Do you ever, umm, regret… You wanna have children, Ziva? I’m not sure I want to. Well… It’s a simple question. Not having a wife and kids? I do not think children and marriage are part of the plan for me right now. And I am fine with that. Perfectly, I’m gonna go check out the guy in the blue hoodie. perfectly content with my life. I do not have a simple answer. Content, but are you happy? Are you? Bring in Tali. Wasn’t that Ziva’s sister? I lost my little sister, Tali. Only Tali. Your sister? Her namesake, yes. Who’s namesake? Once you have kids, you’ll understand. She wrote this as a kid? Tali… is Ziva’s daughter. What about your plans, Ziva? Beyond NCIS. And your daughter, Tony. A family? Maybe, someday… Though, that day seems increasingly distant at the moment. This was supposed to stay buried. This is the house that you were born in. It’s hard to imagine what you must’ve been going through these last years… The universe is practically begging you to wipe the slate clean. Aht lo levad (you are not alone). and alone. I know. I was not alone. Maybe I could help you with that. I had my daughter. Family and job… two different cups. Gee, I wonder what would happen if you two hooked up. If I couldn’t fill both, that was my problem. What if I can now? If I had known she was pregnant, I would’ve been there in a second. We have a daughter. Me and Ziva. You have a good maternal instinct. They believe the story. They believe you are dead. It was not real. I know, but what did you tell people when they asked you? And you’ll have Tony and Tali again. I said it was a girl. On the other side of this your daughter is waiting. She was my family. Ziva? Stop! No! No, I will not be convinced, I will not be swayed! You know what they say about a mother bear and her cubs. This is the only path that’ll lead me back to Tony, back to my Tali! I will find Sahar and I will kill her. There’s no deadlier creature on the planet. What’s that? Just trying to picture you pregnant. Don’t. You looked good in that. I still would. I have to, I’m gonna be a father. It’s a great responsibility. Ima (mother). Yeah, that’s right, Tali. Abba (father). How close were you two? Give me that. Tali, what did you say? Ima (mother). I can change with you. Abba (father). Lose the jewelry. I would sooner die than take this necklace off. Whenever I held her, she would This was Ima’s. take it between her little fingers, and… and she would smile. Ima? And now when I think about holding her, I just… What did you say? Nothing. Ziva. Don’t worry, Tony. We will be okay. He should hear it from you. And he will.

28 thoughts on “Tony, Ziva & Tali | You’re The Needle Pointed North”

  1. You are such a blessing for my Tiva-craving heart right now I SWEAR. You keep making these beautiful videos and you keep giving me all these feels… How I need a reunion. How I need a scene with the three of them, even if it's just for 30 seconds. Even more so now that I watched this video. It's so perfect and yes, maybe I teared up at some point. THEY DESERVE TO BE HAPPY AND THIS LITTLE FAMILY DESERVES TO BE TOGETHER AGAIN. All these parallels you used, all these scenes and talks about kids and now THEY HAVE ONE. This is too good and my heart can't handle it. I loved loved loved this so much. Also, the song you used??? It hit me right in the feels. It's so beautiful. Thank you for making all these Tiva videos, really. It's such a blessing to watch them :')))

  2. this is absolutely incredible. tony and ziva spent so long deflecting and questioning what the future held for them and now they have a beautiful little girl that they would both go to the ends of the earth for. my heart <3

  3. Their story truly is a masterpiece I mean it’s heartbreaking and that we’re still waiting for that happy ending is ridiculous but the fact that we might actually get it is insane to me. Thanks for making me cry and feel all types of things while we wait these final weeks and see how this story finally ends 🤞no matter what I’m grateful for finding them and this story thanks for capturing it perfectly. Hope it comes full circle in a satisfying way that finally gives us the closure we’ve been waiting 14 years for. Love them forever and this ❤️😭

  4. Wow! So many emotions, so many memories, I wasn't prepared for this! We were robbed of so much goddess!!! At least we are blessed with you and your talent!!! Thank you 💕

  5. j'en ai marre d'écrire en anglais partout pour parler d'eux. Je veux les voir dans les deux prochains épisodes !! Pitié, pitié, pitié. Je veux voir son visage sur le gars menotté, je veux la même surprise que losque Tali est entrée dans le bureau de Vance. Si tout ça c'est juste pour sauver Adam, sincèrement c'est de la taube !!!

  6. This made me cry so much you can’t imagine, I’m sobbing rn it’s so beautiful it mixes up happiness and pain all in a breathtaking way thank you for this I really needed that

  7. Well this was absolutely wonderful and I've got the FEELS. Dang if we don't get a reunion I am going to be super bummed out. But, I'm fairly hopeful that they'll give it to us.

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