– So this is an insight as to what I will look like as an old man. – Seeing Ned who is my best
friend as an 80-year-old, that’s gonna be tough! – 80? Is that the projected age? 80 years old? Oh, gosh. – [Keith] Looking at
yourself in the mirror, and seeing yourself in the future, I think it’s gonna be kind
of emotional for some of us. – [Ariel] I feel excited! – Are you ready?
– I’m ready! – Three.
– Two. – [Ned] One. (Ariel shouts loudly) – [Eugene] This is going to be the most relatable Try Guys series ever. – [Man] Old age is made up! – [Keith] I’ll never get
old, I’ll never die! – [Man] We all expect to live longer and we’re demanding to live better. – Let’s get old! (intense music) (transitions to orchestral music) Hi, who are you?
– Hi! I’m Leigh! (laughs) – Hey, Leigh! So what do you do? – [Leigh] I am a makeup artist,
I do special effects makeup, and I guess we’re gonna be making you old! – I want a bib. Where’s my bib? – Today we’re going to get transformed into the old versions of ourselves. – [Zach] She’s gonna be looking at everything we’ve talked
about in this series: our life habits, our genetics. – [Keith] We’ve sent them pictures of our grandfathers and our fathers. – I think we’re gonna be really shocked. I just pray to God I look like my dad. – So are we doing prosthetics? – We are doing prosthetics! Using small pieces to
kinda puzzle piece together to keep the integrity of your look. – At the end of this video, we are going to reveal ourselves to some of the most important
people in our lives. – Everything else is like, you’re theorizing, you’re imagining, but no, this is hard look
at yourself in the mirror, you look old now. Makeup!
– Hello! – [Leigh] Hi! How are you today? – I’m feeling awfully young. – Well, we’re gonna fix that. – Oh, thank goodness! – I think we need to kinda figure out exactly how you will age. – Mm! My family ages well and I’m
not going to bring up race but it is because I’m Asian. – I will say that as I’ve gotten older, I feel like I’ve gotten more handsome. So, will that continue? Will I just become more
handsome as I get older? – Men are lucky. We’re considered attractive
when we’re older. I get that that’s fucked up but I’m looking to take advantage of it. – Becky, my wife, she is constantly trying to prevent me from getting wrinkles and I’m constantly doing this. – You know how many creams I put on him? A lot. If Keith is in there
looking wrinkly as fuck, I want my money back. – (chuckles) That’s my Becky. (pleasant music) – Next time I see you, you’re
gonna be 50 years older. Let’s get into it. I’m gonna show you some pictures of my grandparents.
– Awesome! – Ned’s a pretty handsome man so I think he’s gonna
be a cute old person. – [Ned] This is my dad’s
father, my grandpa. – [Leigh] He is so adorable! – I’ve definitely noticed
as I’ve gotten older, my face has changed. More haggard, I am the Prince of Persia and these are the sands
of my time. (laughs) (people laughing) – I think I’m gonna look like
the California sun raisin. People love raisins! An underrated snack. Do raisins kill dogs? Well, that’ll teach them to
stay away from my snacks. You got your food, I got mine. This is my grandfather who he had a pretty robust head of hair. – [Leigh] Yeah! – I’m not gonna have that. (laughs) – I know he’s gonna be bald, something he’ll have to adjust
to, I’ll have to adjust to. – Men are worried about losing their hair. I feel like he’s worried about it, that someday he is going to lose his hair. – I think my hair is a little different. They are both balding, so
that is probably in my future. – Might wanna mentally prepare for. (fast-paced orchestral music) – Uh-oh. Oh, god. Oh no! Oh! Oh, my hair. – [Man] What do you think you look like? – I think I look like One Punch Man. – [Eugene] Are you going bald? – No, I’m not going bald. – Oh, we’re the non-baldies.
– We’re not the baldies. – That’s why we’re together. – Yeah. – Both my grandfathers had
passed before I was born. – Okay. – So I never have seen my grandfathers. – [Leigh] Okay. – Because like war. – Sure! – [Eugene] But my dad is still alive. – [Leigh] He looks great! – Right?
– And he got the great crows feet smile lines. It looks like he smiles
a lot, he’s a happy guy. – He’s making up for a lot of lost time because of things like the war. – [Leigh] Oh, god! – My grandpa, he’s 104 now. – [Leigh] Okay! – He also had rickets as a kid. He was in World War II! This guy is unkillable! (laughs) – [Leigh] As you age,
you’ll get the age spots, you’ll get extra wrinkles,
probably some more moles. – [Keith] I got this one. – You have that one! Do you drink, smoke, wear sunscreen? – Both.
– Stay hydrated? – Oh, I do not do that. – I don’t drink a crazy ton. I’m not an alcoholic.
– You’re not an alcoholic. – No. – Drinking definitely affects your skin. You’ll get lots of broken
capillaries around the nose, around the chin, couple on the cheeks. Do you have a skincare routine? – [Keith] I have several face washes that I alternate using on different days. – I put a lot of creams
on him, I roll his face, we use rollers, we use Gua Shas. – [Keith] Some are exfoliating, some are just nourishing, and moisturizer. – Okay!
– And when I’m a good boy, I put on sunscreen but I’m pretty rarely a good boy.
– Wow! – I generally feel like
Ned’s pretty healthy too, so I feel like he’s gonna age well. – I wash my face and then
I put on moisturizer. – Okay!
– I’ve gotten into moisturizer recently.
– That’s great! You’re way ahead of a lot of guys. – I’ve actually been blessed with beautiful skin my entire life. I don’t do anything. I don’t wash my face. – [Leigh] You don’t wash your face? – I don’t wash my face. – Ever? – No. – [Leigh] You do have beautiful skin. That’s impressive! – Thank you.
(Leigh laughing) – [Leigh] Do you use sunscreen when you go outside?
– Yeah. – Okay.
– I have to. – That’s good! That’s great! – Korean people would
rather get eaten by zombies than have sun exposure
with zero sunscreen. – We might try and push you a little older to match what they’re gonna look like. – So instead of 80, I’ll be a centurion. ‘Cause like everything in
Asian culture, gotta get 100. (Leigh laughing) Pretty good, right? – (laughs) That was great.
– Pretty good! – Your skincare sounds amazing. You’re doing great. – But it’s entirely because– – I applaud you.
– Becky makes me do it. So I’d love to see what happens to my skin if I just didn’t care anymore. – We can do that. We’ll have a few little silicone pieces. Then we’re gonna paint the entire face. Last but not least, we’ll do your hair. We’ll probably lay some lace pieces, give you a nice trim up, maybe go for that same little cul-de-sac (orchestral music)
(Zach giggles) of hair. – [Eugene] I wanna look like my dad’s dad. – Okay!
– Maybe his older brother. – Does your dad have an older brother? – He has brothers but I’ve never met them. – Oh, okay. – ‘Cause of the war. (laughing) – God! (laughs) (fast-paced classical music) – [Ned] Okay. Let’s take it off. – Let’s take this off. – [Ned] Oh, boy! – [Keith] First we’ll
be revealing ourselves to some of the most important
people in our lives. – [Try Guys] Whoa! (laughs) – [Ned] Then, we’ll
confront old age head on as we take our first
terrifying look in the mirror. (upbeat music) Oh my goodness! (soft techno music) – [Man] So you feel ready? – I think it’s gonna be very emotional. I don’t know if you guys know this but Ned definitely knows this, I have a soft spot for old people. – When I imagine what
Ariel’s going to feel when she see’s me as an elderly man, God, I think she’s gonna be overwhelmed. – [Man] And. – Oh, there she is! We imagine ourselves growing old together and we imagine having grandkids together. – That’s the 50-year plan. – Keep looking down. Get in front of Ned.
– Okay. I feel excited? I also feel like I’m gonna cry ’cause Ned’s gonna be
a really cute old man. – [Ned] Aw! It’s gonna be too much to handle. Are you ready, Ariel? – [Ariel] Yeah, I’m ready. – [Ned] Okay, open your
eyes in, three, two, one! (upbeat techno music) (Ariel screams) (Ned laughs) – You are a cute old man! – Hello!
(both laughing) Can you imagine growing old with this? – Yeah, I think you look great! You look like you! The most surprising thing? Honestly, I’m not that surprised at all. I guess this is sort of what
I expected you to look like. You have a good amount of hair. Oh, apart from the bald spot! (both laughing) – Cute old guy.
– I like the flash of hair that you have in the front though. – Yeah, it’s kinda like I’m
old but I’m still a YouTuber. I haven’t seen myself yet. – You haven’t seen yourself? – I know! (pleasant jazz music) – Did your ears get bigger? No! Those are just the same size!
– No, that’s just my ears. (both laughing) (tense music) – I think that she’s gonna
think that I look cute but I don’t know that she’s
gonna be attracted to me. – My grandpa was bald and my grandma actually doesn’t remember what he looked like before. (Zach sighs) – [Zach] What are you
feeling right now, Maggie? – [Maggie] I’m scared! – [Zach] Why are you scared? – I don’t know. I may cry, who’s not? I don’t know, we’ll see. (laughing) – [Zach] Think I’m
gonna be a cute old man? – [Maggie] Yeah, I mean, yeah. – [Zach] What does that mean? (Maggie laughs) – I still love him. (laughing) – [Zach] I’m excited ’cause I
haven’t seen myself yet so– – Really?
– No, I need you to– – [Maggie] You have no
idea what you look like? – [Zach] No Idea. (suspenseful music) – [Interviewer] Do you feel ready? Ready for this reveal? – Ready as ever! (laughs) – [Zach] Three, two, one. (suspenseful music) – Oh my goodness! (Maggie and Zach laughing) – Hey!
– Oh my goodness! Okay.
(lighthearted guitar music) Okay. Okay. Okay! There’s a lot of skin,
hold on let me look in. – (laughs) She’s getting in there. – What did they do? How did they do this? You have a lot more wrinkles. – What? No, I’m not gonna wrinkle though. – Oh, you’re definitely gonna wrinkle. – Am I cute? – You’re cute. You’re a cute little old man. It’s weird though ’cause
you left the house like this and now you’re just
like, I’m old! (laughing) – Would you date me if I looked like this? – Right now? – Yeah.
– Absolutely not. Well, I mean… (bouncy music) We’re gonna age together. – Wait, so you wouldn’t date
me if I looked like this? – Right now?
– Yeah, right now! – If you just turned into this today?
– Right, like overnight, I get cursed by a witch. – Okay, and then you
just woke up this way? – Yes. – Okay, you’re still the same person, yes. – Yeah, so you would! You would date me?
– Yeah, I would date you. – I probably wouldn’t date
you if you looked like me but that’s cause I want you. (Maggie giggles) – I’m excited to see Keith old. I’ve seen his parents. They look good. He’s got good genes,
got a good head of hair. – I assume in this reality
too that Becky’s just gone. Either she died or she left me. – Oh god!
– Because I don’t think she wouldn’t let me give up. – [Maggie] I saw your shoes! – [Keith] Oh, my shoes are– – Those didn’t get older! He’s been working out, who knows? Maybe he’ll look like Arnold
Schwarzenegger when he’s older. – She’ll love me no matter what. I don’t know. Maybe I think I’ll look
super hot when I’m old. You ready, Becky?
– U-huh. – Three, two, one. (upbeat music) One! (everyone laughing) What do you think? (Keith laughing) How do I look? – It’s like a horror movie! You look like you died! (laughing) (eerie music) Ooh, no, you’re scaring me! – And I’ll love you no matter what! (people laughing) – You look like the man who’s trying to protect his house! (people laughing) (Zach cheers) And then he’s dead! He’s actually dead! Oh my god, why? Why are you like this? What happened to your teeth? – All the coffee over time. – [Maggie] You’re not
gonna trim your ears? – [Keith] You’re supposed to trim my ears! (Maggie laughing) – Something happened to my hands! – Maybe you don’t like the glasses. – I don’t know if that’s it. (everyone laughs) I’m gonna pee my pants! (everyone laughs) – Can we make her look old, please? This seems very one-sided. (Maggie laughs) – I hate it so much! What happened? – Well, I’m 104. – Oh. Looking good, babe. – Thanks, honey. (Keith sighs) – [Eugene] I think my parents look pretty good for their age. I don’t know what he’s gonna think. I hope it’s like looking in a mirror or maybe I look like his father. Hey, Dad! – Hi! – [Eugene] You guys ready to see me? – Hi, Eugene! Yes, I’m ready. (upbeat music) – [Man] Three, two, one. (energetic music) – Wow! You look different! You look very old, young man. – Thank you, I look older than you! – Yeah, you look awful! (laughing) Why they sewed your neck? – [Eugene] Oh, they gave me a chicken, turkey, gobble gullet. – Wow! (laughing) – They were supposed to
go off of our genetics and photos of you and mom. Because you already look so young, they had to make me look more
like I’m a hundred something. – Well, you’re handsome, Eugene. The more I look at you,
the more you look great. – Thank you! I haven’t seen myself yet. – No, you actually, you
still look awful. (laughter) Goodbye, Eugene! – Bye Dad! I’m excited to look at this wattle. (suspenseful music) – Okay. Okay. – [Man] Do you want to look
at yourself now, Keith? – I would love to look at myself. – Three, two, one! (suspenseful music) – Oh my goodness! – Oh! Oh! Whoa! Holy shit! – Oh wow, look at the size of that mole! (Maggie giggles) (Eugene hums) – What? – Oh, you were so much
kinder to me than I would be. (orchestral music) – Mm! I like it. – I don’t think I look great. I wouldn’t say that I
look like I’m a murderer. – No, a ghost! – Oh, this neck! (playfully mumbling) – I’m old as fuck! – Look at all those liver spots! What makes liver spots happen? Too much fried chicken? – Oh my god, I love the freckles. I look like Lucy Liu. – My cheeks are so big! My whole face is discolored! Oh! There’s no hair there. – [Zach] Whoa, I need to
start moisturizing, shit! – [Keith] Okay, yeah,
sunscreen, dental hygiene, get that mole checked. – [Ned] I don’t know that I
like looking at myself this old. (orchestral music) – [Ariel] I honestly like… You don’t look that different. – I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not.
– You look older! No!
(both laughing) It is! (laughing) – Can you imagine me
drunkenly stumbling out of a K-barbecue place, right? I’m like all those guys who’s like, yeah! (speaks in foreign language) (fumbling) Koreans know what I’m talking about. – Now, what will you
be like when we’re old? – I’ll be partying. – Yeah, we party a lot. (soft laughing) – I wanna live long and I wanna live well. I wanna live happy. I’ve got a lot of reasons
to want to live happy. (both laughing) Too cheesy? – No! – You’re gonna love me when I’m 85? – Yes, definitely. – But maybe Wes will have a kid some day, maybe we’ll have grandkids. – I hope we have grandkids. – I hope we have grandkids. – Yeah! – We’ll be sitting on comfortable couches and comfortable chairs, watching
Netflix murder mysteries. – Oh, we’ll be like the old parents from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. – Oh! I’m gonna be Grandpa Joe and then I’ll win us a
lifetime supply of chocolate. – I don’t know if Grandpa Joe did that. – He was there. – I don’t know what movie you watched. – He was there! – It’s really isn’t that weird for me. – That’s good.
– Yeah? – It’s pretty weird for me. (everyone laughing) It was hard to confront
getting older and dying but it’s also heartwarming because there’s a lot about growing older that’s still really awesome. And now, all of the Try Guys. Ready? Three, two, one! – Bam! – [Try Guys] Whoa! (laughing) – I really appreciate in this series all the people we got to talk to. You should do that for yourself. Talk with your own grandparents and start thinking about what will it be like when you get older. – You look like Larry David. – Pretty, pretty, pretty good. Best case scenario, we’re
all gonna get really old. We all have a responsibility to ourselves to take care of our bodies, but we also have a responsibility to build the world that we wanna live in into our 80s, into our 90s, and beyond. – And this whole series
has made me realize how much life I still have yet to lead. – Anything that changes on the outside signifies so much more
growth on the inside and we should all look forward to becoming better versions of ourselves. So we should start respecting that and not make it something
that should be feared. We should make it something
that’s celebrated. (mellow music) (Becky laughs) (everyone laughs) (light rock music) – Are we hot grandpas? – I think we’re hot grandpas! – You look like a hot doctor. – Are we gfilfs? – Oh, you’re– – You look great! – You look great too!
– How do I look? Compliments! Give me the compliments!

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