(gentle music) – Hey there, Dr. Ashly Ochsner here with a question. Does your back ever hurt? Kind of ludicrous I know, because virtually every
person on the planet, even young people, mostly they answer that question yes. However for many Americans, millions in fact, lower back pain can be
beyond just a nuisance, it can quite honestly be debilitating. Affecting their quality of life, ability to enjoy life to the fullest. So today I want to uncover some of the truths about back pain, and really offer some effective solutions. Because what I hear most often about this condition from folks is, they say things like, “You know, it happened two weeks ago, “all I did was bent over
and picked up a pencil.” Or “All I did was reached
over here and then boom.” So we hear this thing where they associate an event the cause with the effect instantaneous. Well logical thinking would bring us to the conclusion typically that bending over and picking up a pencil wasn’t the start of this problem. It might have been the first
time you felt it significantly, but it wasn’t the start. So let’s really under cover some of the underlying things
going on in your body, in your spine, in your back. Because if you understand this then I believe you cannot only prevent it, but then correct any damage that exists and ensure the best possible outcome and quality of life that you can have. So to understand we really need to look at this thing called
your spine in your body. So I’m gonna hold up a
couple of vertebra here, keep in mind those are
completely surrounded by muscles, tendons and ligaments and
soft tissue all the way out. So the way your body and brain works is when you reach for that pencil, or you pick up that toolbox, or you just turn in your chair wrong and boom, the body fires
off pain and muscles spasm, that is a reaction by your
brain telling your body trying to protect an area that it feels has just become vulnerable to injury. So it will spasm around it real tight much like a splint when you put a splint around a finger you jammed or broke or an arm that you broke. So consider that the body
is trying to help you by putting that spasm around there and making you stop
doing what you’re doing. And then back up and say okay, rather than taking a muscle
relaxer to release that spasm, I better figure out why my brain felt that my spinal joint was vulnerable to an injury with that very simple motion of picking up a pencil or just moving or twisting
or reaching, right? So to understand this
I want to dive deeper into the anatomy with you here, and have you take a look at your screen. Because one of the things
that starts to happen after years of stress, whether that’s poor posture, gravity, work, repetitive use, injuries, car accidents, sports, all these things, your spine
will start to break down. So the disc in between
gets weak, it degenerates, the spine misaligns, hips shift, and we get this completely
curved and unaligned structure that’s now very vulnerable, and the brain sees it as
very vulnerable to injury. So I want to specifically
talk about the disc, which is that cartilage
in between the bones. I’m gonna give you an illustration
here of a little movie and show you what a disc bulge looks like. Because disc bulge and disc herniation are very common in people, not normal, very common. And some of them can be
greatly diminished and quite frankly avoided, if you keep your spine healthy, that’s the key here. Because discs don’t just bulge, they bulge when they’re
under undue stress, or asymmetrical unbalanced stressors that then cause them to
become weak over time, breakdown and bulge. So take a look at this video, I’m gonna show you what’s
called a left lateral bulge, that’s just where the disc swells up out of one side of the spine. So check this out, your gonna see the disc here, and as it moves into the intervertebral foramen here, in this area where that nerve comes out, you can literally see. Hang on one second, let me do this, I’m gonna finish this video off. So watch, as it continues it
then presses into the nerve. So with my little arrow here, I’m going to point that nerve that’s become red and irritated is now being impinged by that cartilage that has become weak, it’s bulged. So it’s like, think of a jelly donut and the middle’s starting to press out. Not ooze out yet, that’s a herniation, but this is the idea. So we have to ask the question, well why did that disc become so weak? Well maybe it’s because I
haven’t been hydrated properly, maybe I haven’t put the right motion into my spine over the years And they’ve decayed and weakened. Yes, that happens all the time. Maybe there’s been
misalignment, joint dysfunction, subluxations of those joints that have caused those
discs to wear unevenly. Yes, that can happen all the time too. So many times when we get to this point it’s not necessarily too late, but you’re in major
pain and major symptoms. Now take a look at this, I want to show you an actual herniation. So take a look at this. This is where the middle of the disc, that jelly-like substance
starts to ooze out the side where that cartilage has become so weak it just gives way and then all of that, not all of it, but some of
that jelly starts to come out and press against the nerve. So this is a much more severe issue that many times surgery
is the only answer. However, if we can catch this problem, preferably before the
discs even start to bulge. But by the time they bulge
before they herniate, that’s when you have hope, that’s when we can actually
correct your spine, get it strong again, get those discs some what’s
called imbibition in motion that’s gonna help keep them hydrated, so that your spine can
last you a long time. You can bend over and pick up your kids, you can go to the ball
field with your kids, you can continue to work, take care of the things around the house, do all the things you want to do in life without this fear. Regardless of symptoms,
regardless of history, I would encourage everyone
to get your spine evaluated by a corrective chiropractor to make sure that we can prevent issues from coming in the future like this and or correct any existing
damage that exists. So we’d be happy to be
that opportunity for you, be that office for you. If you’re local here visit our website or click the link, we’ve got appointments you can request. Love to have the
opportunity to help you out. Hope this helped you
understand a little bit more about back pain and the
spine, and some solutions. Take care.

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