(upbeat music) – If I’m getting this right, you have right shoulder and right neck pain, right? – Yes. – So can you show me exactly where you’re feeling it? – Here and then all that up. – It goes all the way up here? – Yes.
– Okay, gotcha. And how long have you had this for? – For like a two years? – You’ve had this for two years? – Yes. – And then, okay, did
you see anybody for this? Or you just kind of live with it? – I just take a pills for the pain or I take a, somebody give a massage. – To give a massage?
– Mm hm. – Okay and you’ve had
this for two years, right? – Yeah.
– Okay. And then does this, anything
make this worse at all? – In the end of the day it’s the worst because I’m working and move my body.
– Mm. Okay, so usually at the end of the day, okay.
– Mm hm. – Does it bother you when you wake up in the morning at all? Or – A little bit but it’s
still every single day. – Okay.
– Cuz it’s live with me. – Gotcha, okay. (laughs) Live with you.
– Yeah, it live with me. – (laughs) Like it’s your roommate. – Yeah, (chuckles) kinda. – Okay, gotcha. Okay and then it stops like right, it doesn’t go into your arm at all? – No, no not going down but it’s like here but then sometimes I get inflammation. – Yeah so, okay, inflammation over here. – Yes. – Does any like turning of your head make it worse at all? Or like it can, it hurts if
you turn your head at all? Or it’s– – When I turn my head it’s
like I cracking my neck, that’s what I do with this
– Okay. – Help me a little bit but not much. – Not really much? Okay. Okay, so let me see. So it’s going, starting up here – Yeah. – and it’s going all the
way down like this way? – Yes.
– Okay. So it doesn’t go towards the front side. – No. – It’s mainly in the backside?
– It’s in the back. Do you get headaches
by any chance, at all? – Yeah.
– You do? – Sometimes, yes. – How often do you get headaches? – Hmm, depends. Sometimes it’s three days a week or sometimes one time a
week or sometimes it’s gone. But sometimes I get that a lot. – Okay. So, okay, does anything trigger that at all or it’s just– – I just take a pill for a headache. – Is that, are headaches
also on the right side? – Yes, yes right side.
– Okay, okay got it. And then just, so last question for that. When you get headaches is this also pretty bad, too, at the same time or it can be different? – No, it’s still in the same time. – Okay. So then after this, which one is more concerning, the mid back or the hip? – Right now is the hip. – The hip?
– Yes. – Okay. And for the hip, let’s see here. So where are you feeling the hip pain? Is it more like right over here or like in front towards
your groin area or– – Like here the, that angle. – That angle right here? – Yeah, yeah. – Does it ever go to the front, towards the groin area at all or – Right here. – Like does it go over here? – Mm hm.
– Okay. Yeah, so your head (laughs) I think I remember when we did your exam, your head is actually pretty tilted. (laughing and chatting in background) Yeah, so if you, your ears, so you’re hiked up like this. So if I did this, that feels weird, right? – Yeah, I feel like a turn. – Yeah, but when you do
this you feel normal? – Yeah. – Yeah, so your head, remember when I was telling you when
we were doing the exam it was like, it’s tilted up this way. – Yeah!
– Yeah. And you’re feeling a lot of that going here this way in there, right? – Yes. – Can you feel on the left side? – Yes. – You can probably see, too. See how your left leg is tilted more out that way there?
– Yeah. – Your hip is basically
turned inward like this. So we need to, (chuckles) we
need to look at that there. Okay, are you ready? – Yes, I’m ready.
– Okay. So let’s have you take a seat. Reading right there. When you feel it, you said the mid back, you feel it just more over
here or more right here? – I think right here. – Right there, okay. So if I push down here,
does that hurt right there? – No, a little bit, ow, there. – Right there?
– Yeah. (woman groans) – There, too?
– Yeah. Okay. There’s a lot of swelling here. So right there? (other speaking drowns out chiropractor) – Yeah, right there. And there. (groans) – Can I poke you right there?
– Yeah. – Right there?
– Yeah. – Okay, so, we’re gonna
get you adjusted, okay? What I’m gonna do is from here, I’m just gonna give this
a, going down that way. Okay, so I’m not gonna
twist you like that, okay? – Okay, sure. – Good. (woman chuckles) You okay?
(both laugh) You felt that, right? – Yeah. (laughs) – Try to get a little bit more, all right? – Mm hm. – Okay, there we go. Okay. Hold you there, so you’re
not gonna fall, okay? – I am (chiropractor laughs) I am okay. (laughs) I trust you. – Okay, good. Okay, so what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna bring this shoulder up, you’re gonna go, this,
your, I’m gonna basically move your hip forward this way. Okay?
– Sure. – Okay. (mumbles) (exhales sharply) Good. Pretty good, right? – Yeah! (laughs) It was good! – All right, come on up. It’s not as bad? – No. – Good. That’s good! So you said as you were
walking, it’s not as sharp as before?
– Mm mm. – Good.
– No. – So it’s still probably gonna be a little bit painful, but if I poke here, is it as painful as before? – Yes. – Still is?
– Yeah. – Okay, that’s fine. So the good thing is that that
is actually moving better. Now move your neck around. How does this feel, right there? It should be a little bit better. – Yeah it’s a little bit better. I can see back! (both chuckle) Usually I can’t go the way, the total, the whole way I can’t. – Gotcha. Good! Good, yeah, your ears are much more level (chuckles) than before! So before you were like, you were like this! (laughs)
– Ah, oh my god! I know! – So now if I do this,
does that feel weird? – Yes. – But this feels normal now? – Yeah, I feel normal
– Okay, that’s good. – like that. – Okay so (laughs) now you’re level now. That’s good. (chuckles) So basically what I did
is, so right up here, so that’s the first thing
that I wanted to look at because that muscle over here, it goes and attaches down your shoulder right over here, ‘kay? And honestly you can
(chuckles) see on your x-ray, well your whole head
is pretty much tilted. It was like that way, yeah. So what I did is I brought, so I actually didn’t adjust your spine right here, I actually adjusted your
skill right over here. So we brought that
down, a little bit down, over there so that’s where you feel it more level than before, yeah. So, and that, I mean you
can even turn (laughs) a little bit more so that’s good. – Yeah. – So that’s gonna go down there and that should start getting
better as we do care more, okay? Now the second thing
that I did is over here on your pelvis, so you dug
your, Jerry probably told you, but you see how your pelvis
is, it’s dropped a lot? So (chuckles) what we did over here is we brought your pelvis
up going that way, okay? And so it’s not as sharp as it was before. All right, so not too bad first time. – Yup.
(Chiropractor chuckles) – You were nervous? – A little bit.
– Little bit? (chuckles) All right, is there any questions for me? – No. – All right, well you’re all set to go. – Thank you so much. – No problem. (soft, relaxing music)

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