you talking about?>>Redemption arc?>>Cuz they have to be redeemed though. So something bad, they did something bad?>>I don’t know about most likely,
but the writer’s gonna really try and make this happen.>>Yeah, I guess this one’s pretty bad.>>Yes.>>Okay.>>One, two, three, Eugene.>>Yeah, I think I’m the only one who’s
considered in any way a dark personality. So yeah, I get it. You can’t have a redemption arc if you
aren’t villainous or bad at some point.>>Think about in our work, right? We had you refuse the call to action,
again hero’s journey, Joseph Campbell.>>My God don’t bring this up,
Jesus Christ.>>But by the end he learned
the joy of sitting on Keith’s lap.>>But I never learned the joy
of sitting on Keith’s lap, you forced me to sit on Keith’s lap. That’s not a redemption arc.>>That’s redemption!>>Captain James Tiberius Kirk.>>We’re authors.>>You’re a real Snape, aren’t you?>>[COUGH] You sure are!>>You’re a real Snape.>>No, I’m more of a Nagini,
cuz apparently she was a Korean woman.>>Eugene, you’ve wanted to sit on
Keith’s lap after all this time?>>Did you not see Crimes of Grindelwald?>>No, I didn’t see it because-
>>Yeah, JK was like, yo, it’s a Korean, like the snake that gets
beheaded by Longbottom.>>Yep, spoiler alert.>>That was vaguely problematic.>>By the way, we over the next couple
years will be telling you revised histories of our book as well. So we’re gonna be changing some
of the detail of our book.>>You know what if-
>>Our book was more in the YA genre.>>The redemption arc you’re
thinking of is me with your baby.>>There it is.>>Yeah.
>>Yeah.>>Well that’s actually
what I was thinking of, and then you said lap sitting,
and I’m like right.>>Cuz I like his baby now.>>Yeah, and you love lap-sitting.>>Yeah, and you have that transformation
of being redeemed about kids.>>All right guys,
I’ve got a really good one. Most likely, I think this is supposed
to be two of us, maybe even more.>>Uh-oh.>>Most likely to be in
an enemies to lovers romance?>>Start as enemies Become lovers.>>Yeah, we’ve done this.>>Enemies to lovers.>>This one’s hard.>>It’s cuz you don’t love me, Ed.>>I mean, honestly, all of us. [LAUGH] I could and
would watch that for anybody.>>I just have a feeling
everyone’s gonna…>>That’s a good answer too.>>Everyone’s gonna put someone with me.>>I, it well.>>Well.>>You know what, that’s old Cannon.>>Well, yeah.>>I’m going to flip the switch.>>[LAUGH] Not me, I’m going to say not me
>>Yeah, because I feel like Eugene’s is going to be in everyone’s,
I’m going to flip it, yeah.>>Well, let’s go down the line then cuz
it seems that we got some differences.>>Okay.>>Starting with you.
>>I chose the classic old-school relationship between Zach and Eugene.>>Because Zach and Eugene, Zach is
very much always pushing Eugene, and Eugene always rejects that. So that seems to be the most
likely enemies to lovers, because that’s probably
the biggest no going on right now.>>We also, creatively, behind the scenes, we have a lot of fun butting
heads to figure stuff out.>>That’s true.>>[LAUGH]
>>Touche.>>I wrote Keith and Eugene cuz my
mind’s really stuck on that lap sitting. So yeah, we’re gonna make another
couple hundred of those videos.>>I chose Ned and Eugene, because Eugene-
>>I told you.>>We used to be so competitive in
the athletic videos, the wrestling. And then-
>>Right.>>We are able to loosen up a little
bit and just have fun making sushi.>>That’s also canonical as well.>>Yeah.>>And who’d you choose?>>Because I had the redemption arc.>>Right. So I flipped it. I’m saying Ned and Zach.>>[SOUND]
>>And I think that’s because I think, out of all four of us, they truly
have the most inherent friction.>>I thought you were
gonna say sexual tension.>>Inherent friction and sexual tension.>>Did I say it wasn’t
sexual tension as well?>>Are we the only,
who has kissed on The Try Guys, you?>>I feel like I’ve kissed everyone.>>I think it’s everyone.>>I’m pretty sure I’ve kissed everyone.>>I jokingly kissed Ned in the K-pop.>>Yeah, yeah.>>That’s what I’m saying, Ned and I probably the only people
that haven’t kissed.>>See, I told you, I called it out.>>There’s a tension here for
sure and I can feel it.>>I think it’s cuz you
two are the most opposite, which I think in a literary sense
would make the most sparks fly.>>And I’m a slut.>>[LAUGH]
>>You are a slut.>>A little bit.>>It’s all that lip biting.>>I like this one, cuz this will probably
not be a Eugene answer, I imagine. Who would be the villain in this story but
who doesn’t know it? [MUSIC] Even they don’t know it.>>Even they don’t know?>>Even they don’t know truly. They think they’re operating in a good,
moral principle, but actually, it’s wrong.>>Wow.>>Sort of like Thanos.>>Okay.
>>Thanos is kind of like a good he to himself and
probably it’s not right. You know there is the overpopulation
is a problem, but that’s not the solution, right?>>So who’s Thanos?>>So who’s Thanos?>>But they don’t know that,
or the audience?>>It says.>>Can someone clarify?>>This says who would be the villain
in the story but doesn’t know it? This reads like they don’t know it.>>No, so she clarified. It’s not that the person doesn’t know it,
which is way more complex.>>The audience doesn’t know it.
>>It’s that the audience trusts this person but they’re actually a villain.>>That’s a different trope. That’s a totally different trope.>>I was gonna say myself. It’s not me.>>I was gonna say-
>>I was gonna say Ned.>>This is the classic somewhat
unassuming or seemingly good character->>Okay well that’s also-
>>That turns out to be the backstabbing person.>>That’s more obvious to me. I was picturing Ned as the you
can’t handle the truth. Okay, so this is the person
that the audience trusts and love but then in the third act-
>>Do you do acts in books?>>That’s something
completely devastating.>>It turns out to be a terrible villain.>>Yeah, I wrote Keith.>>Keith.>>Keith.>>I wrote Zach. But I don’t know, well, if you’re like a fabulous villain
who’s like, [EVIL LAUGH] monologuing.>>Obviously-
>>That makes sense.>>That’s why I’m using
my sluggish powers.>>No, I said cuz like Zach, I feel like in the storyline you would
be the most unassuming as a character. They’d be like, everyone likes Zach. He’s fine.>>Dude, I would love that.>>He’s not someone that
you’d be like in any way. You have, not villainous tendencies, but it would seep out of your
face every now and then.>>That’s true.>>Yeah.
>>But no, I agree with Keith. I agree with Keith.>>Yeah, it’s a good choice.>>Yeah.
>>It’s a good choice.>>I want to be the villain.>>Well, you’ll be a villain some day.>>I want to be a bad guy.>>You’ve just got to be more bad.>>Bad boy.>>Bad boy.>>You’re just such a bad boy.>>I’m a bad boy.
>>Okay, we know the answer to this, it was who would survive Hunger Games? Eugene followed closely be Ned. We’ll skip that.>>I would trip on my way running
to get the weapon at the beginning.>>Yeah, cause Ned, it would be down to me
and Ned, but Ned would resort to strength.>>I would say, that Hunger Games,
the beginning is just dodge ball. [LAUGH]
>>Yeah.>>And I was never the one to run
to the light so I’m not gonna win.>>And you can’t catch
the weapons in Hunger Games.>>No.>>No.>>And it’s the Cornucopia at
the beginning, is that what it’s called?>>Maybe I have a leg up?>>No, you would lose a leg.>>No.>>You’d be down a leg.>>Yeah, you would die immediately.>>But it’s Cornucopia?>>It’s basically a sprint to weapons and
a massacre.>>But that’s my name.>>Your name doesn’t do anything.>>It’s my drag name.>>Well, maybe if by your name you mean
you’re in district two with the most training and resources. Yeah, maybe, but
they would never pick you.>>I think I would be Stanley Tucci.>>Yeah, I’ll accept that, and
you’d be, what’s her face?>>Eugene.>>Effie Trinket.>>Primrose Everdeen!>>[LAUGH]
>>Eugene, would you run towards the Cornucopia or
would you run away?>>I think I would probably run away.>>I’d definitely run away.>>Yeah, see, that’s gonna be one and two.>>I think I would sprint
to one back pack then run.>>Well, you gotta get at least something.>>I’d get to a close backpack,
but not go straight to the middle.>>I’d get the frying pan.>>I’m not gonna make artwork on
my body and hide in the river.>>I’ve often thought that-
>>Am I a good painter?>>Yeah.
>>If I’m in a zombie apocalypse or anything, I’m just gonna go get
a nice meal and kinda wait for my inevitable fate.>>Who’s going to serve
you that very nice meal?>>A very slow zombie waiter.>>I’m just gonna-
>>Tapas. Sparkle. Okay.>>Okay.
>>Bread.>>And hands are shaking as they-
>>We only serve human flesh. And for
the special the fresh market crudite.>>[LAUGH] And Brains.>>And the duck.>>[LAUGH]
>>And you.>>All right now we’re going
into different cinematic tropes. Let’s go back to why.>>Yeah I like this one. This is gonna be really interesting for
us. Who would sacrifice themselves for
the greater good? This is not exactly for another person,
but for the greater good.>>Wow.
>>That means that selfless sacrifice for all of humanity, the greater good.>>You know, I’m trying to think
of what the book is, right? [MUSIC]>>Okay, let’s pick this one.>>It’s often—
>>It’s also, like in those situations, usually in a blaze of glory.>>Yeah,
this is our end of Independence Day.>>Yeah.>>We’re all in fighter jets,
all of our missiles are locked, we can’t get them to shoot, so
we have to be the one that says, I’m back! And you have
>>Yeah, great reference.>>Yeah, that’s the perfect one, right?>>And storywise,
I think that they’re more meaningful and impactful when that person has
more to lose, more to live for. That’s true.>>Sacrifice is reflective of a loss.>>Or, let that person do that like you. You choose the second guy, like the guy
and it saves the guy he’s like he’s he’s he has had his his circle story so
he is willing now to give himself up.>>It’s like I’m Boromir
in Fellowship of the Ring.>>Yeah.>>Or Bruce Willis in Armageddon.>>See I think Bruce Willis-
>>Bruce Willis was more of a main character.>>I think that’s a better example though.>>Yeah but we’re also considering that
we’re all potentially main characters in the story right? Unless-
>>I’m also now choosing which one of us that’s not me because
I don’t want to die.>>[LAUGH]
>>I know it’s not Keith.>>I chose not me.>>You know what, I know who,
it’s between two people, I think.>>I think, ultimately,
it’s who is the saddest, but also->>Saddest.>>Yeah.>>I don’t know if it’s the sad person. Maybe it is, sometimes it is,
you’re right. A lot of tropes to choose from here.>>All right, I was gonna pick you, but
you just said you don’t want to die, so I had to change my answer.>>No, you could have stuck to it.>>Well.>>Okay, Eugene, you want to start?>>Yeah, I’m going to say Ned or myself. I think Ned out of glory or
family and me out of principle. And also the fact that I have very
little sense of my well being.>>True.>>Overall, I, yeah,
care very little about it yeah.>>It’s heartfelt. I said me.>>Yeah, I think it’s Ned. I think that there’s that
moment where it’s like, I love you, honey, then he flies into the-
>>Maybe in the more romantic like sacrifice and all.>>Yeah.>>He knows the only way to keep this
family safe is to never see them again.>>For the people that I love.>>Yeah.>>That’s got really heavy.>>Yeah, it’s true though,
Ned would do that.>>Or maybe you, I don’t know.>>No, no, no,
I think if it’s real people.>>All answers are equally valid but
some of us kinda copped out and picked two answers.>>I love this one! The one who thinks they’re plain but
is actually really beautiful.>>And takes off the glasses and-
>>Yeah, aww, who thinks they’re plain, but they’re actually super beautiful? Aww, aww, so
which one of us thinks they suck?>>[LAUGH]
>>Who’s got the lowest self-esteem?>>[LAUGH]
>>I know.>>Thinks they’re plain but
really beautiful. [MUSIC]>>What do you guys think?>>I went with Zach cuz I
think he is super beautiful. He’s my little corn buddy. And sometimes he’s down on himself, but I think he’s a ray of
sunshine into the world.>>What do you guys think?>>I’ll say Zach too.>>What do you think, Ned?>>Just because he also does this,
where he’ll take off his glasses and just be like, I’m so hot.>>Well, I, on the other hand, said Zach,
cuz he’s always so self deprecating.>>Whoah, kiss me.>>[LAUGH]
>>This one’s funny. I feel like I should change this around. This is who has a quirky
dysfunctional family, but I’d rather assign the roles of us
as a quirky dysfunctional family.>>Okay.>>So everybody just assigns-
>>Okay, we’re just gonna->>Yeah, we’re gonna with->>YA.>>Keith, Ned, Zach, Eugene.>>Yeah, Keith, Ned, Zach, Eugene. I guess we could all come up
with our own quirky thing.>>Yeah come up with your own wild family.>>This is gonna take forever.>>No, just real quick.>>Give it a sec,
we’ll play a clip of us looking hot.>>This is so obvious, actually.>>I’ll start us off. Okay, so leading this family is
Keith as the hysterical mother. Ned as the inept dad, but
he’s very strong, like super swole, just superhero muscles. Zach is the beautiful,
popular college grad daughter.>>Nice.>>And then Eugene is the angry teen,
and he raises bugs.>>That’s pretty good.>>Raise bugs.>>Has a lot of terrariums.>>What does that mean?>>You raise bugs. Not like from the dead.>>[LAUGH]
>>You just raise them.>>It’s a different-
>>I like raise from the dead.>>I feel like,
it’s possible in your character?>>Keith, you and I were very close. I have Keith as the exasperated mother
who’s always just like, ugh, kids, ugh, ugh!>>I’m hysterical!>>Ned is the hapless but hot-blooded
father who just always gets so angry! I’m the little rapscallion child
just always getting into trouble, a real Tommy Pickles. And Eugene is the temperamental teen. Just like, ugh,
I can’t even with you guys.>>Ugh.>>Very close.>>Yeah.>>Are you similar Eugene, or no? Are you very far off cuz
Ned’s is very funny.>>I think mine’s probably the most
accurate, but this is funny too.>>Why don’t we end on Ned then?>>Okay, I think mine’s right. I think Keith is a Frankenstein monster. And he’s the weird hyper son. Cuz you never know what you’re gonna get. He’s either like mmmmm or
he’s sorta like MMMMMM. Ned is the upstanding but
overworked father, and he’s a mummy. And of course,
the mom is out of the picture or dead. We don’t know. But he’s always looking for my wife. Zach is the crotchety grandfather
who’s a werewolf, and he doesn’t wanna change into
werewolf cuz it’s so much work. It’s too hot in here.>>I love when you have the fur on,
its so.>>It’s just so hot.>>There’s no regulation,
I’ve to pant and cool myself down.>>And of course,
I’m the rebellious teenage daughter, who also happens to be a vampire,
the protagonist of the story, stuck in this weird,
quirky monster family.>>I’d watch that.>>Probably have super powers.>>Yes.>>Yeah.
>>Crazy super powers.>>You could still raise bugs.>>Because I am the chosen one.>>Yeah, there it is.>>Well, no, not on this note. It says I’m not white.>>Guys, am I crazy? I would read this.>>You’re a vampire, so
actually you’d probably be pretty pale.>>I’d be pretty white, yeah. You’re right. [LAUGH]
>>Does anyone wanna publish this, cuz I’m like super down.>>Yeah, all right, your turn.>>I actually love YA fiction. Eugene is in Dauntless from Divergent. Zach is Jacob from Twilight. Ned is Jace from Mortal Instruments and
Keith is Mrs. Weasley.>>You’re all getting sweaters from Mrs.
Weasley. [LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH]>>Why is Keith Mrs. Weasley?>>Of course, I am Mrs. Weasley.>>Cuz he’s tending to everyone,
making sure everyone is good and correct.>>And can you say her most iconic line?>>Not my daughter, you [BLEEP]. [LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH]>>That’s how she did it, right?>>No, a little more like powerful.>>Not my daughter, you [BLEEP].>>[LAUGH]
>>Like that?>>Pretty goddamn close.>>Pretty perfect?>>Yeah.>>Well, this has been a blast. Thanks for having guys,
we are the Try Guys. We got a book, it’s out right now, it’s
called the Hidden Power of [BLEEP] Up. Go read it.>>Yeah,
it’s not young adult fiction at all.>>But we’re young adults.>>But we’re young adults.>>It’s young adult non-fiction.>>YA non-fiction.>>YAN.>>YAN.>>So check out YAN at
anywhere fine books are sold.>>And then stay tuned for
our follow up which is, what are we gonna call that, Eugene?>>It’s called My Crazy Monster Family.>>[LAUGH]
>>We’re workshopping the title.>>[LAUGH]
>>Working title, yeah. [MUSIC]

72 thoughts on “The Try Guys Match Their Personalities to YA Tropes | Epic Reads”

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