Hey, guys, Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to my office in Nashville, Tennessee. I want to do a quick video for you and talk
about the top essential oils that act as natural antibiotics. And prescription antibiotics today are wrecking
the health of a whole lot of people. And so I want to talk about the best essential
oils to use that are sort of nature’s antibiotics. And if you believe like food is medicine,
like I do and really what nature gave us can sometimes be more effective than these synthetics
that the pharmaceutical companies created. Do me a favor, help me spread this message
right now. Take a minute and share the best natural antibiotics
that are essential oils specifically. I’m actually going to touch on a few others
that aren’t on this list as well. And here’s what you need to know. I know that when I was a kid growing up my
mom always brought me into the doctor anytime I had a cold, the flu, croup, bronchitis,
any issue and I always got put on an antibiotic. And when that happens, what it does is typically,
it’s not only going to kill the bad bacteria, it’s going to kill the good bacteria in your
gut. Doctors and researchers say that 70% of your
immune system is located in your gut in your microbiome. And so what’s happening is we’re giving kids
. . . doctors are prescribing antibiotic, after antibiotic, after antibiotic which is
destroying the good bacteria in the gut causing leaky gut syndrome and autoimmune disease
over time. And these antibiotics are very powerful that
a lot of doctors are prescribing today versus what people used throughout history, what
they reference in the Bible, what’s referenced in Greek medicine, Chinese medicine, they
use herbal extracts to treat chronic illness in the body. So here are the top essential oils that are
used in antibiotics around the world today. Number one is oil of oregano. Now something unique about oregano is not
only is it antibacterial, it’s also antifungal, anti-parasitic, it fights off yeast as well,
antiviral. So oregano is powerful at fighting off all
forms of pathogens. And oregano contains a really unique compound
called carvacrol, and carvacrol is really what makes oregano so powerful. And the unique thing here is that it’s actually
been shown to fight off MRSA and strep. It’s been shown to fight off antibiotic resistant
bacteria. So this is something that’s happening a lot
today as well is because we’re using all of these synthetic antibiotics. It’s actually creating these superbugs that
are resistant to certain types of antibiotics that medical doctors are prescribing today. And by the way, if you know what I’m talking
about I’d love to hear from you right now, things like MRSA all of the superbugs. These things are growing and thinking about
how it’s going to threaten especially our children, our children’s children in the future,
these superbugs we’re creating, it’s not good. Where here is the good news, oregano has been
shown in medical studies to fight MRSA and antibiotic strains of bacteria in in vitro
studies. So again oregano is great. And I want to mention this too with oregano,
my mom at one point had a fungus on her toenail after she went through chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can have a similar result, it
really weakens the immune system, allows the body to be overcome with certain types of
infection. So my mom had a fungal infection on her toe. We started doing oregano oil on it three times
a day and after two months it was completely gone. So oregano oil is effective at treating a
number of health conditions, it’s really a powerful essential oil. Number two here is cinnamon. Cinnamon contains a compound called cinnamaldehyde,
and cinnamon within Chinese medicine is also known to help warm the body. So typically think about winter time, we use
cinnamon in apple cider, we use cinnamon with pumpkin pie around Thanksgiving. Cinnamon is used typically when it’s getting
colder outside and in Chinese medicine it’s really used to warm the body. So cinnamon is a great herb, but cinnamaldehyde
has been shown to be effective for so many things from balancing blood sugar, by helping
support a glucose tolerance factor that’s GTF to a number of things. But one of the biggest benefits of cinnamon
is it actually helps in killing off dangerous microbes. Now listen, there’s a story in the Bible where
there’s a plague going throughout the Israelite camp. And God tells Moses and Aaron, Aaron is Moses’
brother, the priest at the time. He said, “I want you to diffuse oils throughout
the camp,” and actually one of the oils they had during the time was called the holy anointing
oil, that was a blend of five oils. It was a blend of cinnamon, cassia, calamus,
myrrh, as well as olive oil and they would put it in like a glass jar and they would
actually anoint the head of kings with it. But one of the things they did when this whole
camp was sick with a plague, they actually fumigated it with cinnamon oil, and it said
it killed off the plague. When people were sick in biblical days they
would anoint their head, and in the Bible it says, if you’re sick go to the priests
or the elder, have them pray for you for healing and have them anoint your head with oil. Well, cinnamon oil was one of those oils in
that holy anointing oil blend that’s still used by certain churches around the world
today. So cinnamon oil has antibacterial properties,
it’s been shown to help fight infections as well, cinnamon also it’s very warming. So especially if somebody is sick with a cold,
or flu, or has shivers and is cold and you need to warm their insides, cinnamon oil is
fantastic, it’s a fantastic oil to use. Number three is thyme essential oil, and thyme
is very high in a couple compounds. Number one, it’s very high in thymol. In certain species of thyme also has some
of what makes oregano beneficial as an antibiotic and that’s carvacrol, but again larger amounts
of thymol. And this is really, really effective especially
when with bronchial issues, bronchial infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis. Thyme is also unique in that it’s a pro-progesterone. It’s even been shown to help balance out hormones
and strengthen the kidneys in Chinese medicine, it’s known to help strengthen the kidney Qi
and overall energy. But thyme has very, very strong antimicrobial
properties there as well, and is supposed to help support circulation of the body especially
of the lungs within Chinese medicine. So if you have an infection or again, or an
issue especially related to the lungs, or sinuses, or breathing, thyme is one of the
best. It’s the best time to use thyme. You get that? I thought that was pretty funny. Number four here, tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is also known as melaleuca, melaleuca
and tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is very high in something called
terpinene as well as cymene. So terpinenes and cymene is what you’re going
to find in tea tree oil. Now, this is a plant that’s typically found
in Australia. So it’s found in Australia today. And this was used by Aborigines, they would
actually take it and turn it into a paste and when people had flesh wounds during war
different types of infections, or injuries, they use this directly on the skin to fight
infection. So again, if you have a cut, or a scrape,
or a burn, or an open wound, tea tree oil, one of the best, probably maybe the best on
this list of treating the skin directly to treat any type of wound or infection and using
it as a natural antibiotic. This is one I don’t want to recommend internally. And I want to say this, many of these oils
are used internally. You want to be careful with these oils that
are powerful antibiotics. Typically people that have GI issues like
an inflammatory bowel issue, typically or very young children, you would not want to
use these oils internally, pregnancy as well. So again, always consult with your physician
before using any type of these oils internally. But if somebody has a pretty robust system
and they just really get run down or they definitely get a strong infection, anywhere
between 3 to 14 days you could take these oils internally with food. If you’re going to do a cinnamon oil, two
to three drops three times a day in food is how you’d want to take those. But again, always consult with your physician
or a health care practitioner if you are going to do these internally. Tea tree oil is one you don’t want to do internally
at all because of the nature of some of the compounds within tea tree oil. Some other powerful oils when it comes to
infection, eucalyptus oil can be very, very power especially for fighting pneumonia, different
types of bacteria as well. Ginger oil if somebody has a cold or flu is
very powerful at warming the body. Clove oil has many of the same benefits. It’s high in cinnamaldehyde as is cinnamon,
but this is another oil that especially has anti-parasitic benefits. If somebody’s looking to fight a parasite,
clove oil tends to be very, very powerful as well. And then surprisingly lavender oil. Lavender oil has been shown to help different
things, such as types of Candida or the different species of bacteria that can cause acne, it
can cause that. And let me say this in terms of infections
as well or bad bacteria, tea tree oil mixed with honey is ideal for fighting acne. So tea tree oil mixed with raw honey or Manuka
honey, putting it on for two minutes, washing it off, a great natural acne treatment. So as you can see, essential oils really are
nature’s antibiotic, and if you have an essential oil, you love or you’ve used as a natural
antibiotic, post it right now here on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. I’d love to hear from you. And if I missed an essential oil, which there
are many I know I missed, but if there’s specific essential oils you’ve used for their antibacterial
properties, post that on Facebook Live now and YouTube Live, I’d love to see which essential
oils you’re using most on a regular basis to fight infection. I want to say this, if somebody is chronically
ill or has a very serious life-threatening infection, these are not replacements for
prescription antibiotics, but again, I want to reaffirm and say that and say use these
responsibly. But remember, oftentimes too many people are
just running and getting antibiotics and they’re being prescribed like candy for things like
viruses, when in fact antibiotics, synthetics don’t fight viruses versus these essential
oils. Many of them have antiviral, antiparasitic,
anti-yeast, antibacterial properties, and are very effective. And again, what people have used for thousands
of years for fighting bacteria, bad bacteria, or pathogenic bacteria because we know, hey
there is some good bacteria like probiotics that line our gut wall. So guys, this has been me Dr. Josh Axe talking
about the best essential oils used as antibiotics. Hi. Dr. Axe here, want to say thanks so much for
checking out this YouTube video and also don’t forget to subscribe if you want to get more
great content on things like herbs, essential oils, natural remedies, and how to use food
as medicine. Also, check out more of our content on my
YouTube channel. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Cured my daughters UTI with mullein garlic oil alternating topically with pine essential oil. About a week in a half later her urinalysis came back clear!! No growth No bacteria No Parasites. Prayer & Gods medicine (not man's) Amen, it works!

  2. I have had C-Defficile twice from Anti-biotics and it sent me to the hospital for 3 days the second time…..I am allergic to most trees except for birch and cedar….What is tea tree oil and is it safe if you have allergies????

  3. I'm glad I stumbled upon this. i have endometriosis, therefore a weak immune system. I just got symptoms of an infection: sore throat and headache, chills/mild fever. gunna try this first- antibiotics next if symptoms don't leave. thanks Dr Axe.

  4. tea tree oil EXCELLENT for KILLING LICE. Ended up with my only case during KATRINA HURRICANE FIASCO. Used all oils mentioned plus rosemary, garlic AND GROUND TUMERIC, GINGER with a dash of fresh ground pepper as tea, med or salad dressing for PAIN!!!

  5. I remember being prescribed doxycycline throughout high school for my cystic acne……. can you believe that ??? Antibiotics on a daily, regular basis, for ACNE ??????

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  8. I wanted too let you all know that i had the herpes virus ll and i used Oregano oil from a health food store. 3months later no herpes. It works. I got my life back. Praise God??????

  9. Dr Axe, I was prescribed Levaquin about 2 weeks ago. It has ruined my life. I went into the er with a terrible stomach ache, from a round of Zithromax for a sinus infection. The Levaquin has destroyed my tendons. I was a very fit healthy 40 year old man, I now feel handicapped. I'm done with traditional medicine, and you're correct about antibiotics, doctors are prescribing thes terrible drugs for minor illnesses. If you could find it in your time and heart to make a video on on recovery of muscles and tendons due to Levaquin damage. I could barely pick up my 11 months old daughter. Thank you, Glenn in Florida.

  10. I had a nail fungus for years until I discovered Oregano and Melaleuca essential oils. I apply a drop of each on my toe nail every day. Now I cannot see a trace of fungus on my toe nail.

  11. Thank you Dr Ash. I didn't know about the benefits of Cinnamon. Here is a remedy for Proctitis and Crohn's disease. 1tsp of oregano oil with 4tbs of olive oil (could use Flax oil which may be better) put few drops on soles of feet morning and night times. Also put a drop back of tongue and swallow with cold glass of water.  Probiotics 1 capsule morning and night times.  “Swedish Bitters”  1tsp in warm water with honey morning and night times. Use blunt syringe needles to put oregano in back passage but try it on soles of feet fist.  I got the idea of pure organic oregano oil from Jini Patel Thompson. Sage has numerous health benefits and especially good for tonsillitis.

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  15. Oregano oil helped my daughter, who has a genetic illness, get over a flu in a record three days. It's amazing stuff!

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  17. cinnamon is the BEST!!! next time you have the stomach flu, take cinnamon vitamins!! Cinnamon kills the bacteria in the gut, thus causing the stomach bug! Cinnamon is also great for high blood pressure. I love this stuff! CINNAMON! EVERYONE TAKE IT EVERYDAY

  18. I actually have an infected area on my forehead which started as a pimple or what looked like a pimple. it is painful and I woke up this morning to my forehead and eyes being swollen. I began putting oregano oil under my tongue as well as on the infected area last night. I'm also making smoothies with greens powder and eliminating all consumption of anything not plant based. I will post an update on my results within the next few days. Any suggestions that will help promote quick and effective healing of both the infected area as well as internal healing, are GREATLY appreciated.. Thanks Dr. Axe!

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  20. peppermint oil for sinus or chest congestion. I am a Native American and we use Sage herbs for cleansing. I don't know if is in an oil form but it does work with healing

  21. yes. I work in a hospital and waayyyyy too many people come down with MRSA and VRE, and we're actually a very clean hospital!
    I'm all for returning to God's prescriptions!?

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  27. At the first sign of getting sick , I fill a capsule of half young living Thieves and half of young living oregano…and most of the time it prevents me from getting sick…I also use a couple of drops of oregano in the chicken water to worm my chickens…

  28. Dr Axe can you also mention how to use these oils. You say they are good to us but you don’t say exactly how to use them eg. oil – do you drink it or apply it and where to apply it and how much and how many times can you use or drink it and with water or plain? Can we use the cinnamon powder or the thyme leaves. Please explain in details

  29. Yes, prescription antibiotics kill both the bad and good bacteria. But what makes us think essential oils will kill only bad bacteria but not harm good bacteria? Do we have any NON-INDUSTRY FUNDED studies showing these oils are that selective? My gut feeling is people are making an assumption because these oils are derived from a natural source they would't dare harm the good. And what makes us think bacteria won't eventually become resistant to these oils?

  30. I love all you information on essential oils. I have been using them for years and they are very effective. I always watch you videos. Thank you Dr. Axe, You are a great doctor and thank you for helping us.

  31. When you first get a MRSA spot that's tiny and looks like a pimple…remove the white head by pinching carefully w a baby wipe or Kleenex and immediately throw away…next put a drop of OREGANO oil on spot and let in soak in for a few min ( can also mix in Tea Tree oil, Manuka oil, coconut oil, and grape seed extract oil) next cover it with this exact brand and product…. TheraNeem brand Neem Toothpaste with Cinnamon. This paste will dry in 15 to 30 min and usually stay on all day… this should kill the MRSA spot. Remember when you have MRSA always catch it when it's tiny, be extremely careful not to spread to other areas of skin. NOTE: another effective natural remedy especially when it's started to get a boil under skin is J. Crow brand Lugols 2% IODINE on spot and surrounding areas PLUS take 20 vertical drops in water once a day but MUST also take 200 to 400 mcg of Selenium with it. Google what other Vitamins you should take w it like B, zinc etc. Please remember all brands of natural meds are not created equal.

  32. I was given amoxicillin for a tooth extraction
    How do i take this oil internally instead of the antibiotic?

  33. Love your videos!!! Our top favorites especially if getting sick are oregano, frankincense and lavender. I use diluted oregano on the bottom of my sons feet and also diluted frankincense down his spine. Both work amazing for us if somethings starting to come on. Another favorite is diluted lavender in a roller bottle. We use it around the outside of his ears and down the sides of his neck for ear aches or a sore throat coming on. My son will now ask for lavender if his throat or ear starts to hurt because he has learned it helps him. Boy has lavender saved us in the middle of the night when those darn ear aches start. Also a drop of lavender on a cotton ball and just place in the ear helps for night time ear aches as well.

  34. I use DoTERRA essential oils, it is a brand I absolutely trust when it comes to internal use. I have taken their Melaleuca oil internally many times. I have been using these incredible oils for the last 3yrs ever since they had an enormous impact on my sons health. I recently recommended Oregano to a customer for an open wound that she had had for many months and it cleared it up with in days, even the district nurse was amazed. I have not had to visit a doctor since using these essential oils and supplements ?

  35. I'm in my first trimester of pregnacy and have a tooth infection. What can i use? Also how much, how often and how long would i use it.

  36. I may have a hard question for you to answer. I am very interested in Essential Oils. So far, my go-to oil for most things in my house in Cedarwood. However, I am interested in learning more about oils that work as antibiotics and antiseptics. I live on a farm. I have had pigs and cows for quite some time. So, it's safe to assume that there will be bacteria, fungus and other germ carrying particles around. My question is: What kind of oil(s) would you suggest for farmers for killing infections that are more prevelant on farms? Would Thyme be the go-to oil if I got a cut repairing an old rusty fence? I'm trying to learn about the oils that are of a medical help in a first aid type of manner. Bug bites, bee stings, cuts and bruises kind of things. Fungus and Bacteria killing oils seem like they'd be quite "Beneficial" type of oils to have o a farm. What would be your best suggestion for me? I'm also interested in Diabetic fighting oils. It's a paternal family issue. quite a few paternal relatives are fighting Diabetes right now. Again, Cedarwood is the household favorite. I have used it for sore hands from farming all day. it works. I rub iton my shoulders and it does add temporary relief. We also like the deodorizing affect it has on the house. I have used Rosemary to diffuse in the house for the memory/Diabetic qualities. I'm starting to use Basil 100% Pure. I wouldn't call it Holy Basil. I also love diffusing Lemongrass and other bug deterrent oils We've even started using some oils for wiping kitchen counters and etc.

  37. dr axe ive watched many videos of yours but your shining moment out of all episodes i have seen was the pause and what you stated after at 10:20 in video funny perfect and perfectly timed pause and gives me more reasons to keep watching thank you!

  38. When in doubt how to use the oils, put a drop or two on the bottom of the feet. If it's a more caustic oil like cinnamon, use a carrier oil.

  39. for the first two years of my grandson's life, he would wake up every single night crying unable to breath congested with mucous. the doctor said he had asthma and my daughter would rush to give him a breathing treatment. so i mentioned to her that i think she should try essential oils i think it would help. she told me she was sick and tired of my natural remedies "they don't work"! she yelled. so i ordered a small battery powered diffuser and looked up what oil would be safe for a 2 year old and came across cinnamon oil. when my order arrived I waited until bedtime and put a few drops of the oil on the pad and turned the diffuser on. it did not take the oil long to get into the air and the room smelled wonderful. for the first time in his life, my grandson slept all night long, like a baby should. it appears that the cinnamon scent helped to dry up the mucous. i was so very happy for him! this was 3 years ago. he has not had to have a breathing treatment in all those years. true story.

  40. As per your request for ideas on natural antibiotics, I have a few suggestions, knowing this video is two years old and you will likely never see my comment. I am retired and live in Mexico, where traditional medicine still has a wide following. First, I suggest you consider the nopal cactus, a highly revered plant (it's the one on the flag) and it has many health benefits. It is widely promoted as a treatment for diabetes (okay, not exactly an antibiotic). I have used its oil as a treatment for chapped lips and a recent fever blister was knocked right out after applying the oil (better than aloe). As an infusion (simply stored in warm water for a few hours then strained), I have used it as a mouth wash and after shave lotion. A second suggestion is obvious: chilis. There are may varieties and they probably vary in medical properties, but I would suggest you start with chilis arbolitos (cayenne pepper). I will provode my recipe upon request. A third suggestion, though nothing to do with Mexico per se, is wormwood. The very name comes from being used to treat internal parasites. But be careful; when heated to extract the oil it becomes psychoactive, much like marijuana. Hope you read this, so I can elaborate.

  41. After my pregnancies, my toenails darken and my face becomes extremely dry due to breastfeeding… I used moringa oil on my 2nd pregnancy and it completely changed my skin and nails within 2 weeks…

  42. I use Oregano Oil and Thyme Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Clove Oil, to kill bacteria of Lyme disease, As Lyme Disease is very hard to kill it's bacteria, Even large dose antibiotics have a high Failure rate, this is because Lyme Bacteria can create its own Bio-film to wrap it self in to Hide/protect itself, this is why Antibiotics for established Lyme are Not effective, Even the Bodies Immune system cannot see the Lyme bacteria due to it being in the Biofilm protection layer and this is why antibiotic are mostly useless, most of the time, for so many Lyme patients their Lyme bacteria re-emerge out of their Biofilm to make a come back, time after time. But the Essential Oils I mentioned dissolve the Biofilm, exposing the bacteria, it cannot hide anymore from both the anti Bacterial essential Oil I mentioned and the bodies Immune system this with Grounding/Earthing, along with "Full Spectrum Hemp Oil" are Key to getting Rid of Lyme once and for all.

  43. So, do you think I could use a carrier oil with oregano and apply it to my son skin that has eczema? Do you think that it would kill her bacteria and I would start to see his skin clearing up?

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