I’m Gary Kracoff
I work at Johnson Compunding and Wellness Center in Waltham, Massachusetts.
People ask me what should I have in my house, um, for some of the common problems, and really,
to start, five remedies: arnica, nux, pulsatilla, ignatia and apis. Arnica is probably the most
popular remedy in the world – it’s good for any soft tissue, um, problem… aches and
pains… if you’re gardening and you bent over too long, you could wind up with some
stiff muscles. Nux vomica is very, very good for over-eating. Did you ever come home after
eating late at night and everything is just sitting there? Nux can help that work its
way down. And pulsatilla is very, very good for colds with the yellow sticky mucus. Ignatia
amara – very good if when you get stressed you start getting anxious… um, if you have
to get up and make a presentation and the stress of that makes you a little bit anxious
and nervous, ignatia can help. And apis is very, very good for anything from a bee sting
to a sore throat that’s better with cold. These are very, very portable; they’re easy
to put in here; they won’t cause any drowsiness or over stimulation. Another advantage of
homeopathy and in the blue tube is there’s about 80 pellets in here. It’s very easy to
carry. It’s small. It’s easy to use: you just turn the top and one pellet drops down at
at time, and you don’t need water. You get your five pellets, open it up and toss it
right under your tongue and let them dissolve. They taste delicious and they’re safe for
anyone two years and older.

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