Andrew: My migraines started March of 2009
from a faulty spinal tap and right from there my migraine never went away. I’ve gotten many
treatments, a lot of medications and I’ve seen countless doctors and I just can’t get
any relief. My mom and I went to Dr. Reed and he felt like I was like the perfect applicant
for this stimulator. Dr. Reed: I remember when Andrew came in for
the permanent unit we had to decide which side to put the battery on. It goes in the
upper outer rear gluteal region. Andrew wanted in on I believe the left side because he’s
a baseball player-he slides on his right side so he wanted it on his left side. Which brings
up an excellent point about the stimulators, there’s no restrictions.
Here’s this very active young man, baseball player, sliding left and right and no problem.
He’s done absolutely fine with the stimulator. Andrew: I got my permanent stimulators implanted
and they put a little battery right at the hip and it runs up your back and I have two
leads on my back, two leads on my temple and two leads right here and I’m able to control
the frequency and the intensity of the stimulation with a remote. It’s amazing what Dr. Reed
has done and I’m so appreciative of him. Dr. Reed: He came back recently having lost
a lot of weight. He lost so much weight, the little battery had gotten more superficial
and I needed to replace it to get deeper in. He’s doing great with it; he’s looking forward
to going to college up at Texas Tech in a year. Like a lot of patients he’s done very,
very well. I think it’s safe to say that it’s changed his life, certainly changed it for
the better. Andrew: I don’t care about having these batteries
and these wires inside of me-I’m just so happy that my migraines have gone away. It’s amazing
what Dr. Reed has done.

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