What’s up guys, Lew here back with another video. Today I got a weird one. And I’m a little bit nervous, to be honest. Inside here is something called Pavlok. It’s a piece of tech – this is what I know – like, what I know is actually pretty vague. It’s a piece of tech that helps you break bad habits. Gotta love those. The case study on their site is about someone quitting smoking, but there’s also another guy – I think it’s the founder of the company – who he used this tech to quit eating tortilla chips. What does it do? It sends a shock to your body. Every time you do the bad habit, like a real shock, you wear it on your wrist. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle Charge Pavlok, place it on your wrist, wear throughout the day, pressing firmly on the lightning bolt will release Pavloks stimulus. Pair the stimulus with your bad habit or craving. So in the case of the tortilla chips, you shock yourself enough times, every time you eat one, and you start to think of the shock when you see tortilla chips. And you don’t even wanna let them in your life anymore. That’s the idea here. Alright. Reduce cravings – pizza, ice-cream – Love pizza! Doughnuts. You see the doughnut, you want the doughnut. Zap! Cause you gotta press the button, you gotta do the shock. So you gotta be honest with yourself still. Here’s the bracelet. Lightning bolt on the front, it’s kinda like a watch. This, I guess, is the unit. Oh man, I can feel the pain already. It’s like a metal brick. And, a little micro-USB cable. I guess charges this guy up here. (Laughs) I mean how much of a shock can it be, they’re selling it to you. Oh man, it’s not gonna be fun. So lets say ok, alright, I’m doing the habit – I’m smoking the cigarette, or, I’m eating the chip, or icecream, doughnuts, I’m not waking up on time. I’m a nightmare, I’m a disaster of a human being. And then I just press this, when I get that – Whew. Should I do it? Do I press down? Nothing. It must. Need to be charged. Right? Look at those creepy red lights. Hey? Just creepy. So I’m gonna go ahead and search for the app real quick while it’s charging. Pavlok. Essentially what you’re doing, is your are kinda hacking your mind in a sense. But you are – lets not get it twisted – you’re wearing the human equivalent of a dog shock collar Beep, vibrate, zap. You can adjust the power of these things, here. Lets see if I get something positive or negative out of this. (laughs) Just something about getting shocked. You know? No fun! What do I tap it? Tap to connect. Pair. Ok, so, so what? Can I do a zap real quick? (Loud sigh) Oh! Damn! (Unintelligible) It’s not a good feeling. Why am I beings such a whimp? Here we go again. (Screams) That would train me. I’m feeling trained already. I don’t even wanna- Man that is crazy, that’s uh, 50 percent. That’s 50 percent. (nervous sigh) 100 percent? What about my ticker? Ugh. Let me go up slowly. I’ll go to 70, and then I’ll go to 100. Oooh! It’s not a little buzz, it a (loud sound). Let’s go to 100. Oooh! (Laughs) That shock is no joke, the problem is you still need some self-control. You need to in charge enough to say, “when you get the craving hit the button.” What is this tapping thing. Press firmly on the lightning bolt. Bamn! But I can see, like, if you truly wanted to get committed to attach your craving to that shock, and you got willpower to do it. You might be able to rewire yourself. Give the remote to your spouse. Connect it on Bluetooth around the house. You pick up that cigarette. (shock sound) Woah!

100 thoughts on “This Painful Gadget Kills Your Bad Habits”

  1. that doesn't help with discipline/creating habits. You still have to be disciplined enough to press the button lol.

  2. You my friend have the best tech review chanel on YouTube love watching your videos their funny informative. All in all the best

  3. At $200 after I break the habit I’d have to reform it just to use this enough to get my moneys worth

  4. Remember when wearing rubber bands like bracelets and flicking them didn’t cost you money or need to be charged? Lol I sound old 😂🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  5. Good for not waking up late or sleeping past your alarm clock, especially if you have an inconsistent shift.

  6. For some people, this gadget might first look like a commit suicide method. Am I Right? If someone paid me a million dollars or made me a King, I would still not try this gadget

  7. Great Boxer Muhammad Ali used to keep a match box in his pocket. Whenever he thought about doing a sin. He'd light a matches and burn his palm to remind him this. "i can't bear this worldly fire, how'd i bear hellfire?"

  8. The solution is simple: Have your friend (or gf) control the app, and help zapping you everytime you badly behave 🙂

  9. Can i ask you to do a review for some pair of sunglasses of Oakley specially the one of the army .. with the new technology of hit protection

  10. The gadget has been named pavlok after the Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov.This is because it uses his theory o classical conditioning due to which a person associates the shock from this gadget with the bad habit and on doing so,he/she starts to avoid the bad habit out of fear of getting the shock.

  11. Lmao I bet a woman could sit there and not wince at all — their bodies are naturally immune to feeling the full strength of a shock because of their pain tolerance for childbirth. I remember the game at Chuck E Cheese when I was little and it would shock you and I would hold on and not feel much but when my guy friends did it they would scream. Nothing against men, I just find the fact funny

  12. So basically I give that to every person who enters my room and who uses my phone to do face unlock gets that dam yahoo! Shock

  13. Is someone thinks he needs a tech to brake any bad habit – this someone need bigger help. If you want to stop smoking or eating to many pizzas – just stop!

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