So for headache and migraine sufferers there is
often a vital element in treatment that is often missed which means that as
you’re being treated you often see little to no results happening or you
see changes happening for a short period of time but then those changes stop and
then you go back to your original state so basically you’re not seeing the
changes that you want to happen at all so that’s what we’re talking about
today what is this vital elements and what can
you do to treat it? hi I’m dr. Beth an Osteopath here in Melbourne
headache solutions so if a headache and migraine sufferer it is very commonly we
have put on medications but honestly we have no idea what they’re doing to us or
alternatively you’re getting manual therapy to your body and it makes
limited changes but again you’re not seeing those long-term results that
you’re after so what is this vital element that’s missing in treatment that
hinders you from getting those long-term results what are you missing
if this thing called brain stem sensitization so what is your brain stem
and how does it become sensitized so your brain stem is a part of your brain
and essentially it’s a bit of a relay center for information that’s coming up
and it also houses or originates quite a few things but importantly fan taken
migraine sufferers it houses the origins of your cranial nerves and your cranial
nerves or such things as your optic nerve so it controls your size and
things like your spinal accessory nerve so it controls the muscles around your
traps so it’s gonna make your traps and your shoulders really really tight it
also houses your balance center as well as well as your nausea center and your
vomit center so when it gets upset you get all the Associated features of a
migraine so as things like dizziness nausea vomiting
light sound and smell sensitivity so your brainstem is vitally responsible
for all those associated features but as I said it’s a bit of a relay Center as
well so all of the nerves that innervate your face and your head they also fit
into the brainstem so when it becomes sensitized and sensitized basically just
means hyper excitable so it’s too excited it’s responsible for the pain
you feel in your face in your head of a headache and migraine so that’s
basically what your brainstem is so if you don’t treat this brainstem
sensitization nothing changes okay so that is this vital element that is what
you have to change to get those long-term results that you are after
in regards to your headache and migraine pain okay so what happens when you take
your headache and migraine medication so for things like Maxell immigrant
preventative medications and those sorts of things they actually only work on a
proportion of that brain stem sensitization because many things happen
when your brain stem is sensitized so you get things like probe inflammatory
mediators so information you get blood vessels that constrict and dilate so
opening and closing so those are the things that those medications work on
there work on bits and pieces but they don’t work on the sensitization as a
whole so they’re not getting the whole puzzle they’re only getting little bits
and pieces of it so that’s why those medications work on some people and not
others and they work sometimes through short periods
then they stopped working because your body gets used to them because again
they’re not working on the whole puzzle they’re only working on a little piece
of it so it’s not the most effective thing that you can do and they only work
temporarily because you’ve got to take these things consistently or only as you
have symptoms other people as I said they get manual therapy for their body
but when you’re getting manual therapy through your body it’s not addressing
that brainstem sensitization so you’re left with this feeling like you’re a
headache and a migraine waiting to happen 24/7 with both scenarios because
nothing’s really addressing the underlying cause which brings such
towels us is the problem so what are you gonna do about it how do you take
yourself from feeling like a headache and a migraine waiting to happen 24/7 to
feeling amazing and normal and doing all the activities that you want to be doing
well there is one manual therapy technique one that has been researched
and designed specifically for headache and migraine sufferers that is being
shown to decrease that brain stem sensitization in a natural way through
manual therapy and it’s called the Watson headache approach so it’s using
my Newell therapy to decrease that brain stem sensitization as a whole it doesn’t
target individual bits like what that medication does it does it as a whole so
that you get the whole thing and it brings them you down to a more normal
threshold so as I said you’re not that headache and migraine waiting to happen
all the time okay so that’s what we’re after we’re after those long-term
results so you don’t constantly feel like
on the verge of a migraine or on a verge of a headache because that’s no way to
live so if you think that you’ve been missing this vital elements and you
think that you can get some results or that you can do better than the current
state that you’re in comments headache or migraine down below
in the comments section and we’ll send you a quick first step to see and
determine whether you are susceptible to this brain stem sensitization and get
you started on your first step and your first pathway to get you towards those
long-term results that you deserve thanks guys I’ll catch you next time

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