100 thoughts on “The Worst Internship Ever: Japan’s Labor Pains”

  1. the swiss are also one of the longest living people in the world a long with northern european countries and their fertility rate is also going down.

  2. If Japan wants to increase its birth rates it's simple just take away woman's krights and you will see the birth rate spike

  3. Japan wants to have this pristine image as a nation but underneath it all like all humanity is a fallacy. We will abuse, exploit and harm each other to no end which is sad.

  4. Cancel the Olympics and use that money for the poor. Instead of building structures that will be left to decay after a few weeks. It's disgraceful how much money is wasted in this world. We are too focused on things don't matter. Anything to distract the masses as to what goes on. Human trafficking especially children will be brought in for others pleasure. There is a sinister dark side to these activities. We must start solving issues. Be wise instead of selfish. So much suffering that I have seen. I give of my money and used to my time and talent. I am disabled now. However do as I am able. We don't have TV, stopped going to movies and buying music. We refused to support demonic Pediwood. Too many people needing to be entertained. No wonder the 1% have all the money. We can't wait to give ours to them. It's ridiculous!

  5. I guess the japanese government is so racist that they just don't care about foreign workers. Meanwhile their society is aging, their economy is going down because they need young workers. How stupid are they?

  6. Everybody notices the unfair treatment of those foreign workers but never asks why at first place they wanted to come Japan and work. The answer is “Global inequality”, at this point, many of those workers see these videos or hear about the mistreatment in Japan during making the decision to come. Nonetheless the number of those workers are increasing, means they value working in Japan with such condition more than the life in their home country because of some reasons like: lack of jobs, poverty, hygiene and overall relative life quality.
    Japanese government is just using those unfortunate ones from utilitarian standpoint, it’s nothing but what global capitalism pushes “us” to pursue.

  7. I'm surprised we even exist we dont deserve to here on this planet only the animals and plants and everything that nature produces deserve to live on this planet we are truly that cancer to this majestic world we live in

  8. Japan and china should be forced to take their part of muslim invasion, then it will take a little pressure of the criminality we face in europe.

  9. Go to Japan: Polite but racist Japanese
    Go to Korea: Rude but racist Koreans
    Go to China: Rude and racist Chinese…

    Why east asian people are so proud of themselves

  10. Some countries are born to be destroyed. I think I'm watching one right now 😂. USA did nothing wrong during world war 2

  11. The thing is the Japanese mindset is that they think that their race is special and above anyone else. If you're a non-japanese you will be looked down and inferior to them.

  12. i think i know why Chinese always stealing intellectual property of a country like US and bring it back to there country of origin and mass produce it and drive down the price of market or those said product.

  13. Tbh I did not know about this because in Nerima, Tokyo I didn’t really see many foreigners other than myself. But Japan does have a really bad problem on work culture. It’s not uncommon to see people working 60+ hour work weeks.

  14. Rotten bastards.! How can people do this to other people.. How sad. Vice, thanks for shedding light on this, because like most unfair practices, won't be touched by mainstream media. What an awful thing. Bet suicide is high.

  15. In japan the harassment with the other threatening attitude was always appear in the japan society.the fake kindness attitude of japan.

  16. If they're getting abused why they didn't take some actions like getting help to organization that was made by their government instead for waiting for someone to come for them? And before they arrived at Japan they have written contract as well as they right being an intern trainee, meaning they can sue the company/agency if their company didn't follow this contract!,,

  17. I lived with some Japanese peaple last year they came to America to work, they all hate the Chinese with a passion!

  18. China using its people to earn money … japan also despite they dont like china, japan they take advantage of this just to save money.hiring chinese people is like u give them money to make nukes to destroy your country or other countries

  19. Only reason i could think off why it gets worse now is because their government now accepts more foreigners due to shortage of workers. Naturally, retarded Japanese gets angry as they can't speak English and are worse off than the foreigners. Ha ha ha.

  20. Now can you belive that Japanese gevernment say that there was no forced worker from colonized country like Korea during WW2?
    Japanese government always deny the truth even thouth there is alive witness.

  21. They tricked me he told me I can earn my PhD in Oyster shucking. After 3 years I'm still an intern I don't physically feel any smarter and I'm still broke

  22. Support a BDS movement against Japan and boycott all Japanese goods and boycott the radioactive Olympics in Fukushima and avoid the contaminated  radiation nuclear waste leaking into the soil, water and air in Fukushima increasing the risk of cancer later in life.

  23. The chinese are thinking in japan for the.purpose.to get a better.life but on the contrary.just become a nightmare.the japanese company treat them.just like the slave.so shame.never think.the.japanese get a fair.personality.

  24. THANK YOU, Vice for exposing this! I hope viewers/commenters do not judge all Japanese people badly because of the greedy companies/corporations and Japan govt's not enforcing the laws. There are always some bad apples in EVERY country!

  25. Japan is still treating people as they did years ago , during the war with America they treated Americans , filipinos , and other countries as less then dogs , they illegally killed many people that was captured and never followed the Geneva convention a war time agreement on how and what to do with people who were captured ! Now they treat foreign workers like this !

  26. Why interview the employer like that, though? What if he retaliates against the girl and the other workers? You VICE people are shmucks!

  27. It’s like a Venus fly trap. All the hype and sweet nectar surrounding Japan to lure in migrant workers and chain them. We all anime lovers need to wake up.

  28. I feel so sorry for the Chinese interviewees. There's always a way back. They deserve earn money with their dignity and I am sure they are capable of repaying their debt step by step back in China. I just see no points of wasting life there. Such a suffering journey

  29. Japan is the only country that I most respect and trust. Watching this video I would love to see Japan government please do not let some scumbag to put some black clown or black paint to Japan most respect and safe country in the world. Thank you

  30. Japan is a country that reminds me of winning a Civilization game through Culture Victory.
    Their inside may be rotten to the core, but because they've done such a good job hiding their bad side while exporting their "seemingly great culture" to the world, that nobody has anything negative to say about them. (Except Asian countries that know their true color due to having suffered so much during WWII in their hands).

  31. It is pure cheating by the japanese government. Still they continue commercial whaling on the pretext of scientific experiments. Likewise they hire work force in the name of internship and exploit them fully. It is done by japanese govt intentionally and this issue must be brought to the notice of international community. What they have done to the women in WW II, the same thing they are repeating now. Japan may look nice from outside but their innermind is full of devil.

  32. What do u expect Japan won't even apologize to the korean women they forced into sex slavery during war and keep claiming that it was consensual since they were 'paid'. Sounds much like this internship programme.

  33. Since the end of World War II, Japan and other Asian Capitalist countries turned to the American (USA) model. Socialism/Communism and Capitalism are two extremes. Look how both have few children. Look how both are materialistic. Look how both have little faith in God. If these Asian countries had turned to Christianity (I urge Catholicism), the leavening factor of a Christian society would eliminate most of these two extremes. I’m an American Caucasian male married to a Chinese woman. I have witnessed her family much too materialistic. Not religious. I’ve studied Asian societies in general and I’ve noticed this overall mistake among them. Talking to my wife’s family is like talking to the walls. They are so brainwashed. Their gods are success and money. But I keep talking.

  34. If they are aged then they need lots of immigrants to fill up their labour shortage and break the circle of strict immigration rules and rules otherwise they will fall in big trouble.

  35. These are what people call as “black kigyou” or black company in Japan. That’s why I don’t believe internship or even full-time works here , except I check the company background first

  36. Reminds me of here in America where I go and drive a Truck for a Trucking company and they dont pay me 10,000 us dollars, so i sue them and then they change the company name and dont pay and start up another company even after being ordered by the courts to pay. At some point, this is all slavery and it is all the same thing! I have been ripped off about 150k us dollars in about 6 years of very hard work.

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