Since Expo ’88 Stefan’s Needle has been a mainstay of the Brisbane skyline but now, one local antivaxxer wants the needle removed No…no… I don’t think my opinions are offensive I believe Stefan’s Sky Needle causes autism Do we know that it doesn’t Have you seen the science? And I don’t mean the science you send me I mean the science I send you No – it’s not peer reviewed It is Paul reviewed, though My friend Paul He sent it to me And he did Year 12 science He didn’t pass… …but he went to most of the classes The West End local has taken his campaign to the streets [chanting] No needle! No way! [chanting] I should’ve gone to work today! [chanting] No needle! No way! [chanting] I should’ve gone to work today! Yes…there wasn’t a great turnout to the protest, but… All the people in my antivax Facebook group have the flu at the moment, so… …I mean, no-one could predict that happening! He’s not vaccinated against measles… …tetanus, or mumps… …but he does seem to be immune to logic So – I’ve set up a autism safety zone Ah – as long as you don’t cross this line You should be safe to the effects of the sky needle You can actually… …if you put your hand up… You can feel the risk… …as I go along here Just don’t cross the line Pretty simple Safe… …risky Get it? Oh, crap I just realised I parked my car down there It makes you think can someone this passionate really be wrong? …yes Yes they can This needle is gonna be the death of me That’s just my opinion, of course My doctor says Polio will be the death of me But what do they know?

15 thoughts on “This Antivaxxer Hates Stefan’s Needle”

  1. If you talk about it on the show I’d love a shoutout I know it would be hard and I love how both the show and the skits are just as good as each other thank you for changing my life for the better after dealing with severe mental issues

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