Last week in my previous video, I talked about
leg spider veins, well, this week, I am going to tell you some important facts about thread
veins on the nose, cheeks and face.The medical term for spider veins on the nose
and cheeks is facial telangiectasia. These are small blood vessels in the skin typically
measuring less than 1 mm. They are very common and they are unsightly and disfiguring. They
can be congenital, that is you may have been born with them or they may have developed
over the course of many years. Sun exposure is the main aggravating factor for their appearance,
but other important causes are liver disease, rosacea, smoking, use of steroid creams and
alcohol. Many people who have an out-door occupation such as farmers, window cleaners,
gardeners or builders can get them because of sun exposure and ultraviolet damage to
the skin. However, those with out-door hobbies and those who take part in sport can be affected,
for example people who sail, enjoy walking or hiking or those who take frequent holidays
to the sun. Both men and women can be affected and many are worried not only about the appearance
but also about the stigma of being labelled a “boozer” or an alcoholic. Fortunately, they
can be treated very simply using a medical procedure called short wave diathermy. It
is a little bit like electrolysis. The skin is numbed with local anesthetic cream and
a sterile single use needle is used to apply a precise medical electrical current to the
blood vessel. The electrical current cauterises the blood vessel and over the course of a
few weeks it disperses. In general the results are excellent. Unlike leg spider veins there
is no need for a duplex scan but after successful treatment, it is important to address any
pre-disposing factors to minimise the risk of the spider veins reappearing. This usually
means using a good quality UV protecting sun cream to reduce the damaging effects of ultraviolet
light. I hope you have found this interesting, do
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28 thoughts on “Thread Veins on the Nose and Cheeks Facial Spider Veins”

  1. I have spider veins on my face as well, i was born with them, and its commonly commented on as gross and weird. This is exactly what im looking for. I was just wondering how much procedures like this usully go for?

  2. I live in phoenix USA are they using the same treatments here??? How can I find it? Under what name? Please help.

  3. Im a 20 year old man and got alot of small small veins on the nose and in specific patterns on the cheeks. I Think it´s Rosacea caused by sunexposure. I have done 3 IPL and 3 V Beam laser threatment to get rid of this. It wont work. Is there any chance that the threatment in the video can work for me? I really want to start my Life now…

  4. Also an eating disorder called Bulemia, induced vomiting causes blood to rush to the cranium and over a long period of time it causes unsightly veins on the face as well in the eyes.

  5. Thank you for this video. Some appeared on my face in the last day or so, and I thought to myself, "What? I'm not a boozer. This is the kind of thing W.C. Fields had." But this told me anyone can get them.

  6. I had that procedure today, but since my skin is atopic and very whimsical, my cosmetologist decided to cure it in parts, just to be careful with that. This was the second time, first went ok, I'm hoping I will have removed all of them in next few weeks. I am very insecure about those veins on my nose, I wish I didn't have to wear make-up. Although the procedure is little bit painful, I highly recommend it to everyone who has that issue because it's worth the pain and money.

  7. copacetic Explaination👍i have these spider veins on my cheek by birth,i m medical student by profession.

  8. I can't find anyone good to do this in the US sadly :c Everyone here just uses lasers and I really don't want to go that route.

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