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and we need your help. – So why not skip buying
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pumpkin spice pastry today and donate that money to St. Jude. Just click the blue donate
button on your screen. – Thanks for being your Mythical best. – We hurt ourselves a lot this year. – Let’s talk about that. (alarm rings)
(playful music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical special holiday episode. – Today our 2018 Mythical
retrospective continues with a look back at the very
best moments of the year in which we experience
immeasurable amounts of pleasure. Just kidding, apparently
nobody was interested in that. Instead, we’re counting down
the most painful moments of the year as decided on by you. – And unfortunately we came
into the year quite familiar with the concept of pain, as
evidenced by these moments from years past. (Rhett groaning) – (chuckling) Where are you going? My heart, no! Ow! (chuckling) That one actually hurt. Ow! – It doesn’t pop you anymore. – Two, one. (hands slap) – Hey!
– What? Don’t hit me twice.
(Rhett laughing) – Oof. – Don’t you hit me twice. – You know what, we won’t bring that up. We won’t go back there. 2018 brought us brand
new painful experiences of all sorts. Bring the pain. – [Stevie] Our number
five clip comes from the Spicy Candy Showdown when Rhett and Link ate the world’s hottest chocolate bar. – This is the world’s
hottest chocolate bar but does that make that
the world’s hottest candy? There’s only four grams
of chocolate in this bar. – [Rhett] It looks so innocent. – [Link] The gold inlays,
it looks real fancy. – It doesn’t have all the
signs of, this is so hot, it doesn’t have a donkey on it, you know. If any kind of hot sauce has
got a donkey on it, that’s hot. – Just chew it up.
– Chew it up and swallow it. – Yeah.
– Like food. – Yeah like eat it. Three, two one. Chocolate, right off the bat. – Oh.
– No. It’s like I’m tasting burnt, my burnt– – Oh!
– My burnt self. – Oh! – Oh, you shouldn’t swallow. – Oh, here they come.
– It’s really. Here they come. This is really freakin’ hot. – Oh guh. – This is like sickening hot. (Rhett moans) – What, how–
– I don’t know what. – What did they do? (hiccups) – It doesn’t frickin’ say anything on it. I don’t, why are you drinking milk? – ‘Cause I know it’s hot. – You gotta taste it. – I put ice in my mouth. – I trash it.
(Link retches) Oh. – What in the world (hiccups) happened? – I don’t know (shudders)– I don’t know what they did. But it’s, guys, this is so hot. I don’t even know any other way to say it. – I swallowed it so fast and
I was like, this is chocolate. I’ll just eat it. So hot. I ate it so fast. Is your throat burning?
– Mm-hm. – Dude. (hiccups) This is–
(objects clatter) (Link chuckles) (both chuckle) – I love it when your
eyebrows get really angry. – Yeah. – (chuckles) You can tell. – Just that little sliver, man. Just a little sliver. – Yeah that was, and didn’t we– (sighs) Taste that, we never
tasted that again, right? – I haven’t, have you? – I thought we were offered it somewhere. – I turned it down.
– We turned it down. – Not even remembering it. – Oh gosh, wow, that’s the start, huh? – It gets more painful.
– Just keep going. – [Stevie] Our number four
painful moment comes from What’s Biting Me
featuring Coyote Peterson. – All right. – Can I flinch because I’m scared. – Oh wow, for real, okay. (chuckles) There you go, kinda put your
hand on just a little bit. (Link gasps fearfully)
(all yelling) – Ow, what the crap! What the living crap! That’s a freakin’ mouse freakin’ trap! What the, I didn’t need
to put sauce on my hand! – Hold on, are you–
– That’s not sauce. – Are you sure it was a mouse trap? – That’s my guess! Yeah! – Take your blindfold off. (Rhett laughs) – It could have been a rat
trap, those are way bigger. – You trying to put cheese? What? – The mouse has gotta know where to go. – You’re trying to get
me to bait the trap? – You gotta put the cheese
on the plastic cheese. – Dang it, ah. Mm, it really got the index ringer. (Rhett chuckling) – Two point, two points. (Rhett laughs) – Yeah there’s a lot of
freeze frames of that moment floating around the internet. – You got some frustration out there. – Yeah that did help.
– I see what you were doing there.
– That did help. – That was fun for me,
it wasn’t painful at all. – You got a lot of pleasure out of that. – Yeah I did. – Coyote I think got even more– – Yeah (chuckles).
– Pleasure out of it. – Yes he did.
– Of course, I can’t complain, that
guy’s experienced pain. – Yeah he’s been through a lot. – He’s crazy. – Moving on. – [Stevie] Our number three
clip comes straight from VidCon where Rhett waxed Link. – Oh me again. – First time for everything.
– Oh gosh, hey. That’s it, man, slam it down. – Well no, the strip is– – It’s gonna dry.
– Significantly wider than that.
– It’s gonna dry. Oh my gosh. You’re going the wrong direction. Go down. (sighs) Such an amateur. – All right Dylan, hold that. – Oh gosh.
– Will do. – Gosh. Dylan.
– How’s that feel? Feels good? – You gotta push hard, if
you wanna get the hair off. My hair is deeply rooted, man. – Okay here we go. – No no no count. Count in like from– – Okay I’m gonna–
– 10. – I’m gonna count from five, okay? – Five.
– Five. – Stop! (people chuckling) – You failed. Look at that. You failed. This is your fault,
Dylan, and I’m thankful. – I bet you I can grab this. – Ooh, ooh, that actually,
ooh, that already hurts. – Yeah I just gotta get–
– You’re doing it so slowly! – You want me to–
– No! It’s literally.
– Hold on. – I thought I was off, scot free. This is even worse.
– I just gotta really– – No!
– I just gotta get– – No! Just put my leg in a microwave. This is horrible. Oh gosh, you’re pulling out
little hairs one by one! – Here we go, I gotta get a grip. I’ll go a little bit slower this time. (Link yelps)
(Rhett chuckles) – Why were you looking into my eyes? – I wanted to see you suffer. (chuckles) – You’re looking at my
face every time, look. (yelling)
(laughing) – Okay.
– You’re not looking at what you’re doing! What are you looking at over there? I’m just a man getting his leg waxed. – Uh, wow. – Yeah, if you would have
looked at what you were doing instead of trying to look into my face. – No I wanted you, I wanted
to see the full experience. I needed to monitor what
was happening with you. – So again, you did experience pleasure. – Yeah yeah, I did, so
far this has been a lot of most painful moments for you. – I am noticing that. – They like to see you in pain. Hm. – [Stevie] Our number two clip comes from Can You Feel Someone Else’s Pain, when Rhett gets whipped into shape. – Yes.
– Hope this gets views. (Link chuckles) – That’s our only hope. Okay, give him the pain! Look at me. (western music) (whip cracking) – Ooh, dang. Dang!
– No! (crew laughing) (whip cracks)
(yells) (both laughing) (Rhett screams) – You squeal like a pig? (high-pitched yelling) You know what, I’m not
getting a strong signal. Can we hit it again?
– No, no no no no no! No no no no no no no no no. (sighs) Where did I feel it? – Are you all right?
– No. – Freakin’ got whipped, man. (sighing softly)
(Rhett laughs) – You eyes are watering. You crying? – A little bit. – He’s crying. – Yeah, I haven’t cried in awhile. – Man, I just know by the
whip, it can’t be on the front. I shouldn’t approach this logically. – Yeah yeah yeah.
– I should channel what I felt in the moment.
– Just feel it. Still stinging a little bit. – I feel like it was low,
like I feel like my left calf, like the back of the leg, right in there, just a little tickle,
just a little whippy whip on the back left calf.
– Really? – Yeah.
– It was my booty. – Oh. It was your booty?
– It was my booty. What the crap was that thing?
– Let me see this whip. – Who do we have that’s a whip master? Oh, yeah. – We brought a, who are you? – Anthony De Longis.
– I’m not shaking your hand. (both laughing) – Well we already kinda met. (laughing) – That’s great, so you–
– Anthony De Longis. (laughs) – Now, let me give you a
word about Anthony De Longis. – Give it to us. – I was watching, we talked
about this on Ear Biscuits, the one about toys.
– Yeah. – And let’s see, I was watching
a documentary on He-Man, Masters of the Universe.
– Mm-hm. – And the motion picture
movie with Dolph Lundgren playing He-Man.
– Motion picture movie. – Anthony played Trap Jaw. He was literally one of
Skeletor’s henchmen in the movie. – Yes. He’s done some acting as
well and he also trained Harrison Ford how to use the
whip in The Last Crusade. – And he made you cry.
– Yeah he did. – You literally cried. – That man can whoop my
butt anytime he wants. – That was good–
– Gladly take it. – We ain’t done yet,
give us some more pain. – [Stevie] And at number one,
We Go To Bridesmaid Bootcamp to the birthplace of
Link’s rivalry with Jen. – Oh this is great. (bell ringing)
(orchestral music) (grunting) – Oh, no, bad. You getting too close! – Oh what is that, a bag of sugar? – A bag of sugar? – A frickin’ bag of flour. Oh! Oh my goodness. Oh! (slow motion music)
(Rhett chuckling) (Link groaning in slow motion) You nailed me in the face, what was that? I’m crawling away. Nailed me right in the face. Oh my gosh. – Well she’s just throwing
a, hey that’s edible art. – Oh my, I’m so scared now. I can’t feel the right side of my face. – Okay.
– All right. – What, first of all.
(crew laughing) – Did something hit you in the face, oh, you got a little bit right there. – What the crap? – Like right in there.
– Hit me in the face! Jen. – You really got shaken up. – Jen hit me in the face. – Yeah, I’m here to give
you a Christmas present. – Oh.
(Rhett chuckles) – Here you go. – Oh look at that. All better now. – Now we did make up, Jen. – Yeah.
– I mean, well that seems weird. We settled our differences. – We had a few more battles after that. – We actually did.
– Yeah. And then you beat me in arm
wrestling and I gave up. (Rhett chuckles) – Look at that, this– – I don’t know how I did that, by the way. – I wish you had of hit
him with a bag this big, that would have been– – I feel like he wouldn’t have come back. – It would have broken his neck. – There’s lots of replays where, I mean, you’re grinning from ear to ear. – That’s ’cause I was not
expecting to hit you at all. – Really?
– You know what, I’m glad you did, Jen. – I mean I did throw it like that. – Yeah, I watched the replays. We don’t need to dig up bones. – I was impressed with
myself, but I’m sorry. – Jen, thank you for
that beautiful moment. – It was impressively painful. – It really made my year. When it happened and seeing it again. – You know what, I
graciously accept your gift. – [Jen] You’re welcome. – We’re gonna bury the
hatchet permanently. We already done that.
– Yeah. – So here we go. – Bury it some more,
there’s some more flour. All right, see ya tomorrow for
the overall top five episodes of the year, as voted on by you. – And thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Present time!
– Woo! ♪ I get a present ♪ – Look at that one.
– Ooh yeah. – It’s a cube.
(festive music) You’re gonna love this one. You’re gonna love it, Link. – Oh yeah?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – What is it? You know what it is? – I put a lot of time into deciding on it. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, get in there. (chuckles) – Okay, that’s–
– Uh-huh. (Rhett hums) (crew laughs) Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Reminds me of my trip to Russia. – Okay here we go. Visible Stain Thief Detection Powder. (crew laughing) – Mm-hm, yep. – Stain detection powder.
– Yeah, yeah. – Stain Thief Detection Powder. – Next time you get hit
in the face by flour, you just put that on top of it
and it tells you who did it. – May cause stain.
– Yeah. But it’s worth it. – Not really clear on how to use this. But thank you so much, Rhett. – Click the top link to watch
the full bridesmaid challenge when Jen hit Link with a bag of flour. – Oh, flashbacks. Happy holidays. The Tour of Mythicality
special is available now on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon and
a wide variety of platforms including most cable TV providers.

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