25 thoughts on “Top 3 Causes of Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Pain- PLUS 3 Sure Fixes”

  1. Canadian wilderness leader taught me BEST cocktail for pain is 2 IBE + 1 Aceta = FAST to both physical and cognitive site

  2. Rotator cuff muscles are meant to work synergistically in support of bigger prime movers, therefore using isolation exercises like sad old rotator cuff external rotation exercises don't work well or at all. I fixed mine by learning how to do barbell overhead press.

  3. Best intro on the Internet.

    The most famous physiotherapists on the Internet. Fact.

    Thank you for keeping our joints safe.

  4. I wish I had seen this video a year ago! Thank you and I’ll try this advice next time. Any exercises to prevent the pain from happening in the first place?

  5. If you do sports, you need to work rotor cuffs for your entire life.
    It should be part of your fitness program.
    It's just a fact of life.

  6. i don't sleep well as laying in bed increases my right shouldepain'm.
    Going to try the pillow under my arm while sleeping.

  7. That last exercise that you showed (cross friction/fiber massage) it's pretty amazing how well it works, it is the only thing that made my shoulder problems go away. You mentioned that it is one of those exercises that people over the years keep telling you how well it works? Would it be possible for you to make a video with all of those proven exercises were you get the most positive feedback? Whether it's for the back, neck, shoulders etc. Thank you very much for all your wonderful, funny and informative videos.

  8. I hurt my left shoulder 2 years ago and again a few months ago. 2 years ago I had fallen out of a chair after someone kicked it from underneath me and landed directly onto my shoulder. I was told that I tore my ligaments and my growth bone came out of place by one doctor and he said the pain would go away within 2 or 3 weeks. The pain never went away and hurts still to this day. The 2nd time I hurt it they said that it might be my rotator cuff and it would be fine after a few weeks to months. It never got better and nobody knew what exactly was wrong with my shoulder because it never showed up on an x-ray. So tomorrow I have to get an MRI and hopefully they find out what's wrong with my shoulder.

  9. Oh WOW. I just sat there and did that cross-fiber massage on the front tendon/muscle and it amazingly went away! Will do that for a few days and maybe my kettle-bell swings won't hurt as much!

  10. Hi you 2 are great! I have a question 're shoulder pain.
    Due to a car accident my left shoulder was injured. it's been 7yrs now my right arm /hand has carpell tunnel. No one would diagnose it until I settled my case. But now the pad under my thumb is flat and the pain is unbearable. IAlong my collar bone is the worst,
    along with around collar
    blade. Pls help me to ease tjis pa

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