– Okay here we go. I’m Coyote Peterson. I’m about to get bit by the
toe biter on my big toe. Here we go, one, two three. (yells) Get it back in the container! (yells) (groans) Oh, it’s just as bad as I remember. Oh that is worse than a sting. – [Man] Goodness, you are bleeding. – I hope you guys got that shot. – [Man] You gotta see it
man, your toe is messed up. – Alright guys, we are headed
back to our jungle base camp. My toe is still throbbing right now. We’re gonna try to film
an aftermath episode, show you guys how to clean
up a bite from a toe biter. I did put my boot back on my foot. I can’t walk through
this jungle mud and grime and risk getting a bunch
of dirt wedged into it, but just having to walk on my heel right now with every step. It’s just like a shooting
pain right into my big toe. My toe is absolutely throbbing right now. What I want to do is just get it into some hot water as
soon as I possibly can. Mark and Mario went on ahead. I said yeah I’ll be fine, just want to get a couple of takes
out here in the field. I’m sweating and just uncomfortable. It feels like somebody slammed
my big toe with a hammer. Alright, let’s keep moving. That is a slow hike back
out of the rainforest to get to our jungle camp. Whoa, the toe biter. It is pretty much as bad
as I remembered it to be. Now, granted before I
was bitten on the thigh and not on the toe, but like I said, the toe just seemed sort
of poetic in this instance. You’re maybe wondering do I regret it now. A little bit, maybe because
of how much pain I’m in. But, honestly, hopefully we all learn something incredibly valuable
from this little experiment. If you see a toe biter,
don’t try to pick it up. Don’t try to step on
it if you’re barefoot. Do your best to just admire
it from a safe distance. Alright, I will check in with you guys as soon as we get back to base camp. Here we go. Alright guys, I’m almost
back to base camp. I sent Mario ahead and he
is boiling water right now. Actually boiling water is likely going to help my toe in this scenario. Okay, thanks, can I get a chair. Alright, Mark’s got a chair for me. We’re going to do a little first aid. Oh my toe’s still throbbing. A little first aid on my toe biter bite, which is on my big, left toe. Alright, I’ve got to get my
boot off, hold on a second here. Let’s see. Sock off. There’s the spot right there, see that, that’s the blood spot right there. Now what I want to do, is
I got a first aid kit here. In my pack and I always have a trauma kit with me everywhere that I go. There we go, field trauma. Open this up, it is brand new. I have a brand new one in
every location that we go to. This does have quick clot,
which I’m not going to be using. But I want antiseptic wipes and a little bit of antibiotic ointment. Alright, this is probably
going to hurt a little bit. You got a decent shot? Ahh, just a little sting. Gotta work that in there,
nothing else coming out of there. That’s good, I’m sure
the pressure actually inside of my boot, probably helped with any further blood loss. And it wasn’t a lot of blood. And you can definitely see that the gauge of the toe biter’s rostrum pierced skin with a pretty nice little
puncture in the tip of my toe. I’m sure it did not help that
my feet were already moist, because the inside of my boots are soaked from last night’s adventure when we actually caught the toe biter. I don’t know if you guys remember when I actually jumped and
fell off the edge of the pond. My boot was absolutely soaked. Okay, that is probably about as good and clean as we’re gonna need it. – [Man] So this will just
prevent infection, correct? – [Coyote] That is correct. – [Man] And this isn’t really
doing much for your pain? – No, this is doing nothing for the pain. And honestly, the pain is
not horrible at this point. It kind of just feels like somebody whacked my toe with a hammer. It’s like a dull, numb,
throbbing pain at this point. Okay, Mario, let’s bring
that water in here. Okay. – Get it nice and hot for you. – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s right on the
verge of being too hot. Now this should actually
be really great for my toe. Here we go, ready (yells) Ooh, that’s real hot. – [Man] Just do it, one, two, three, go. – Too hot for me to fully
put my toes in at this point, I’ve got to let it cool off a little bit. Okay, here we go, ready. Woo, that’s hot. But it does feel good on my toe. Now what I actually want to do too, is just massage that warm
water into the bite zone. Wow, that’s still really hot. – [Man] So talk to me, why does this kind of treatment work
with something like a toe biter? – Well, I also use this tactic
with the lionfish venom. And warm water is helping to break apart the enzymes, the
peptides, and the proteins in the saliva from the toe biter. It’s actually– I can’t tell if it’s the hot water that’s taking away some of the pain or it’s the pain from the hot water that’s actually replacing the
pain from the toe biter bite. I’ve just got to let that
soak for a little bit. Alright, let’s cut the cameras and let’s come back
here in about 10 minutes and see where my toe is at. (dramatic music) – Oh man, look my toe
has kind of turned white from being in the water that whole time. Look at that, can you see that? Zoom in on that. – [Man] Yeah, you can see where it poked through your skin there. – Right there, yeah. Well, it definitely still hurts, right. It’s not as bad as it was though. The hot water is actually
a great distraction from the actual pain that’s being produced from the saliva of the toe biter. Now, I do want to gently
dry this off here. Like that, okay. And the last thing I’m gonna do is apply some triple antibiotic ointment. This will help fight any potential infection that may set in. – [Man] Basically neosporin. – Yeah, neosporin that came right out of my field trauma kit. I do have neosporin, but we thought we’d use something different this time. I’m just gonna go ahead
and apply that, you ready? Kinda glob it on there. Wow, that’s thick. I’m gonna kind of work
that into the wound. And around on my toe and this is great, the sunshine has actually come out, which is gonna help dry out my toe. Now, I do wanna keep it uncovered and keep an eye on it to make sure that an infection does not set in. Well, I think it’s safe
to say that thus far, I have faced the first
of my two greatest fears, being bitten by the toe biter. And it was bad, just as bad as I remembered when I was eight years old. However, the bite coming
up, which is going to come from the giant desert centipede, I fear may be the worst
bite you can possibly get from any creepy crawly you
find throughout the world. Stay tuned guys, because that
episode is coming up soon. I’m Coyote Peterson, be brave, stay wild. We’ll see you on the next location. If somehow you missed the
giant water bug bite episode, make sure to come back and watch as I let this nightmare of an insect give me a bite I will never forget. And in of all places,
on my big toe, youch. And don’t forget, subscribe, so you can join me and the crew on
this season of Breaking Trail.

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