Did you know that half of the whole world
population has had headache at some point or another? Maybe you’ve had a headache,
maybe somebody you knows had a headache. Somebody you cared about had a headache. Migraines
are a little bit different, migraines are chronic. Something that happens day after
day and it causes you to be fatigued, it makes you slow, you get that brain fog and if you’ve
ever, ever experienced migraines, I want to help you on this video. Even headaches coz
there’s common simple solutions that are all natural that can help you with this. 37
million people have chronic migraines every single day. Literally one in ten people in
America have migraines and there’s usually two reasons for these. Reason number one is
food intolerances. People are borderline celiac, they have gluten intolerances, they’re allergic
to dairy and they don’t know it so they continue to eat these things causes pressure
in the ole cranium and they get these migraines. Number two is gut issues. You’ve heard us
talk about gut health before, SIBO, there’s other issues that people deal with the gut
that actually cause chronic migraines. A lot of those neural chemicals are produced in
the gut. Those endorphins, serotonin, 90% of it are produced in the stomach so if you’re
not getting those neurochemicals you’re restricting the blood flow maybe to your brain.
I’m gonna go through some natural things that I do to get rid of migraines. Number
one, this is my go-to, it is responsible for 400 biochemical actions in your body every
single day and that is magnesium. This is Calm, I like it, you just mix it in hot water
however I’m not sponsor there’s no endorsement deal here. I am not making any money from
this so whatever magnesium you want you can use. I just happen to like this one. Organifi,
now this is something that I love. A lot of people get migraines as well from stress.
Ashwagandha is in here, clinical trials that we used for Organifi actually lowers stress
up to 29% in as little as eight weeks. Stress is something we all deal with but we shouldn’t
have to deal with migraines because of the stress. There should be easy ways to deal
with it. Movement is one of my favorite ways to get rid of the headache. I wake up in the
morning, I have a headache or migraine, migraine, my grind, my grind from grinding too hard
the day before and I will literally go to the gym, do some cardio, or even if I don’t
feel like moving that much the headaches just like robbing me of energy, joy, my enthusiasm,
zeal, zest for life. What I’ll do is sit in the infrared sauna and when I sit in the
infrared sauna it helps with the circulation, it helps with the blood flow. I have a sunlight
sauna maybe you’ve seen a video of me in the past doing that. Another that I like to
eat if I have a headache is almonds. Almonds have arginine inside it. Natural occurring
arginine which is a vasodilator. Vasodilator, basically a fancy word for making your blood
flow more effectively. Another thing I do is maybe you’ve seen a video in the past
but I like to take a little essential oil, dropped it in a pan full of water, heat it
up, steam it on the stove, put a towel around my head, breathe it in, really opens up your
breathing, really helps you get that vasodilation go on to. It’s gonna give you more energy.
That’s part of my morning ritual. They say that people with blue eyes like me in iridology
actually have more migraines, headaches and lymphatic issues than people with brown eyes
which is pretty interesting so if you have light eyes and you notice that you have migraines
that got something to do with that. And the last but not the least, what I like to do
is I take curcumin and this is just turmeric right? It’s one of the highest resources
of anti-inflammatory food on the planet. It’s been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic
medicine and I’m mixing it with what I have here, it’s kefir. Kefir is a good fat. It’s
basically fermented goat milk. This one, it taste absolutely amazing with the goat kefir
that I have here and one of the reasons it’s good not only is because the turmeric is anti-inflammatory
properties, kefir helps heal your gut. If you know anybody that’s lactose intolerant,
that’s allergic to dairy and you kinda wanna reverse tolerances so you don’t look like
the weirdo at the Thanksgiving party when you can’t have some of the food that your
families eating? Kefir can help reverse some of that stuff. Kefir, turmeric, one of my
favorite drinks. Hmm, taste great! Alright so at that time who won the juicer? Remember
next week if you wanna win the juicer, scroll down to the bottom of this blog post, leave
a comment below about how your life is changed by implementing some of the strategies and
tips that we talked about on FitLife TV. Today’s juicer winner is Jonathan Boucher. Jonathan
just started a 90 day transformation and he’s doing a marvelous job. Jonathan use this Kuving’s
juicer to boost your intake of vitamins and minerals. This will keep you feeling happy
and energetic during your miraculous change. You’ve taken the first step, the hardest
step and we’re all rooting for you here at FitLife TV. We’re looking forward to
your success. Congratulations Jonathan! if you’ve suffered from migraines, start adding
this things into your life. Overtime, you may see that they decrease the amount of migraines
that you are actually getting. You may find that eventually they’re no longer affecting
you like they were and that’s what this is all about. It’s easy to pop a pill, NSAID
or something that’s anti-inflammatory. Start to do your research and understand how the
body works and actually prevent it instead of worrying about healing it later or coming
up with a cure for it later. We are all about preventive medicine, we are all about taking
what Mother Nature has given us and implementing it on a day to day basis. Since you’re watching
this I can tell you that same type of person which gets me excited so it’s our mission
with you to help inspires many people as possible. So feel free to forward this to somebody that
has migraines or dealing with it. Let us know what you think about this video, leave a comment.
If you’re getting a ton of them now, start doing some of those stuff. Ask us other ways
to do this. On the blog, I’m actually gonna leave more that you can do with just on this
video. So let us know what works for you, what doesn’t? Let’s build a community
around heling these 37 million plus people to get over this cause I know how debilitating
it is. I saw my mom grow up with these. I wanted to go outside like a kid and play with
her in the yard and you know, throw the baseball around, do everything kids love to do and
I couldn’t because she was in bed with a migraine sometimes and I want you to be free
from this. That’s what this is all about. Anyway, I’m Drew Canole remember we’re
in this together. I’ll see you soon. Essential oils help, maybe you’ve seen the video in
the past where I take a little essential, Oh my god, maybe a lot of essential oil cause
the caps not on it. Oh my god, I leaked a little bit of that oil and my face is like
burning up right now. My teeth yellow?

43 thoughts on “Top Tips To Eliminate Migraines That You Probably Didn’t Know – Saturday Strategy”

  1. you can tell this guy dosnt do half the stuff he preaches just after more of that youtube money and to sell people supplements that dont work lol .

  2. I use turmeric daily for almost a month now I love my organifi in water or sometimes I add it to my smoothie I have almonds every other day and I use young living essential oils for everything. I will pick up some calm. I don't have as many headaches since I started eating a plant based diet tho. Thanks for your great videos. I love them.

  3. Watching your videos has given me the motivation to start living a healthier lifestyle. I'm starting a juice cleanse this week and am excited that I'm finally taking the first steps to becoming a better version of myself.

  4. Hi just finished watching your video of migraine. I have them also, I juice when I can.
    I've subcribe with you also, my juicer is old now I don't No long its going to last. it would be nice to win one of those juicers you have.
    I'll be checking your other videos. so long now.

  5. I suffer from chronic migraine, completely debilitating. I saw you used a powder do you prefer that over the actual juicing of the raw root?

  6. As a migraine sufferer for many years.. you are speaking truth.  gut issues, allergies,  and at the end of the road of many tests, lupus and ms.  I have been on a quest to eliminate chemicals out of my life for the past few months.   I am finding good results from that as well as nutritional changes.  thank you for your videos…

  7. A few drops of almond oil preferably fresh grind almond squeeze n drip few drops in your nostrils do this few times till you r relieved-curtsy my Mom

  8. Hello Drew, never had a juicer, kinda exciting. Going to try all this stuff to help out. thank you soo much for helping and making these videos. Again, thank you!

  9. I've been suffering from migraines for yrs, avoiding fresh onions, alcohol, dairy, sugar, smoking of course,
    any aged cheese(lol dairy). Staying still and some yoga poses for headaches can help tremendously.
    I'm not sure you ever had a real migraine that debilitated you, makes you vomit and the rest of it if you can exercise, but good for you.
    Really like your videos!

  10. Hi, your videos helped me with my challenge. I was on high blood pressure medication for a while caused mostly by stress and I gained weight, which wasn't helpful. Following your advice helped me to loose weight( 10kg so far) and relax a bit. My blood pressure is getting better. I would like to carry on with my transformation and I think juicer will be a nice addition to my new healthy lifestyle ?
    I love migraine video. I don't have them as often any more due to better diet and making sure I'm hydrated.☺

  11. I cannot find any fresh Turmeric anywhere in our town even specialty health food stores. Is powder Turmeric is as good as fresh one? My husband and I LOVE Organifi. We have been drinking for over 2 months now. We like to have it first thing in the morning as "morning tonic" to replace coffee. I am Japanese so I love tasting Matcha Green Tea in Organifi. It does only just taste great but also feel great taking in the morning. BTW, ever since I watched your older video of you juicing burgers and fries, I have not touched any of those foods. I am not really crazy about burgers anyway, but I do treat once in a while. Not anymore. I totally grossed out of watching the sludge from the juicer in the video. Pretty visual to think about what is going on in our body by consuming junk foods. So thank you for the good information.

  12. Hi drew,

    I suffer from migraines, gut issues as well. I want to start taking your juice , but I'm afraid of allergic reactions. The other powder juices have given me allergic reaction like itching and hive like bumps on the face. To be honest I'm a mess and have been to several doctors for these issues. I don't know where to start.

  13. I do not have migraine or headaches since I used EHT [Age-Defying Supplement ,Mind Enhancement Formula] from Nerium International. but I still have neck and upper back pain on the left side. Any solutions?
    Thank you for the great videos

  14. I get stress headaches that morph into migraines. I've eliminated most of the stress that was triggering my headaches, I'll give these tips a try.

  15. Thank you for the video. I get headaches all the time, as a matter of fact i have one right now. I'm gong to try this instead of Motrin that was perscribed to me from my doctor. I hate taking pills. I've starting using herbs and oils for other issues I have. Love your videos, keep them coming.

  16. Yo Drew, I don't think you have ever had a real migraine. My mom had them and passed the gene on to me. When I get them, they are debilitating to the point of nausea, extreme hyper-sensitivity to light and sound and crushing pain behind one eye, usually the left one, at least for me. There is no way you could go to the gym and exercise on a treadmill. The activity and increase in heart rate and blood pressure would pulsate in your head and drop you to your knees. I have to darken the room – lay down – take Imitrex and ibuprofen and wait it out. The pain can be excruciating. Simple head movements and bending over like to tie your shoe would bring a tear to your eye. I've been to the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago and scans turned up nada. They just wanted to put me on blood pressure meds, even with normal bp… Where can I get the powdered turmeric? I'd like to try it. See if that helps.

  17. Hi Drew, did you forget to do a Saturday strategy video this week? I look forward to your videos every week. Please keep them going 🙂

  18. Did not know all of that about Minerals, Almonds and Organifi? Pretty interesting, I'm just learning about the lymphatic system, I used to get a lot of aura headaches, when you see halos etc. I currently use warm water and lemon, it does the trick sometimes. I want to try turmeric and some of your suggestions. Your funny Btw, thanks for your video, made my day:-)

  19. I want to win a juicer… but let me tell you what has change for me after listening to your great videos. I have a terrible digestive system. using your videos has help me not only detoxified my body but learn and understand why I was not feeling well. Keep up the good job, I'm a huge fan.

  20. <3 Drew. thank you. since I've been watching your videos. (couple of years now) i have learned so much. it just put me on a path of health i never had before. the biggest thing is my migraines have been reduced. from 3 weeks of every month to about 1 every other month. sometimes I'll get them more depending on activity. being part of the world again is such a life changer. it was awful keeping myself in darkness because light was so painful to me. treating our bodies on a cellular level is smart medicine. keep doing what you are doing. you are awesome! if I ever get to meet you im going to hug you! thank you for the juicer! <3 <3 <3

  21. This video was really great. Thank you for making it. You were very caring and gave a lot of information no one else has. ♥

  22. for real migraine help go here www.glory.myctfocbd.com people are taking the 750mg or 1500mg bottle and getting real help! message me on Facebook for more info! Anjie McPeters

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