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    Edit: I don’t think it’s fair that they made Ned use his legs, he has a weird knee ffs

  2. so ive been doing tae kwon do for 10 years now and im a black belt, for some reason i find that everything they did in their class was basically the same as what i do. even the belt system was the same even the form and the punches and kicks and starting position was the same

  3. Ned: I’m more of a lover and less of a fighter.

    Me: (Remembers when Ned had wrestled Eugene for the Greek Olympics and dominated him)

  4. Actually really psyched they went to a Tang Soo Do school. I trained in Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan for 13 years near Detroit and recognized so many in this video, from the uniforms and belts to the actual techniques they did to the Korean terminology… had the biggest smile on my face the whole time… love this one!

    PS: Eugene, Tang Soo Do and Tae Kwon Do are actually really similar. They both sprung from an original style called Soo Bahk Do until they split into the two separate martial arts.

  5. Ned is brave trying to break a board as he just practices it recently AND doing it with his uncomfortable foot, and he is impressive to break it. I've been practicing Taekwondo for 2 years now and it's still hard for me to aim and kick with my uncomfortable foot.

  6. super weird to stumble across this… my dad studied under Hwang Kee and it was part of my life growing up… Cool!

  7. Eugene: everyone should feel what it’s like to be punched in the face

    Me: oh I agree I did Karate too that’s why I watched this

  8. The tru guys should try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Rener and Ryron Gracie! They have their main training center in Torrance, California!

  9. tbh my sis is eight and she is in tae kon do ( its koren but we are vietnamese living in florida ) and she is a yellow belt. just saying i feel the same way a s a pleb who doesnt need karate but to just kick kidnapers from behind in the d*cks.

  10. Ned: "I'm more of a lover, not a fighter…"
    Thinks back to the UFC, nature, and Olympics vids…
    Me: …BULLSHIT!

  11. At my karate place we had to go to this like ceremony to get our next belt I quit because I just didn't want to do them just to get my next belt

  12. eh not going to lie that guy sounds pretty high if he think there is a warrior in everyone most people are born passive with little to no spirit in them. Warriors are an elite group ready to tackle anything thrown at them, ready the grab life by the cock and make it their bitch. its a birth right. you either have it or you dont. ugean was in his freakin element though.

  13. It looked like at 12:40 Keith was about to scream "FUCK YA!!" but realized that there were kids in the room so he only said "YA!!"

  14. cool. i did mixed martian arts called kuk sool (i forgot how to spell it) and did it for 7 years and recently earned my blackbelt <3

  15. The karate kid also made me want to do martial arts, but i did taekwondo for 7 years instead of karate lol

  16. The belt system is completely different to the American and English. It goes:
    White red stripe
    Yellow orange strip
    Orange green stripe (my belt)
    Green blue
    Blue purple
    And that's as far as I know 😀

  17. In the kids class when Zach made the joke and the children laughed, he was like, "I am among my people."

  18. I learn Karate too but the style I learn is called Goshin-ryu which is one of the original Japanese style and is different from what the Try Guys learnt… Still, I feel relatable to Eugene cos' I learned Taekwon-do before starting to learn Karate… I feel glad.

  19. Man I did Tang Soo Do for a while growing up (I was 2 ranks below black when I quit) and it physically pains me to see them (well not eugene) perform Ki Cho Hyung Il Bu AND seeing how they (again, not eugene) didn't bow when entering mat. My arms hurt just thinking about those punishment pushups 😫😅

  20. I love how their previous video was asmr and it was really quite and calm and this video was all about yelling and violence

  21. As a black belt of a form of Taekwondo, I was super surprised to see how similar this is to mine!😁and that explains why Eugene had such an advantage

  22. Never related to someone as much as I related to Zach this video with his love and appreciation for Jaden Smith and all his glorious beauty

  23. can TTG do a Back To Ancestry series, since you've done that DNA test, you all know your true heritage down to the percentage and every episode you all try one cultural thing from each of your heritage!

  24. Hate to tell you Zach, but the new Karate Kid is actually Kung Fu, not Karate. Actually, I don't hate telling you. Hehe!

  25. Holy shit. I did the same exact routine in taekwondo white belt. So… i think this is fake… JUST MY PERSONAL OPINION

    Edit: i think they just might’ve mixed with taekwondo.

  26. 0:53 we all know that's a lie ned should we make a video montage of you trying to kill the other try guys 😂

  27. As a person that watched the karate kid(original) twice in the last two days, I am upset that Zach doesn't appreciate the talent of Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita and the amazing movie from the 80's with a bunch more amazing actors

  28. "I'm gonna hit it so hard that its shatter, the little pieces gonna explode. I recommend you to put on science goggles"😂😂

  29. I like how they fussed at Eugene not to scream… then the rest of the video is the rest of them screaming, mostly for no reason. LOL

  30. The one kid- "hit it too hard, you die…"

    Eugene- sorta smiles

    oh crap, eugene has met a child who understands his humor

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