– Pockets! – Pockets! – Pockets!
– Pockets! – [Keith] Everybody’s got ’em! – Well, maybe not. – Women’s pants traditionally
do not have the pockets that we have, apparently. – Wow. – Do you have pockets right now? – No, I’m wearing a dress. – Some of us are gonna sew up our pockets, some of us are gonna wear jeggings, and some of us are gonna
have little girl pockets. – There may be nothing in our pockets, but we’re still excited to see you. (quirky beat) – Women’s clothing
traditionally doesn’t have the same type of pockets as men’s. – One of my best friend’s
growing up was a girl. She had different pockets than me. I remember from like
age six just being like “What the fuck’s up with your pants?” (giggles) You can’t put
anything in those pants. – Pockets are interesting
because they’re so small. It’s a minute detail that’s
generally just a convenience that most men are used to. – So to help us learn about the history and fashion of pockets, we’re meeting up with our
old friend Safiya Nygaard. – How many of your outfits
actually have pockets? – Well, I would say that
any outfit that I’m wearing that has pants in it
has some type of pocket. Usually there’s like something to sort of put your hands in to like up to probably your knuckles. – It’s just the tip pocket? – It’s a just the tip pocket. It’s only for the tip. – (laughs) It’s the worst. – Yeah (laughs). – We’re at the mall. Eugene, show ’em what you like to do. – (singing) We’re off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. He is a whiz of a wiz If ever a wiz there was – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I can do that. I can do that. – (singing) We’re off
to see the Wizard … No, no, it’s really bad. – As men we’ve usually got big old, big old pockets. – Right now, I got like a dad wallet. You wish you could order
a steak this thick. – I always have just like some crumpled up bullshit in my pocket. – I do the standard 1-2-3, phone, wallet, keys. – I ran out of tea at home so
I stole some from the office. I think I’ve got about
four packets in there. – I normally have dairy
pills, I got my phone. – I can fit full water
bottles in my back pocket. – I love a good pocket. I love hot pockets. I love cold pockets. Sometimes I put so much
stuff in my pockets that I have to wear a belt, just because of the stuff
in my pockets. (laughs) – For women’s’ pants, a lot of them are more tight to the body. You don’t want to add probably more volume like right around the frontal thigh. If you put your phone in your back pocket it changes the shape of the booty. – The shape of the booty’s important. (laughter) – Yeah for the viewers at home, Ned’s talking about his booty.
– Oh yeah, yeah. – Not your booty. – It’s okay we can talk
about the collective booty of humanity. – Out of all the try guys, I
carry the least in my pockets I especially don’t use my
pockets when I go out at night because I really don’t want
to ruin the form of my outfit. I’m not a big fan of the
bulkiness around the waist and the legs and the ass. I want that bulkiness to speak for itself, you know what I’m saying? Yeah. – How do I know my size? Like what’s a 14? I’m a 30 waist? Why don’t they
just go by normal numbers. In my life I’ve worn tight jeans, but at least I’ve always had the choice. – (sighs) The thing is I don’t even
like shopping for my clothes. – Think of it like you’re
shopping for Ariel. For love. – Okay. For love. I don’t
like shopping for Ariel. – Oh no I stressed him out
more. I stressed him out more. – So are you guys going to be buying women’s pants and wearing them? Or what’s the plan here? – What do you think? – I think you guys should go for it. I think there are definitely some jeggings that have enough stretch in them, that none of you guys
should have a problem. I think even Keith, don’t
look at me like that, I think you could find a pair.
– I don’t know I have trouble finding pants for me in the men’s section sometimes. – Is it like the length? – They expect that human
men only grow like this. Not like this. – [Girl] That makes sense. – [Zach] What is happening? – [Keith] These are
high fashion pants bro. – These are on sale. I think this is going to suck. – I think actually you want to show mid drift in these pants. Strangely enough that’s better. I’m just saying that’s
the look the pants demand. I think this is going to be miserable. He’s like Kim Possible. – I’m not Ron, I’m the naked mole rat. I’m going to be left with two options. Either I’m just going to be
carrying around all my bullshit like an idiot. Or I’m not going to have
everything that I need to get through my day. Like an idiot. – The style of these shorts is mom. Here’s the reason I’m
excited for this video, is cause of this. I don’t think this looks good. It’s a big wallet mark on what otherwise would be very nice pants. Oh yeah so smooth. Does it
make my butt looked good? – [Keith] Your thighs
are about half the width of required thigh width. (laughter) – Eugene, this is not a real option. (laughing) This looks great. – [All] Woahhhhhhh. – I’ve always appreciated trying
to find pants that fit well and generally things in
the pocket ruin the form. – [Ned] Wow
– [Zach] Heyyyy – What is in my pockets right now? I have, oh no sir, I’m poor. Spare a shilling? And now we proudly present, Keith in our special jolly slim denim look. These are pocketless in the front and provide two spacious
pockets in the back. – I feel like my legs are getting a hug and I’m not ready to
carry anything with me. No baggage please. – You guys? I think these
are too tight on me. (laughter) I don’t think they’re the right size. – [Keith] But they look
great with your socks. – [Eugene] What can you tell us about the history of pockets? – My knowledge of the
modern women’s pocket kind of starts in the 1700’s. – [Zach] That’s when they
had the big poofy dresses. – Yeah basically. There’s a lot of different
layers of garment. So it was really easy to put a lil pocket underneath an overdress
to have for yourself. Then when fashion changed into the 1800’s where more slimmer silhouettes came in, there wasn’t room for a pocket
that you could easily hide so pockets kind of disappeared
off women’s clothing. And after that, women were either having to carry stuff around in handbags or the suffragettes as a subversive symbol kind of like sewed
pockets into their dresses to be like we can have pockets too. – So pockets are basically I’m liberated I don’t need no man. – Exactly, pockets and lipstick. That was the old sex,
drugs and rock and roll. The thing that kind of turns
that on its head though is the participation in the
work force in World War II. Because there weren’t really
pants that were made for women they had to wear mens pants. So designers actually
started catering to them and started making slimmer fit pants designed for women. So with that, the pockets were reduced to what I can only assume
is their current size. So I feel like pockets in womens
garments like at one point was kind of like a yeah
well we’re liberated and we’ve got pockets now. And now its more like,
now its totally common for woman to wear pants that
are fitted to their bodies. So, its more of a fashion thing. – What a loaded history. – I just learned it. (laughter) (techno beat) ♪I am the new model ♪ – Eugene, Eugene, Eugene, you had to go ahead and be extra and get the sexy matador pants. If anything, it does call a lot
more attention to the front. I didn’t mean to say
that as if it was big. But you know what I mean. There’s really no mens
pants that are designed with this zipper latch combo in the back. This is a prime example
of something so small yet so frustrating. – Hey ariel. What do you think of my look? – Oooh. Oh look, we match. Look at that face! – Oh no. I’m a baby. Yes I love you too, yeah hi. (kisses) – [Zach] First of all, I look dope. – [Keith] You look great. – But this, the one thing
I need my pants to do is to hold my cellphone. That’s it. This is stupid. I imagine when you go out,
you’re faced with the choice am I bringing a bag or am I just carrying all my shit in my hands? – I used to carry my shit in my hands, like back in college. But
I don’t do that anymore. – You’re an adult now. – We’re going to our workout
class. I got all my stuff in my hands. Becky was mean to me in
the beginning of the week. She was just giving me more stuff to hold. Can you get the door? (laughter) Come on. So every time we do these
lady experiments now, she’s like oh I’m going to
make it even worse for you. I got the door open, thanks Becky. Marriage is a partnership. Now I got Becky’s stuff and my stuff. How am I supposed to have any water? – I’m taking Bowie for his morning walk. Say hello boseph. Look at all this nonsense. – I’m currently holding
two leashes, my house keys. – [Zach] Oh boy he just took a poop. – I feel this is way too
much poop for one hand. – I’m so over this immediately. – So this is what I’ve got to carry today. My wallet, keys, my lunch and my baby. – Here’s a question. When
you’re leaving the house how do you know you have everything? Cause you can’t do the wallet
wallet check, you know. – You just look at it. – Oh my god. – I feel like I look cute. But I really don’t have
anywhere to put my stuff. Wes would you mind if you
hung out next to a wallet? Why don’t you be in
charge of holding my keys. Oh awesome. Yes. Okay. – Perfect. Oh I got to lock my. Oh fuck. No. Locked. – I have now given myself an upgrade. A stroller is basically pockets on wheels. I wonder if I could use a
stroller without a baby. Hey how are ya? – I think you’re not going to
know where to put your things. You might leave things behind. – Eugene has lost his phone 13,000 times. So I just walked into this
CVS to return some makeup for Becky. And I realized my wallet is in the side pocket of my backpack. So I have to go back to my car. – I am locked out of my place. Every time I leave the
house, I pat down each pocket to make sure that my keys are there. But this time I don’t
have pockets to pat down. So I just walked out without
my keys and I’m now locked out. What fun. – Talk to us about some
of the alternatives. – Alternatives to pockets, pouches, handbags, canteens. – You seen the recent
one that slings across that the kids are wearing? – Yeah and its kind of like a fanny pack. – I think they look super fucking stupid. (laughter) I think you’re wearing a princess
sash with a wallet on it. And you look like a moron. And you look like a moron. And you look like a moron. I can’t take it anymore.
I’m going to Macy’s. I’m buying those stupid
over my chest bags. I’m losing it. – I am excited because I kind of feel like I need to get something that
I’ve always been curious about shopping for. I think it’s time we need to buy a purse. So I’m here at the mall, about
to go shopping for my purse. Already I find that I
have to put my wallet in my waist band. You know I may not have bought
a purse for myself before, but I knew exactly where
I wanted to go first. Bam. So I asked whoever was working in some of the stores that my sisters and mom love, how much all the purses were. And in general they seem to retail around a few thousand dollars, so. I really didn’t understand how expensive the nice designer purses were. That’s why knock off
purses are so popular. I get it now. – Have you ever done the. – Oh putting stuff in your bra? You could put stuff in
your bra if you guys want to also wear bra’s. – The body’s natural pocket. – Exactly. One might even call it a shelf. – I don’t have a bra,
but I do have under bra. I wear underwear. Hello. Okay. Oh it’s like cold and stabby. Maybe I should’ve gotten the purse. – I have been shopping
for a purse for hours now. And they’re either too
expensive or they’re too ugly and they’re never in between. And I feel like I’m going crazy because I keep starting at
the same fucking handbags and I just want a cute purse
that’s not too expensive, is that so much to ask? – It’s a whole section of
the store just for bags. I mean I’ve seen it before, but I’ve never really
seen it before, you know? I just walked through
the entire purse section, and I found a bag I thought might work, and it was 60 dollars. And I just can’t. I’m so stressed out by this. I just want a cheap bag
to put around my belly. – Okay I got to wrap this up soon. Because I’ve been out
shopping for forever. And these pants, my dick is
getting so bunched up in them. – It’s the end of our little pocket time. We’re headed to lunch. Lunch is like somebody
at one point was like, man everybody’s so sad
in the middle of the day. Oh let’s feed em. – Alright well I tried a
bunch of different things. What ended up working was just putting everything in one bag. As a new dad, I got a lot
of stuff I needed to carry. Honestly having a bag to put
it all in, was kind of nice. – What is that bag? Is that a laptop bag? – No this is a baby bag. – [Zach] Wow, the thing
you swore you’d never wear. – I thought this was a hipster
thing or like a bro thing. Guess where I bought this? Hot Topic. – Wow, Hot Topic. The
brand that grows with you. – Yeah. Here’s a cool thing. You could fit a whole burger in this. I smuggled a burger into a movie. Let’s see if I can’t put
Alex’s burger in my bag. – That would really be
great for me honestly. (laughter) it’s perfectly burger sized. – Cool! They totally bought it. – Yeah we are covertly in with snacks. – We’re in! – [Ned] Yesss, oh my god. – [Keith] You look like a rich woman. – I know I feel like me going extra, like I typically do in style videos was kind of to my detriment because it all just became
about how hard it was to rock these pants. These are very difficult
pants to pull off. Now I understand why I’m
always with my sisters and mom for hours when they shop for purses. – [Keith] What’s the MK stand for? – It’s famous designer Margo Kornfeld – My mom, yay (claps). – It’s a purse, Mk? – [Eugene] I like that too. – How much it cost? – Bout 100 dollars. (groaning) – [Keith] Heyyyy wow. – [Ned] You spent all week and
this is what you came up with putting it in your waist band? – There’s one more thing are you ready? – Three, two, pachow. What do you call this? Cellphone wallet. Everything I own is in my hand right now. – I feel like that would
make me more nervous. – Yeah it does. I don’t know that my
experience is indicative of the female experience but certainly there is a
huge level of adjustment you have to put into your life. So much so that I’m sure
most people watching arent’ even aware of it. – Maybe you’ll learn that
you like tight pants more. You like the shape of your
booty a little bit more. – You know what? My butt looks good. – [Keith] Yeah my butt
just touches all the chair because these pants are so thin. – Eugene’s already gone that route. So the door’s already a little open. It’s cracked, a little bit. – Eugene’s butt is cracked. – That’s what I was going for. – [Ned] Excellent connection, Zach. (laughter) (upbeat music) Hoodies, t-shirts, mugs and more. Tryguys.com Get hot.

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