Hi everyone, I’m Sydney and I have Hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is pretty much just someone that has excessive sweat in a given area of their body. So I sweat pretty much all the time but it
gets way worse when I’m nervous and I’m super nervous to be on camera right now. So I’m actually extremely worried that it’s
going to be disgusting in a couple minutes. It’s really bad. Yeah. It definitely impacts my self-esteem. I find it really embarrassing honestly. I’m super excited to be getting the MiraDry treatment and dealing with my sweat situation forever. I’m willing to do anything to not have to
deal with this anymore. Hi my name is Dr. Robert Anolik and I am board
certified dermatologist here in New York City at the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New
York. So the MiraDry procedure is an exciting new approach to treat unwanted sweating in the armpits. It uses energy actually in the form of microwave
which sounds wild but we can safely apply that to the skin’s surface to reduce the
number of sweat glands in the what we call “axilla,” or commonly known as the armpit. Hi, I am walking to the appointment right
now and I’m really excited. I’m super excited to talk to the doctor and feel more comfortable and then be done with sweat forever. Okay, I was just given my very pretty gown
to put on and I’m about to go into my procedure. I’m still really excited, I know that we’re
starting with some numbing and then we’ll actually do the needles so I’m still not
really nervous. I guess this is kind of a fun way to do it
with a bunch of people around so I will talk to you guys on the other side. So we schedule patients to come in and they’re
comfortably positioned on the exam table. We mark out the area where the majority of
the sweating occurs which is typically where the hair is growing. We can easily map out the area and then inject
lidocaine, which is a numbing medicine, to make the procedure painless. This is what we call the biotip. So we’ll apply it to the machine and we’ll
pass this over your skin surface. We pass it many times over the area on one
armpit and then we switch to the other. When the treatment is done, the area typically
feels still numb until later in the day where it can start to become a bit sore and a little
bit tender. When I was going on job interviews I found
that to be particularly bad. I was just super nervous and I also had to
wear a nice long sleeve tight button down shirt. All I wanted to do was to go in and be the
most confident version of myself, which I couldn’t do because I was dripping in sweat. The effect of these treatments should be
for many years. MiraDry technology is right now only used
in the underarm. Of course we’re exploring options for using
it in other areas because we’re curious. It’s not just used for sweat reduction,
sometimes we use it to reduce hair as well. Almost everybody who does this notices some
reduction in hair under their arm after the treatment. Women love that and men don’t care. So we’re just about done. You’ve done wonderfully. I do expect, like we discussed, you’ll have
a little soreness, a little tenderness, just for a few days under the arm. Great job. Thank you. Congratulations. Woo! It’s a very straightforward experience and
the sweating should immediately become reduced. So I am about 12 hours into post-procedure and I’m in some pretty bad pain, but I know it’s to be expected. My armpits are super swollen. I can feel that they’re huge. I don’t even know how to describe it. It feels like there’s something in it. They’re also really hot to the touch but no sweat, so that’s cool. Day 2. Post surgery. I’m actually feeling okay. I didn’t sleep so great last night because
I was in a lot of pain. This one is doing pretty well. You can see all the shots that were put in
for the numbing, that’s what all the red marks are but other than that it’s kind of fine. This is another story. This one’s kinda bad. So again the red dots but then there’s like
some bruising. This one is really swollen. Okay so it has now been about three days with
my new armpits and I have a job interview today. This shirt is literally what my nightmares
are made of. Once it gets a little bit wet it kind of travels,
so I’m trying it again. But over the past few days I haven’t had
any issues at all. I haven’t been sweating at all, which is
wild. This is after running today. Nothing! Either side. So that’s pretty awesome. So it has now been a little over a week since
getting my procedure done. I can’t wait to go out for the first time
and wear a shirt like this. Something that’s tight and has sleeves and
not have to worry about enjoying the time with my friends because I’m self-conscious
about lifting up my arms. I can do whatever I want just like everyone else, and I’ll be fine and it really feels like it has changed how I’m going
to be able to go through my life day-to-day, which is amazing.

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  1. I remember the first time my armpits started sweating I was in 5th grade and wondering why it was happening and hoping that it would be stop the next day and almost every day since then for the past 5 years, I’ve sweated still waiting for that day when it stops

  2. I can't give nobody shake hands or high five I'm afraid of what this person is gonna say even if it's cold 30° my hands are still sweating it gets way worse when my hands are dry and I put lotion… Sometimes I can't use my phone can't take note in class can't use laptop ..who can relate ?

  3. I have the same thing.. only 13 and it’s so embarrassing. I always wear my blazer even if it’s 30+ degrees Celsius

    Anyone got any recommendation other than surgery?

  4. I dont have hyperhydrosis but i do sweat alot under my armpits and my back so i cant wear certain colours and i cant just wear one layer of clothing or else itll show. What should i do?

  5. Surgically.. Dr David Nielson out of San Antonio, TX does Micro ETS procedures using subdermal laser ablation to treat and potentially end individuals suffering due to Hyperhidrosis, facial blushing, and  Raynaud’s Syndrome. I found him while looking for answers and options for my Hidradenitis suppurativa. I was offered a consult or even a phone consult but because I live on the opposite side of the country I haven't been involved yet. Not sure the price or insurance details though. It looks super intense but still something I personally would be willing to do to greatly reduce all my pain and suffering not to mention rebuild my confidence. I wish you nothing but success in your journey to find answers to fixing this chronic affliction and heal inside and out 😊🙏🏼

  6. Hey great news i have tried new product .it is life changing .its sweatguardantiperspirant roll on .Made in the uk ive used for a week now in evening and morning .Hardly any sweating .Please try

  7. i wish i could have this procedure… this is my dream!!!… sweat go away!!!! wish i could wear any color and textile of clothes… but this armpit is really annoying.. disgusted and embarrassing

  8. Ahwe i feel you sis i have the same problem i cant wear any light colors because of how much I swear but the problem is i smell to not just sweat i smell bad even when i sweat a little I tried so many deodorants and products nothing works i take long showers i shave nothing works at all anyways its really bad and i literally have no confidence at all, my mum told me I’ve been like this since i was 5 y/o , i already hate myself because im so ugly plus this it makes me hate my self more more and more so my life’s pretty awful anyways im happy for ypu sis i hope i can get it in the future too im lile 14 soo long way to go lmao

  9. sweating is a natural way of releasing bad stuff out of your system if you are not sweating at all, like when y run, its not healthy. I have the same thing, i sweat 24/7 same way like y did before y treatment. there are other options than to completely shut down your sweat glands

  10. I'm almost upset tho, she was at an interview and didn't do a after interview shot for us to be able to really see if there was/was not any sweating from caused by the nervousness of the interview.

  11. I can relate, but I sweat more than her! Mine takes almost half of my boobs so it's impossible to hide it. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 And the saddest thing is… I live in Dominican Republic and I'm poor 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😥😥😥😥

  12. I have it at my hands and feet, and it's really affecting my professional life, I'm a physiotherapist and I have to touch people all the time, imagine how embarrassing it is for me to tell my patients "okay now i'm going to touch you but my hands are sweaty" some of them don't come back for therapy or ask for some other therapist, even at school on practical classes I preferred to play the patient and not the therapist so I wouldn't have to touch anyone, and better practice at home with my siblings

  13. I suffer from this as well. It's embarrassing, it destroys shirts, it's uncomfortable, etc. I can't find a single antiperspirant that works. I tried Dri-sol once and couldn't sleep for two days the pain was so bad. A permanent solution like this is sooo appealing, but I'm absolutely terrified of needles. I had to look away from the screen when those shots were shown. Has anyone tried something like dri-sol that doesn't hurt?

  14. I'VE TRIED SOMETHING A LOT OF PEOPLE DON'T KNOW ABOUT! I've got hyperhidrosis as well and It usey to be really hard. I wrote with gloves in school because otherwise the paper would ne too wet to write on. I never lift my arm over my head to say something and a lot of times tje teachers didn't notice me because of that. The sweating was not only on my armpits but also scalp, feet, palms to the point where, after 1 hour, i was sweating do much thaz circles had formed going until far under my ribcage. I frequently flet drops of sweat run down my body. Even If I was just reading a book! (nothing too exciting).
    There is a possibility to undergo surgery where to sympathetic nerve is blocked with a small clip. This procedure mostly helps with sweating on the upper body half, though you have to consider compensatory sweating on other areas suchas but and tje hollow of the knee as well as in my case around the belly button. But it jas gotg way better after surgery and you should do kt too because i am now way more comfortable.(the most expensive one, but will give the most drastic change in
    It's called Iontophorese, its a device that works with electricity. There's a pool of water and you put e.g your feet in and the elect impulses will numb the prespiratory glands. PLEASE DON'T JUST DO IT AT HOME WITHOUT THE DEVICE! (the device can be rented in Germany for 20€per month. By doing that you pay off the device and rent it so it will be yours after some time
    Botox. It is basically a nerve poison and will harm your nerve cells that make you sweat. (this is really pricey in Germany go and ask your dermatologist what they would charge.
    People with hyperhidrosis have more sensitive skin anyways because our nerves are just way better and react even on small signals. That's why a llot of you cet migranes easily because your brain can't cope with all the signals..

  15. I have my appointment on the 21st. I'm so excited because I am unable to wear deodorant since I have an allergy to whatever products are in deodorants.
    Mine cost me $1,900.00 but will be worth it.

  16. My armpits used to sweat JUST like that on a daily basis, but then I found a $6 cure. It’s called Certain Dri and you can find it at Walmart. I haven’t had to worry about sweating AT ALL since I started using it.

  17. I quit mobile gaming and switched to pc because of my freakinh sweaty hands, i was also about to make a yt about mobile gaming but ooof also i post pc but they are ded i never post anything

  18. Wow, I really need to get this procedure done. I also have hyperhydrosis but it affects my hands and feet as well. It's truly the most annoying thing ever. I use prescription drysol and I'm about to start using the Carpe system but I was looking into botox for the hands and feet to stop the sweating. Hopefully they make this procedure for more than just the armpits soon.


    It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who suffers from excesive sweating from under my arms. Since I was in high school I've struggled with it. It kept me from being as confident as I wanted to be, since I would always have wet armpit stains, even if it wasn't hot.

    I tried a lot of things. I would wear dark clothing so you want to be able to see the pit stains. I would wear extra layers even if it was hot so I wouldn't have to show it. I put pads under my arm so it wouldn't appear as if I was sweating.

    I even considered doing a surgery or procedure like this to help me with my under arm sweating. But obviously these have to be super expensive.

    BUT I FINALLY FOUND A SOLUTION. One day looking for new ways to deal with my sweating, I came across a product called ZEROSWEAT. I purchased it for only $20 thinking I would have nothing to loose.

    The day I started using the product under my arms, I went an ENTIRE day without sweating a single drop. It was absolutely incredible. It's been a whole week since I've stained my shirts and it feels amazing. Now I can wear whatever I want and not have to worry about sweating!

    If it worked for me, maybe it can work for you! Please consider buying ZEROSWEAT. $20 vs +$1,000 is a no brainer. Here is a link to the website, and read about how the product works. Then read all the reviews and they'll all tell you the same thing.



  20. I have this too. It was good in 3rd BUT NOW IM IN 4TH, IT WONT STOP.

    But my bff, my friend, and my teacher sweats like this too but not all the time

  21. I have face sweat so bad EVEN when iam sit and not do anything. Even when aircond are ON. Plez help

  22. For me it’s my hands 😔. I can’t do any sort of hand contact because my cursed hands won’t stop sweating

  23. I have the same conditions but in my palms and feet and it is when I focus on anything. It makes it very difficult or me to read books especially at school and I have struggled with it my whole life. I used to be teased during school because of it when I would do the monkey bars. I wish I could have this done to my hands and my feet and I’m glad they have made a solution and are starting to actually address this condition.

  24. I am 13🖤 and i sweat a lot😭 i need this because it is summer now and it is so hard. i sometimes feel very sad about it . but now that i am growing older it is worse .

  25. Someone please help me! I have really bad hyperhydrodsis 😭 I literally can’t live my life anymore

  26. I don't care when my armpit turns into a swamp. I care when I'm too embarrassed to shake someone's hand because my palms are pools.

  27. I need something like this for my hands and feet. I’ve tried iontophoresis, drysol, carpe, even anxiety medication. Nothing has worked.
    I dread shaking peoples hands because they get so disgusted. I literally have to buy new shoes every few week because my feet get so sweaty my shoes end up stinking. This issue plays a big role with my lack of self esteem unfortunately.

  28. I have hyperhidrosis and anxiety so my whole shirt literally is often soaked to bad this process is very expressive in the long run

  29. I can totally relate to this lady.
    I had hyperhidrosis beginning in junior high and high school was a nightmare – I wore a sweater every single day to hide my huge sweaty spots under my arms.
    In the 1980's, I saw a great Dermatologist (Bobby Limmer, MD) and he prescribed Drysol.
    I followed his treatment instructions to the letter:
    1. Apply Drysol to my underarms then cover with aluminum foil and keep in place wearing a T-shirt.
    2. Do this every night for 2 weeks.
    After years and years of embarrassment, self-consciousness and bullying, my hyperhidrosis was gone!
    Thank you and God Bless you Dr. Limmer!

  30. I have Hyperhidrosis from a side affect of one on my pills, it’s hell.. I sweat so much in school so I just wear a dark hoodie and it suckkksss. I even wear hoodies or dark colored clothes in 100 degrees 🥴

  31. The thing about this treatment is that if you only have this issue on one area (such as armpits) you might end up developing it in a different area instead (most probably under your knees)… There is that risk…

  32. I'm getting this soon and I'm so nervous?? I don't even sweat excessively but my mom forced me to get this so what ever ig

  33. i had a job interview and decided to wear a lighter cotton t-shirt, a breathable material, and i was just DRIPPING and it was so embarrassing. FIRST JOB INTERVIEW at a decently fancy restaurant and she definitely saw, i have no idea if i got it yet but im already traumatized

  34. How does the procedure hurt? I couldn’t watch the whole video but is it s light or do needles go in your arm?

  35. I have armpit excessive  sweating I couldn't wearing cloths I want and also I cant hangout with friends  any one would help

  36. i sweat so much from my scalp to the point everyone thought i never shower, that really affect my self esteem 🙁

  37. Thank you for sharing…I knew a fifteen year old girl who was so self conscious because of this condition. She would only wear tank tops, because that would allow her underarm perspiration to drip down her sides, and arms, rather than stain her shirt. I also saw her frequently “checking” her underarms, for wetness, by swiping a finger across them. One time at a friend’s baseball game, I guess she was so excited about the outcome, she had dinner-plate sized “patches” encircling the lower part of her tank top. I felt so sorry for her, as she attempted, but, unsuccessfully, to hide the stains, by clamping down with her arms. No way that her bone-thin arms could conceal her enormous sweat patches…

  38. Hello. I have underarm perspiration along with other areas in body. I have a question for you. When you were sweating did you experience underarm odor. Everyone is different. Sometimes, I see people underarms very wet, but no odor. With me I am having problems with odor. What deodorants do you recommend? As of now, I use Secret Clinical Powder Scent. Any other scent makes me smell horrible to quick.

  39. If you aren't sweating then where exactly is that fluid going? Pros, cons, average price points, multiple visits, health and safety risks??? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS!

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