Swelling and cracking of the knee could be
related to underlying problems in the knee, such as arthritis, wear and tear, or it could
be related to injuries such as sports injuries sustained while playing football, rugby, tennis, running.
These could all contribute to swelling and cracking. The most important thing is
whether the cracking is painful or painless. Pain and swelling associated with arthritis
are usually of a gradual progression. It happens over time and it gets worse over time and
it’s made worse by activities such as excessive walking, going up and down the stairs or running
for example or sports activities. The other side are the sports injuries such as football,
rugby and tennis. They could lead to injuries to either the ligaments or the cartilage inside
the knee which can be associated with swelling and cracking of the knee. The term “bad knees” is a general term which
could point to the fact that there is a problem with the knees. The way to know if there is
a problem with the knees are the symptoms which include pain, swelling, instability,
difficulty with walking made worse by activities, inability to run, inability or difficulty
going up or down the stairs. These are all symptoms that would signify that there is
a problem with the knee. There’s no medical term that is called bad knees but there is
a problem with the knee which could be either related to wear and tear or could be due related
to an injury sustained in the knee. The most important factor to note is pain: how bad
is it, what brings it on, what makes it worse, are there any aggravating factors, relieving
factors, and if there is any history of trauma associated with this and obviously following
that the examination and the imaging findings such as x-rays or MRI scans of the knee. The common causes of knee pain can be divided
into mainly two groups. The acute injuries: ligament injuries or cartilage injuries, or
arthritis which is wear and tear. The acute injuries or the injuries to the knee could
be divided into two groups either ligament injuries or cartilage injuries like a torn
cartilage. If you look at the knee, there are ligaments that wrap the knee from the
outside, so the collateral ligaments which surround the knee on either side, so the medial
collateral and the lateral collateral ligament, then you have the ligaments on the inside
of the knee which are the cruciate: the anterior cruciate and the posterior cruciate ligament
at the back of the knee itself and they all have to function in synergy to preserve function
of the knee and to allow us to play sports. The other structures that are important on
the knee are the meniscus or the cartilage which act as cushions to the knee when you
run, walk on them and they can be injured and cause mechanical symptoms with the knee.
The second group is the arthritic group or the wear and tear group of the knee. This
is when the knee starts to wear out and the cartilage becomes thinner to the point that
it may reach the point where there is no space at all between the two surfaces and then you
start to erode the bone and that’s sort of an indication to proceed with surgery such
as knee replacement surgery. Other issues associated with a knee and sports for example
are runner’s knee where there is friction as you run between the bones and the soft
tissues and they may lead to painful clicking, Iliotibial band syndrome. Iliotibial band
is a band of tissue that runs across the knee towards the tibia and it can also be injured
or damaged or irritated by certain activities such as squatting or lunges. Other conditions
for example, gout, prepatellar bursitis, or inflammation or swelling of the front of
the knee which is common in carpenters, in gardeners, people who kneel for a living,
and then finally fractures or trauma caused to the knee such as fracture of the femur,
patella, the kneecap or the tibia; which can happen due to traumatic injuries such as falls,
it can happen in car accidents, and it can happen and also simple twisting while you’re
walking down the road, for example. To help relieve knee pain at home, it is important
to start by resting the knee. So, stop activities as much as possible to try and allow the knee
to recover and give it room to breathe. Second thing is if it’s swollen, then you might want
to use ice to reduce the swelling especially after an injury while playing football or
rugby, for example, and using an ice pack at home can help reduce pain and swelling
at the same time. Sometimes we use what we call a compression bandage just to compress
the knee and reduce the swelling as well. Elevating the knee on a stool or a couple
of pillows to relieve swelling as well helps in reducing pain. Taking painkillers, simple
painkillers such as paracetamol or anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen if you’re allowed to take
it, helps relieve the pain as well and reduce the inflammation. Avoid the activities that
might trigger the onset of pain. For example, if the pain gets worse while squatting or
doing lunges, then you might want to avoid those certain movements. Some people find
that going down the stairs can be a bit tricky. Go one step at a time. Avoid any activities
where you might need to do a sudden change of direction on the knee and try and do linear
exercises. Physiotherapy helps and it helps to strengthen the muscles and the envelope
around the knee to try and provide strength to the knee to be able to cope with stresses.
So, it’s important to start physiotherapy whenever you’re able to do so. Wearing the
right shoe wear is very important especially if you run quite a lot. I would encourage
you to get a fitted running shoe to allow you to run if you do a lot of running. Sometimes
taping, patellar taping can help and also stretching of the tendons using either dynamic
or static taping can help reduce some of the swelling or pain around the knee. You might
have seen this on football players, the blue tape or black tape that’s applied which is also
used on the shoulders as well as the knee. You need to seek medical advice when you have
a problem with your knee that is not getting better or a problem with your knee that’s
associated with instability, knee giving way, problems with going down or up the stairs,
general reduced mobility, pain especially at nighttime, or pain on certain movements.
If you’re getting sharp pain and clicking at the same time, if you’re getting pain and
recurrent episodes of swelling in the knee, then it’s important also to seek help. These
are all symptoms that could delineate that there is a problem which could be either due
to either an injury such as an acute injury or a chronic injury which has become worse
over time. The pain associated with arthritis or wear and tear is usually of a gradual onset
which becomes worse over time and can reach a point where you have pain at rest or pain
at night. If you notice that your walking distance is decreasing, if you have problems
going up inclines or going down hills, if your knee is starting to give way regularly,
if it’s not holding your weight and associated centres of instability, if the patella or
the kneecap is dislocated and moving sideways more than normal and it’s associated with
painful clicking, if there is associated swelling, mechanical symptoms in the knee, then it is
important to seek help. Knee pain is treated by conservative options
and surgical options. The conservative options include the easy options include rest, elevation,
allowing the knee to settle down, compression using a soft bandage and using ice in an acute
injury or what we call the RICE regime: rest, ice, compression, elevation – followed by painkillers
which include paracetamol, anti-inflammatories. These reduce the inflammation and reduce the
swelling and also help to control pain symptoms followed by injections. Injections do help.
Especially if the underlying pathology is wear and tear. There are various types of
injections. The commonest injections that we have are local anaesthetic plus steroid
injections, but there are other forms of injections that are being more commonly used with varying
levels of evidence including platelet-rich plasma or PRP; which is an extract from your
blood that’s injected into the knee to allow to reduce the inflammation and reduce pain.
There is varying evidence. Some people are for it, some people are against it. In certain
pathologies, it does help such as patellar tendinopathy, for example, or the quadriceps
tendinopathy which is where there is inflammation of the tendons around the knee. There is some
evidence that it might help in arthritis as well. Now, if the pain is sharp and intermittent
and it’s associated with mechanical symptoms such as the knee giving way, collapsing on
you, or instability, then it might need further imaging such as X-ray or an MRI scan of the
knee to see if there is any evidence of cartilage damage or ligament damage which might require
surgical intervention. There are other types of injuries such as sports injuries, such
as a runner’s knee, friction syndrome, Iliotibial band. These are repetitive injuries associated
with certain sports which if you rest and avoid certain activities and do some exercises
to help stretch the muscles and tendons do get better. What doesn’t get better obviously
are cartilage tears and the ligament injuries especially ACL injury or a torn medial meniscus
or torn cartilage. These may require surgery in the form of arthroscopic or keyhole minimally
invasive surgery. When you develop arthritis, it can be either mild, moderate or severe.
When it reaches the severe point especially when you have pain at rest or pain at night
or your exercise tolerance decreases to less than 100 or 200 yards, then it becomes important
to treat the problem and if there’s severe arthritis both clinically and on the X-ray
and the symptoms are fairly suggestive of this, then surgery in the form of either a partial
or a total knee replacement is indicated in those cases. According to the latest paper
publication by The Lancet, knee replacements do reasonably well and if you have a knee
replacement in this day and age, your chances of surviving for 20 to 25 years are eight out
of ten which is a good statistic to have.

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  1. When I wear tight shoes or running shoes I get knee pain in the front and inner side. The pain/stiffness takes days to go away. What could be causing this?

  2. I had knee pains from before(few months later) and now it happen again.Is it happen because i dont exercise?

  3. Doctor, I have been suffering from pain in my left knee since last 2017, and got treatment through pain killers, got massages on knee many times with olive oil etc but all in vain, due to knee pain I cannot sit on floor to do any work, or cannot offer my prayer while sitting down, so please advise me to get rid from the same, one thing to keep in mind is that I am 44 years old and also am a diabetic patient since last 7 years. thanks M. Rizwan from Islamabad-Pakistan.

  4. doctor the center of my left knee always hurts even when i play basketball or just bend how do i fix this?

  5. Sometimes when I move my knee a certain way it cracks and gets stuck in a certain position. I leave it in that position cause it’s painful as hell. Eventually it slowly cracks back into place and I can move it with no pain at all. If anyone knows what this is let me know!!

  6. Can someone help me please my knees are almost always in pain. They throb when I lay down and lead to many other problems. I also get constant shin splits that further hinder my ability to do what I want to. From that knee pain I developed some kind of problem with my right hip now I walk funny. Now I can only jump 1 or 2 times, can't do leg workouts, and it causes daily pain. Should I see a doctor? What can I do to stop these problems? It is starting to get so bad to where ibprofuen and other pain killer are rendered basically useless. Help please!

    Ya boi,

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  8. Hi everyone, I am a 20 years old student from Canada. My passion is soccer and I play a lot ( 3-5 times a week since the age of 7 ). I would be very thankful if anybody could help me explain, suggest me some exercises or determine the severity of my injury. Let me explain as best as I can : I jumped with my right leg to get towards the ball ( like jumping from a mud, but faster since I was running ) to clear the "attack", but since there was a guy behind me from the opposing team, he put pressure on me and maybe even pushed me a little bit which caused me to lose my balance and eventually fall on my left leg (weaker leg, my right leg is my dominant leg). My left knee then bent sideways, towards my right knee more precisely. I remember the pain. I was down screaming with pain for at least 5 minutes straight. Then after the pain got a bit more sustainable after putting some ice. When the game was over. I couldn't walk properly so my friends helped me reach my car. The next morning was the worst. I got up early to get to the hospital, but I couldn't walk. My left knee was absolutely full of pain. I did a basic X-ray and the doctor told me there was nothing wrong with my bones and it was just a simple "shock" injury pain and prescribed me some anti-inflammatory pills for 2 weeks. It helped but not healed. I went to physical therapy for 4 sessions (1 each week) and did all of the exercises they suggested me. I stopped going to physical therapy because I am on a tight budget since I am only a student and it didn't help me a lot. Now my knee is better than before, but I feel my left knee gets tired/in pain a lot more than my right knee after a long day of work or even just a day of walking. And also, I can fully bend my right leg backwards without my knee hurting but my left knee hurts when trying the same thing nearly or fully bent. So with a timelapse : October 2018 : Injury. February 2019 : Physical therapy. Now : Left knee pain after long day of walking or working + knee hurts ( just a bit to a lot depending on how much bent ) when bending. I wish I could explain my situation a bit better and sorry for my English, I mainly speak French ( I am from Quebec, Canada ). Should I be worried and go visit a doctor or just wait it out to let it heal naturally? Thanks !

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9lshSlZXUg would this help? my invention, walking with no weight on your legs

  10. Sir I was running for physical exam and that time I had to face acute knee pain after 5month my knee makes sound why. Plz reply plz plz 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. There is a bump below my knee cap I don't know what it is and it usually hurts what is wrong pls tell me

  12. I've had this knee pain for about 2 weeks now and it hurts alot when I walk up and down stairs , when I run, when I workout and sometimes it just hurts for no reason. My knee also keeps cracking and it hurts when I straighten my leg. Anyone know what this means?

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Na0AX7WqZxI walking with crutches while sitting I am getting there ?

  14. I play softball and yesterday before a game I was warming up and it started to hurt on the one side on my right knee and I thought it was nothing so I keep warming up and then I pitched my game and it wasn’t hurting as much but when my game was over after pitching a whole 7 innings my knee hurt so much so I iced it over night and it still hurts almost to the point that ima fall, does anyone know what this means ?

  15. I surf on artificial waves and I usually do some knee involving tricks which involves bending the knee which is obviously a natural movement and now after doing it a lot my knee hurts so bad i I bend it. I bent it on accident earlier and it was a terrible pain, so I try to keep my leg straight at all times.

  16. Hello. I just need an advice. My left knee was swollen for almost 2 months due to motorcycle accident. I already tried different medicines. Would this method still be effective even though it's already after 2 months? Thank you.

  17. I'd also suggest looking into Youngevity products. And listening to the work of doctor Wallic. Another factor is doing as much light activity as possible, to increase blood flow to the area as it already has poor blood flow particularly inside the knee. Taking minerals and vitamins with exercise and physical therapy would also be stuff to look into, I hear infa red light treatments can help with getting heat deeper into the knee to stimulate blood flow and help repair. Some other salves and ointments can help with promoting healing and blood flow, particularly stuff that would be hot. but also should consult first so it doesn't make inflamation worse. and on that note look to doo things to reduce inflamation. I have lots of issues with my knee and haven't been as good getting it better or following my physical therapy part of that is being poor and lonely takes away a lot of motivations and not knowing if I can even get better. I hope I can one day get better… But again don't do anything that makes the pain worse. Somthing else I also hear is it's important to do light exercise and work with it because atraphy can make things worse over time. If possible for your health I'd speculate that doing things like sauna and steam room might help, mostly that the heat will get blood flowing, eat healthy as well so your body will have the building blocks to heal from. If possible could also go to hot springs if there are any near you, People from all over the globe reffer to them as having healing properties I suspect from the spring water containing minerals but also from the heat in the water, and if not it is relaxing anyway. Oh the other study I heard about linked lonelyness to increased inflamation so try to meet up with people or go to some clubs or groups, that may help with healing. Some other stuff with the keto diet suggests fasting may also help with repair. Again this isn't medical advice, and you should consult with a profesional on any thing you do but these are just things I've come across that may be of value. I hope it helps someone. Now I just need the motivation to do all my own advice. But when you are in pain and alone it makes it so hard.

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  21. I'm very thankful for your knowledge, this is my 4th injury on the same knee without surgery my Meniscus is split and I tore the ACL I believe the ACL is fully healed and also the baker's calf had damage I believe that is fully healed but it's the cushion between the left side of my knee that hurts so bad

  22. I do gymnastics and my knee hurts on the lower knee and it just feels loose unlike the other knee what should I do. I wear a knee brace that stops the kneecap from slipping should I see a doctor?

  23. My knees have hurt for as long as i can remember & I'm 65 now. They do not swell, but about 36-48 I can feel the rain coming. They have never gotten any worse/better. I wish someone could tell me my knees hurt. Other joints hurt but nothing like my knees

  24. Also, learn how to reduce your knee pain without harmful drugs and surgeries. Please visit this site by clicking here: http://aclabink.com/3RID

  25. I sprained my knees again this is my second time I sprained my both knees, the pain so unbearable I feel like crying

  26. Just saying, I had insane knee pain and was looking for one of those brace things, to all of you that were in the same boat as me, i found some nice ones on graviton.store nice quality and comfortable, really reduced the pain. would recommend.

  27. What should I do because when I start walking around my knee really hurts to walk on, it doesn't swell but hurts, my brother kicked in my knee kaps and ever since it bee screwed what advice can u give to help?!!

  28. I got into a domestic fight with someone and batista bombed them and I landed on my knees on concrete. I can bend it, put most of my pressure on it, bend my legs for the most part. A lot of skin was lost, it's sensitive and it's a lump right outside the affected area. I'm thinking this is a bruised knee. I start my job in 2 weeks and praying its not fractured. However, I noticed a difference when I unwrapped it, the pain felt worse than it did when it was wrapped. Thoughts?

  29. I have no discomfort or any problems with my knees doing day-to-day activities riding my bike anything like that but when I try to do squats my knees will crack and then slightly start to ache as the number of squats progresses (I’m 13)

  30. Can anyone help me, my knees hurt when i try to get up when im sitting down or when i use stairs or run, what do i need to do, i think the cause of this was that i slipt on water

  31. My question is how much should i take rest because im still feeling pain when training and football season is starting soon

  32. I am 18. I experience sharp pain in my knee when I try to bend it. It sometimes becomes impossible for me to stand after doing squats. What could it possibly be??
    There is no swelling, but a cracking sound

  33. Iiteraly I got up from the bus stop and my new started hurting out of no were then I tried to sleep it off and it was swollen when I woke up🤔

  34. Hey, I had knee pain back in February while playing basketball got I out of no where but soon as the season was done I was fine. It would hurt once in a while if I put to much pressure on it. Now I started Cross Country now I have pain in the front of my knee and it hurts most of the time. When it started back in February I went to my doctor not my primary care doctor but I have seen her before. She said I just had inflammation but it’s been hurting off and on ever since. Any help.

  35. when laying down i often feel discomfort in my right knee, sometimes when just standing. not pain- just discomfort like my knee needs to be popped constantly. my knee does pop often and very easy, when laying down i can simply bend my knee and it pops repeatedly. no matter how much i pop it- it still causes discomfort. should i wear a knee brace? any suggestions?

  36. I need help
    I'm just 15, and this has been going on for 2 yrs
    I went to two doctors, one an orthopedic, who said I was stressing them out too much (I don't really do any sports or dance), I got a few tests done which proved I didn't hv any kind of arthritis

    My neck also is really bad, it pains all the time, and so does my upper back
    I always hv a good posture but it doesn't help

    The doctor told me to exercise my knees vigorously, but what I have noticed is it gets worse when I do


  37. When I walk once in a while it feels like my knee is trying to pop out of place.It pops/crack all the time.It hurts a lot of them time. I do softball and am going to play volleyball this year and run track next year. So I will be in a lot of sports. I also compete in rodeos. I am not sure if I would need surgery by any chance. I am only 11. (Almost 12) Please get back to me as soon as possible about what it could be

  38. My knee pain started in 6th 2019, I was not able to move and it was so hard to get on it! I went to a doctor he gave me some ways to fix, now it's better but it's not 100% fixed, I can't run fast on it, I can't jump like before, I can't ride my bicycle too, I just want it to be fixed 100% 😔

  39. I twisted my knee yesterday on the pitch and my leg has swelling up so much that i can't work right now it hurts me a lot, I had this injury 2 years ago uptill now it's still disturbing me, I don't enjoy my football anymore 😥😥😔

  40. Depending on the level of pain I would recommend people to go see their doctors. If you can't see a doctor try doing physical therapy at home and avoid stressors that cause the pain. From personal experience, I was told that my knee pain might be due to instability of the knees and therefore I would need to strengthen my hips and the muscles around my buttocks. I do get some slight cracking from time to time but was told that I do not have a meniscus tear. If your knee pops and cracks you might want to look into that. I also apply a topical analgesic cream at night or either arnica gel which has helped me personally. I don't mix the two, I began using the latter when I used all of the analgesic cream in the tube. Hope you can all feel better, I know it sucks when you can't even do some activities because of the pain. Just do your best to get to know your knees and help yourself.

  41. for the past 6 years my knees would randomly give in mostly when im physically or mentally exhausted, I get a lot of twitching and ill occasionally feel an ache in my knees . I'm 17, active , I do weightlifting as well…idk I went to the doctor few years back and they suspected it was a psychological issue but im guessing its a deficiency?

  42. I have one knee that bothers me sometimes and when it does i eat jello and in a few days its ok. Ill est jello everyday for couple weeks or so after that. Jello works for me.

  43. HOW? I play soccer and EVERY, SINGLE, TIME either my knee states hurting at any point which stops me from running 😢 or either my thigh will hurt

  44. I'm 24 and suffering from knee pain for around 3 years. Earlier it was very occasional and only in the right knee. Gradually it increased and other knee also started giving trouble. Mri showed it was garde 1 Meniscus tear and acl sprain. I also did physiotherapy and knee exercises for 1 month but no relief. I'm kind of lost.

  45. Whenever I wake up my knee hurts when walking and more pain when walking downstairs and everytime when I sit down they make a loud click

  46. I'm 15 years old and my left knee keeps popping when I walk. It don't hurt, but I'm afraid it might stop me from running, which I love, or make me stop walking at an early age. Does this have an explaination? Is my leg just growing? Or am I damaged?

  47. Guys while playing football 8 years ago I twisted my knee and ever since it feels like it could give way and it was reoccurring for 4 years until I stopped sports but even then it still feels like it could give way? Like it doesn’t feel strong and I can’t stretch it all the way down when I’m on the floor. It always has that creaking sound & sometimes the pain can be sharp

  48. My knee buckled last Friday, it's now Monday. Still swollen, I can walk but it hurts to bend, I'm putting ice on it every couple of hours and also using Voltarin and keeping my knee elevated.

  49. I have a little bit of knee pain after ballet and then it hurts when I walk and go up and down the stairs but I love to dance and practice basically everyday so I won’t rest

  50. So I got into a car accident a year ago and my knees hit each other on the impact and I got bruises on my knees and whenever I run or squat for awhile my knees hurt after they feel swore till this day

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