Normal tongue mobility is an important
factor in speech development. However in a newborn, it is also essential for
breastfeeding. It is not uncommon that a child
is born with a mucosal flap under the tongue tip causing relative immobility
leading to breastfeeding difficulties. This is known as tongue tie. Symptoms for
the mother include prolonged feedings, painful nipples, and decreased milk
production while infants may exhibit noisy suckling and gas pains. Coughing
and gagging may also be present though these symptoms could also be indicative
of something more serious. Given how small an infant mouth is, the following
footage actually depicts toddlers for illustrative purposes. Steps are
identical in newborns however. In order to correct this problem, numbing medicine
is first applied either topically using q-tips or by injection. The mucosal flap
is then clamped for about 10 seconds to crush any blood vessels which minimizes
bleeding after the release is performed. After releasing the clamp, scissors are
used to incise along the clamped mucosa. The infant may immediately breastfeed
after the procedure.

95 thoughts on “Tongue Tie Release Treatment”

  1. Really appreciate the video of tongue tie release.  Would also appreciate if you would add a photo of the "diamond" that results after the posterior tie has been released.

  2. HOLY FUCKk.. Is it just me or is anyone else Fucking scared to get this done. I am not 19 and I think I would cry more then that kid. Well he didn't cry… But I would've screamed fml.. Sorry for the vulgar language.

  3. i was tongue tied. i never actually looked up the process until now. and this actually makes since. i ended up being breastfed for 11months while my twin only breastfed for two to three. all this time I thought I was just a fatass as a baby. i didn't get my tongue clipped until I was 5 because no one was aware of it. i was put under for the surgery and I don't have any memory of like pain when I woke up. but I was told that when I woke up I stuck my tongue out and said "they fixed it!". only for side to getting the surgery done so late in life is that stutters can and most likely will happen. im a victim of a stutter.

  4. I've had a tongue tie my whole life and I breast fed fine as a baby. I really want to get this done so I can stick my tongue out though 😂

  5. I just got mine done today and I'm just watching videos about you he tie because I'm that interested hahah

  6. My grandson is a new born & his doctor said he should get it ASAP. its so sad to see him try to breast feed. it hurts when he sucks.

  7. I feel like my frenulum (isn't that what it's called?) is too short. I can talk properly but I feel like I can't stick my tongue out very far. I kind of want this done, but I don't know if I can.

  8. That's why. Its just that, easy right? I mean why do I see many videos where the surgeon has to pierce and hook the tongue up or leave a hole after cutting the frenulum up??

  9. I have to get it done next month. I am going to be asleep for it. I'm still scared tho
    Edit 7/12/17:got it done today and my tongue hurts like hell.

  10. I'm just reading through the comments and I'm like…."Idk if I got this or not….Cause I don't even remember 😂🤷🏻‍♀️😂😂"

  11. forget that ive been tongue tied for 32 years not a problem i was even told by the dentist not to have it done as it can affect ya speech

  12. I have a tongue tie that is caused me some trouble for my speech.before I don't bothered it but now I am a silent keeper ,i want to speech very much like in film actress but my slippery tongue made me a funny guy to others .That was the time I don't want to week I am going to cut that thing and practice more difficult words ….Etc

  13. I've never been in so much pain watching something before. That was worse than paper cuts between the toes I mean FUCK!!! I wanted to get mine done but now I'm not so sure!

  14. I'm 14 and am tongue tied. I kinda want to get it done so I can actually stick out my tongue and so people at school will stop treating me like a weirdo😂

  15. Wait so if you have tongue tie you can't stick your tongue out because if that's it than I don't have rogue tie because I can't stick it out far

  16. Whoa I never realized I had this! Can I get this procedure even though I’m an adult?

  17. Hello sir my name is ambresh my tongue is very big and very length what I do sir how can I make a small tongue please make a videos please help me my Gmail please help me sir I really many problems in my life my my pronunciation


  19. Yep! Another way the health care industry ca medicalize the human condition……., what a crock of shit. Don’t believe it for a minute folks

  20. I had this done about 6 years ago (I’m 15 now) and I’ve only just wanted to see what happened to me, and it doesn’t seem too bad

  21. Did anyone else cringe half way through the vid, I cringed when I saw that niddle introduced in the toungue

  22. I'm tongue tied. I call my tongue a Butt tongue 😂 I asked my mom if I could get this surgery done though.. I'm 11 ):

  23. I'm 13 and just now realizing what it was. It first started off with I saw a girl who put her tongue up and there was no line. I first I thought everyone had it but ig I'm just a really messed up person :'(

  24. Holyyyy crap i'm 12 , i have a tongue tie and i have a phobia in injections 😭omggggggg i'm scared…..😭😭😭

  25. So that's what happened. I had a surgery when I was 5. They told my parents if I didn't get the surgery by the time I was 7 I wouldn't be talking

  26. wait you’re telling me not everyone has the flappy thing below the tongue? wtf is that why i can’t talk fast without messing up my words lmao

  27. So a couple million years of evolution and babies can't suck nipples properly?? How much does this operation cost may be more of a cogent question….

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