how does it hurt? when I do sports when I bow / yes when you bow when I work / any problem with legs? last time you mentioned radiation pain in your leg it was my right leg from time to time, a little bit numb how about your calf? now lay down on your stomach hold your torso up for a moment you should palpate your patients like this continuously, if you put acupuncture with out palpation it is not a recommendable situation it doesn’t hurt here / hurt here then it might hurt here it hurts here as well this patient has pain with left quadratus lumborum and you may see this muscle is empty empty right? there should be full that means it has been weakened if it hurts when you bow? multifidus it’s almost flat back this comes up. it hurts be patient not like earlier case (3-2) for this patent, we need to recover erector spinae first and treat multifidus and this side, quadratus lumborum you should take a concept for this case, it might hurt here as well here and here too hold up higher we treat him including this area if you use thread acupuncture around 30 at one time, it might be uncomfortable for patients if not a healthy one like him with small numbers you should apply acupuncture with small numbers in several times for the aged people if you use 20 thread acupuncture, they gonna be sick you must palpate the body of your patients right? when you do acupuncture, you should palpate and check acupuncture points don’t put needles just because you know where it should be you should make it as your habit and then how about now, does it hurt here? it hurts does it hurt as much as before? a bit less this needle is broken I insert new one this time, I use shorter needles, 5cm. earlier, it was 6cm does it hurt? a little bit / here this time, 6cm again 6cm, 29gauge and then for this patient’s gluteus medius is not that stiff, I use one no one more like this done like this multifidus again what did I say for multifidus? palpate bones and find the space between spinous processes like this you can find transverse processes and the space between spinous processes inside here you insert the needle today we have a good model let’s try piriformis piriformis muscle we call it 환도 GB30 from the middle of S.I joint to hip joint muscle goes like this you insert 6cm needle towards hip joint from hip joint upward at GB30, one needle perpendicularly this is normal case but if the case is more serious, radiation pain I mean then add more deeply like this. you have finished one set remove them all now you have finished thread acupuncture set as I said, after thread acupuncture, patients might be sick a bit you must have a full rest today no alcohol today no overwork, no exercise yes ok, thank you

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